10 Best Cabinet Saw 2021 Buyer’s Guide

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A good cabinet saw is a vital part of any woodwork project. If you cut the stock to create a piece of furniture or cut wood to fix and replace a broken board, precise, smooth cutting is required.

A good quality cabinet saw will produce a clean, glass-smooth cut for your project and remove the need for you to carry out any more follow-up work on that item, thus saving you time and effort. Safety is of almost importance in the cabinet saw because, if one is not careful, the motor’s power and the blade’s sharpness will cut fingers and hands with ease.

It is especially true when swapping blades. All electrical power to the tool should be fully turned off, and the blade and its arbor should be tightly secured.

In this review, the top 6 best saws for cabinet will be discussed, ranging from the comparison table, saw details, our thought on each of the product, what to look for in a new cabinet table saw, cabinet saw vs table saw and the factors to consider when buying best cabinet saw.

A Comparison Of Our Favorite Picks

Model Price Weight Editor Rating
SAWSTOP 10-INCH Check Price 525Ibs 4.7
SHOP FOX W1819 Check Price 536 Ibs 4.2
POWERMATIC PM1000 Check Price 417 Ibs 4.1
JET 708674PK Check Price 490 Ibs 4.2
POWERMATIC 1792001 K Check Price 464 Ibs 4.6
POWERMATIC 1792017K Check Price 755 Ibs 5.0

The 6 Best Cabinet Saw

1. Sawstop 10-Inch – Table Saw For Cabinet Making

Sawstop 10-Inch - Table Saw For Cabinet Making


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SawStop offers you a 10-inch left-tilting blade with sharp teeth around the edges, making smooth cuts without leaving broken edges or jagged cuts behind. This blade has on top a protective system that safeguards your hands from the blade in a comfortable place. This defense is easy to reach and can be disabled if the weapon is also modified.

This tool is fairly heavy and gives the consistency you need when dealing with plywood or any other wood form. You can use the left pedal to power the saw but you can also find 4 wheels to the left of the cabinet. All of its 4 wheels spin in a 360º range to help you push anywhere around the cabinet.


  • The scale of the workshops at home and in the sector.
  • The built-in protection device protects against blade skin and clothing.
  • Has a maximum cutting scope of 3 – 1/8 inch.
  • Heavy but portable for easy handling
  • Wings of extension add 12 inches to the width of the bowl and 27 inches to its diameter. 


  • Upon installation, the fence can move or tilt.
  • Customer service is very weak.
  • Will only work with an already mounted safety cartridge.
  • It’s one of the costlier cabinet saws on the market.
  •  Useful optional bonuses are set to bump the price.

Our Verdict 

It is compatible with regular blades of both eight-inch die sets and ten-inch. This model SawStop features a smart protection device that senses when the skin comes into contact with the blade.


2. Shop Fox W1819 — Baileigh Table Saw

Shop Fox W1819 — Baileigh Table Saw


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Another powerful and strong ideal solution that should appeal to semi-professional and professional carpenters is this from cabinet saw Shop Fox.

It is made of heavy materials and is meant to last. For instance, it comprises a perfect table in refined cast iron and ridges in heavy stainless steel and an adhesive acrylic surface.

We always like the security mechanisms that are created to keep the user as secure as possible, such as blade safety and kickback locks. The blade shield is made of translucent polycarbonate, ensuring that the operator gets a good notion of what operates as well.

Another great thing is the efficient 3 CV motor that lets you cut almost all the wooden varieties you need. Even the saw is easy to mount, but it is easier to assist with an extra human. 


  • Made with heavy-duty parts-a saw built to last.
  • Clear polycarbonate blade guard-offers a clear view of the job to the user.
  • Strong 3hp engine – you’ll be able to handle all sorts of hard lumber.
  • Healthy safety features – blade guard and pawls against kickbacks.
  • Simple to assemble – but harder to assemble with two men.


  • Not enough explanations on the description
  • This table saw has a drawing power of 220V.
  • You cannot have access to a straight plug for that purpose.
  • Lightly poor quality table extension, not the same product
  • The building has no such problem, but the customer service should be strengthened a little bit. 

Our Verdict

Getting this tool as a user will ease your cabinet process. Not only that you will also enjoy strong and well-designed elements that are associated with this Shop Fox table saw. We don’t think you’d be bothered by any major inconvenience if you get these tools.


