Shop Fox W1837: Is It Worth The Investment?

shop fox w1837 review

If you are looking for a table saw that is big enough to handle any carpentry project but small enough to be stored in a garage or basement, then the Shop Fox W1837 10-Inch Table Saw with Guard might be perfect for you. 

This review will give you all of the details about this product so that you can determine if it is worth the investment.

Shop Fox w1837 Review & Features

Powerful motor

This table saw has a powerful motor that can produce up to 3000 RPM. This speed is ideal for cutting hardwoods or other large pieces of material without experiencing any vibration or bogging down when the blade enters and exits the material.

High blade speed and adjustability

It has a blade speed of up to 3000 RPM. This is much greater than the average table saw and allows you to get through large pieces of material that would typically not be cut in one pass on other models. 

The powerhead also sits at an angle, which makes it easy for operators to make adjustments without having to lift or turn around their whole body as they work with this tool.

Safety measures

It designed with many safety features, including a riving knife that retracts when the blade isn’t in use to prevent user injury and kickback. A dust collection bag has also been included for your convenience.

Dust port

The Shop Fox W1837 table saw also has a dust port that makes it easy for you to connect your shop vacuum. 

This will allow you to clean up the saw at any time without having to stop what you’re doing and empty the dust bag.

Portability and stability

The Shop Fox W1837 table saw is designed to be both portable and stable. The base of the saw has been constructed from steel that features a powder coat finish for additional durability.

This model weighs in at 170 pounds, which means it’s not easy to move around. However, its stability ensures that you will have no problem completing your cutting tasks with accuracy while using this tool.

This also helps prevent injuries as there are fewer vibrations than on other models available today thanks to the anti-vibration rubberized fence rails included with this unit.

Strong Cabinet fixed Trunnions

One of the best features of this table saw is that it comes with strong cabinet fixed trunnions, which are flat and stable. 

The steel construction ensures stability without adding weight to the unit. This makes for an easier time when moving or transporting your model around.

Remarkable accuracy

This design also helps reduce vibration in relation to other models available on the market today thanks to its increased anti-vibration capabilities. 

So you can complete your cutting tasks accurately while ensuring safety at all times as well!

The Shop Fox W1837 offers users plenty of power and precision so they never have any problem completing their cuts from start to finish no matter what type of project they may be tackling.

It’s worth noting that this model is designed for those who need a high degree of accuracy when it comes to long, uninterrupted pieces with intricate detail work involved.

Increased Durability

As you may know, a lot of the best modern table saws are designed with increased durability in mind. 

The Shop Fox W1837 is no exception to this rule and it’s been specifically designed to be durable so that users can keep using it over time without having any issues or problems at all! This means that you’ll have plenty of precision and accuracy on your side thanks to its powerful motor which will give you more control over the blade as well while protecting your fingers from harm during operation.

It does not perform well if you are trying to cut through large amounts of dense material which could lead to blade overload.

High rip capacity

Anyone who has used a table saw knows how frustrating it can be to have the material you’re trying to cut get stuck in the blade. 

designed with an amazing high rip capacity which will make your work so much easier and more pleasurable than ever before! This means that you’ll never need to deal with annoying jams again while also getting through large amounts of dense materials quickly and smoothly without any problems at all.

Quick Safety Tips

  • Always turn your saw off before adjusting the height of the blade.
  • Use push sticks for cutting smaller pieces of wood or material to help you avoid injury as well as reduce wear and tear on your w1837 table saw’s blade.
  • Never use a metal object to test how much power is left in the blades since this can cause serious cuts that might require stitches! This also applies if you’re using anything other than an appropriate size piece of scrap wood when testing out different types of blades with it.


How do I make sure that my Shop Fox W1837 Table Saw’s blade is aligned?

The alignment can be adjusted by loosening the bolts on the saw before you tighten them back up. This will align your table saw correctly!

What type of blades should I use with my Shop Fox W1837 Table Saw?

You’ll want to stick with a good high-quality steel blade, typically crosscut or rip depending on what kind of material you’re cutting and for how thick it is. These are usually available at most hardware stores in various sizes so they should fit your needs without any problems whatsoever.

How do I keep my Table Saw running smoothly?

If you want your saw to be able to run for as long as possible without any problems, then make sure that the blade is aligned and maintained. Aside from this, it’s important not to overload your table saw with too much material, or else you’ll risk damaging blades.

What blade should I use for the best cutting quality?

Blades are typically labeled with a name of their material, such as “HSS,” which means they’re made from high-speed steel manufactured to cut at higher speeds.

Lower numbers on these labels refer to finer tooth counts, so you might want to get blades that have more teeth per inch if your cuts will be smoother and cleaner looking overall.

How do I know when my table saw needs maintenance or repair work done?

If there’s an issue where the blade doesn’t seem aligned properly, it could just need adjusting immediately before using again. The same applies to anything related to the alignment of what you’re cutting on top of your table.

Final Verdict

The Shop Fox W1837 is a durable table saw that will last through years of regular use. It’s got plenty of features to help you get your cutting done, and the blade change system makes it easy to swap out for different types if necessary. I would recommend this product as an investment in your workshop.