3. Powermatic Pm1000 — Sawstop Professional

Powermatic Pm1000 — Sawstop Professional


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Powermatic has been a brand name synonymous with consistency and reliability for many years, and this is another table saw that lives up to its reputation.

This tool is compact in size compared to other cabinet table saws, which means it’s a great pick for those with minimal workspace. It also operates with 115V, meaning you don’t need any special power supply to make it work.

The overall accuracy and durability of its architecture are what stand out about this machine. As you’d expect from such a well-known and respected company, this is a tool you can use for many years to come.

We also like the easy-to-use, tool-less guard assembly while increasing protection at the same time. Another useful addition is the miter gauge with the ability to cut angles of 60 ° on either side.

One drawback is that some may consider this saw to be very underpowered. For most woodworking applications, the 1.75hp motor should be adequate, but if you need to cut especially hardwood regularly, you may be better off looking elsewhere.


  • A small footprint is suitable for workshops with limited space.
  • Runs on the 115V-no special power supply are needed.
  • Installation of tool-less guards simply to improves safety.
  • Miter gauge slices 60 ° on both sides – for a number of cuts.
  • Durable machinery designed to last.


  • The dust collection system does not generate adequate airflow-it could be better.
  • This table saw has a drawing power of 220V.
  • You cannot have access to a straight plug for that purpose.
  • No security apps.
  • This tool has the ability to make you feel heavy.

Our Verdict 

The Powermatic table saw is a highly appreciative device that matches your needs effectively. It has floating easily in the back, which is convenient for any user. I believe it to be one of your best working assistants.


4. Jet 708674Pk-Tablesaw Cabinet Plans

Jet 708674Pk-Tablesaw Cabinet Plans

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This Jet 708674PK table saw’s cabinet plans are made with 3 sturdy horsepower motors. It also built with a 30 inch smaller roof which might be too little for some tasks but it is strong and durable. This tool has some other incredible features that made it so famous with contractors including an enclosed stainless steel cabinet that prevents dust from the engine, and a poly-v-drive belt system designed more easily than other power systems.

Due to its quick-cut razor, you would never have to worry regarding ties or vibrations and the locked cabinet even does an excellent work of vibrating. This saw also has a filing cabinet in the box for your foundry gauge, and a left button.


  • It makes precise cuts.
  • The blade speed is higher.
  • It has a strong gathering of particles.
  • It is less onerous.
  • It is a strong powerful engine.


  • It is fairly expensive.
  • It has a small power to tear.
  • Bad customer service.
  • Setup instructions Cable and size Electrical switch.
  • The knife with low riving was not included.

Our Verdict 

If you’ve ever wondered what the best cabinet saw really can do, don’t look any further—the new SAW Jet 708674PK is the Fast Release riving knife, and the built-in arbor lock keeps the operator safe and effective. 


5. Powermatic 1792001 K — 3Hp Table Saw

Powermatic 1792001 K — 3Hp Table Saw


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The Powermatic 1792001 K is a 3-ch 3-phase R hoist engine and an effective fence device that sets new design benchmarks due to the big size of the saw body and an incredible variety of internal systems.

Powermatic 1792001 K is the result of several years of research and practice and numerous interviews with carpenters who supplied information that was ultimately integrated into the sawmill. This saw’s performance, durability, and safety features are so great they set a new standard compared to all other saws.

Though the system for the Powermatic journal was considered the best available, other changes were made to make it even better. The bevel screw gear with better top, advanced bearings but also in cast iron is equipped with solid and angled height and tilt adjustments for a box style construction. It is very simple for users to switch the device back to the fresh feel and clearances of the factory, thanks to the customizable backlash.


  • It is a retractable caster device for simple, comfortable movement.
  • Because the cast-iron frame creates fewer vibrations than comparable tables.
  • The Poly-v belt drive mechanism lets the table run smoothly and quietly.
  • The dust port is compatible with a four-inch hose-using vacuum system.
  • It built with a 4-year warranty.


  • The port of dust is smaller than the ones used on similar tables.
  • It needs periodic blade replacement for efficient operation.
  • Uses a corded electric power sauce that, once installed, makes it a permanent fixture.
  • Some found moving or lifting difficult.
  • It takes up a lot of valuable laboratory space. 

Our Verdict

It has some minor glitches, and it has been said that it takes a lot of time to get all setup. But once in service, this saw will operate for years to come, without letting you down, under stressful working conditions.


6. Powermatic 1792017K — Sawstop Professional Cabinet Saw

Powermatic 1792017K — Sawstop Professional Cabinet Saw

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The most popular among best sawmill buyers is the Powermatic 1792017 K advanced sawmill with fence sawing and a 50-inch workbench.

The shaver also features an integrated layup protection device that allows put your hands safe and assist you to focus on work that is better accomplished. Despite being as durable as other saw blades, this brand has a wheel structure that lets you slide the tool through your warehouse.


  • It is mightier.
  • It has a greater rip to it.
  • The blade speed is higher.
  • It is amazingly reliable.


  • It is more expensive.
  • No miter gauge included.
  • It is the weight of heavy.
  • It is too much noise.

Our Verdict 

Our final entry is from Powermatic 1792017 K, and it’s one of the most impressive choices we’ve found easily.


7. SAWSTOP 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw

SAWSTOP 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw

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The SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw is the rugged, heavy-duty choice for professionals.

Featuring product safety technology like a stop that responds in 5 milliseconds and drops below the table to help minimize life-altering injury, this cabinet saw delivers strong precision for years without deflecting.

With fast transformations from a blade on contact with skin with no safeguard (SAW STOP PATENTED SAFETY SYSTEM), you can expect unmatched quality like a trunnion and arbor engineered to withstand pressure and maintain stability.

The gas piston system elevates smoothly to adjust your cutting table just how you want it while delivering accuracy up to.

010 of an inch (.250MM) on flatness ultimately giving you superior quality time after time!


  • Durable and reliable. 
  • Cut up to 3x faster than a traditional saw. 
  • The only cabinet saw with patented safety technology that stops the blade on contact with skin, minimizing life-altering injury.
  • You’ll be able to work for hours without worrying about accidentally cutting yourself.

8. Delta 3 HP Motor 10 

Delta 3 HP Motor 10

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Delta provides a line of 10″ table saws, it one of the best cabinet table saw, built for the toughest environments with features that allow professional contractors to do more job site work.

Our 3 HP motors provide unmatched vibration control and smooth operation for accuracy.

The Delta 10-340 features beveled edges on both sides for easy, flush cuts in all materials.

The stakes are high when every cut counts, don’t let one slip through your fingers because of a cheap or unreliable motor, choose Delta today!


  • Professional grade 10″ saws that are tough enough for the job site.
  • Built with features to make accuracy easy and smooth cuts possible. 
  • Do your job site work like a pro with these professional-grade tools. 
  • Feel confident in every cut you make because of the top-quality motor built into these saws.

9. Grizzly G0690 Best Cabinet Table Saws

Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw

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The Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw is perfect for the professional woodworker who needs a reliable and accurate table saw.

This rugged, industrial-duty table saw has an arbor speed of 4 300 RPMs, which makes it at home cutting through almost any material in quick time.

The 13/16-Inch maximum dado width can cut deep dadoes and rabbets quickly to produce strong joints that are impervious to slippage or shifting when assembled.

It also features a maximum cutoff capacity of 291/2-Inches so you’ll be able to make your cuts quickly with powerful precision.

The large diameter cast-iron rails on the back edge provide added stability while laying out long pieces on the work surface. we can consider it as the best cabinet table saw


  • You’ll have a reliable and accurate table saw. 
  • It’s at home cutting through almost any material in quick time. 
  • Cut deep dadoes and rabbets quickly to produce strong joints that are impervious to slippage or shifting when assembled. 
  • Make your cuts quickly with powerful precision.

10. Jet Proshop Tablesaw Best Cabinet Table Saws

Jet Proshop Tablesaw 

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The Jet Proshop Tablesaw is perfect for the workshop or professional’s workplace.

The saw features a 10″ table saw, a miter gauge, control switch, and blade tilt lock handle for ease of use when cutting different cuts on lumber as well as the ability to tilt and adjust the angle of your blade depending on the type of cut you want to make!

It also includes an enclosed cabinet with storage hooks for both small supplies like blades and bolts but also larger items such as shelving pieces that can be assembled once they arrive at their destination.

There are also various accessory pieces including an extendable wing that attaches to standard folding tables, square fence rails that attach quickly and easily to existing fences, a riving knife that safely traps wood between the blade and fence to help prevent kickback, a miter gauge that can hold up to 12″ pieces of wood so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing just because the board is too long or short for your saw’s table.


  • Easy to assemble and maintain.
  • Versatile cutting abilities. 
  • Create a workspace that’s perfect for you

What To Look For In A New Cabinet Table Saw? 

Hundreds of cabinet saws are for sale. Bear in mind the following considerations when finding a good match without any problems.

Floor & Cabinet Material

When you look at the table in the cabinet, you’ll want to look at one that has a floor unit built to last. The best bases are made of cast iron and are fully sealed to protect the different components of the saw and drown loads of noise from the motors.

Motor Horsepower

Preferably, you’ll need a saw that has ample horsepower to cut through the hardest knottiest wood. It’s good to note not just relying on horsepower alone and making sure it’s within your budget if you’re aiming for higher horsepower. Superior horsepower appears to be pricier.


Better fences my rack up a little more of the machine’s expense, but the additional cost is well worth it. Make sure you have a T-fence when choosing a computer, as this is one of the tool’s most critical pieces. This is what makes different types of cuts possible on the tool and stops the boards from moving around.

Depth Of Cut

Test the cutting depth for unique blade height cuts you would like to have a few settings for different woods, etc.

Dust Port

Search for machines with larger dust ports. They don’t get obstructed as easily as the narrower ones, and for your safety, a dust port is just as important as the other safety features are the machine needs to be able to have a clean runoff of debris so that some tiny bits of wood or sawdust does not fly up into your face/eyes.


The miter slot must be a regular size, which is necessary to attach to the computer accessories. Most devices are of a standard size and will be of no use to a tool that has a specifically shaped miter.


Talking about wings, most of the best table saws in the cabinet come with an extension wing that enables you to cut larger pieces of wood. The wing length increases your maximum capacity for riping and helps you to cut larger pieces of wood for larger projects.

Cabinet Saw Vs Table Saw?

Cabinet table saws have a circular saw attached to a cabinet table. It is the table saws’ largest and heaviest and is therefore not pushed around like the other table saws. The table saw in the cabinet is more durable and has less noise, making cutting easier.

The cabinet saw, however, is more costly than other forms of saws, and usually requires heavy circuit installation. The cabinet saw also has an adjustable height and tilt feature and has a better dust collection than the other versions. Whilst A table saw is one of the most popular pieces of woodworking machinery.

It is composed of a circular saw operated by an electric motor placed on a bench. To cut material on top of the table is forced through the saw.

It is mostly used for large wood projects such as walls, tables, bookshelves, and so on.

Factors To Consider When Buying Best Cabinet Saw 

For purchasing purposes, most of us tend to have a long-standing product. Feature to check when buying a cabinet saw. Emphasis on efficiency and durability. Now the problem is: how can you quickly find it out? Read these guides to buying, and learn more.


Price is a factor to consider, it is a point that usually reflects on the tools. When it comes to buying a cabinet saw price as a key factor cannot be overlooked. This tool has a different price range that is usually not cheap. Therefore you should budget enough money to get your desire tools.

Power Efficiency

Power is one of the main factors which should first come to your mind. It also needs a connecting connector. Most tables saw motors has a power range of  1.5 and 2 hp in capacity size to tackle a various task like normal 120 V circuits.

You won’t need to wire or mount some kind of new plugin addition. If you are planning to work with some thicker wood, the size of the 3 to 5 HP motors will suit you better.


Blades are one of the most essential features to check when purchase a cabinet saw. By ensuring the inclusive blade alignment holds the accuracy well. This will enable you to has an accurate cut when using the device. The lineup should be simple and relaxed. Your saw at the cabinet will maintain the location of the fence. You should also look for the right blade height in this case too.

Motor And Belts Safety

A good cabinet table saw must have an aesthetic point of view to properly protect its essential components and accessories. For the saw’s motor and belts, you may be concerned about a lot. The foundation for that should be solid enough to protect them when you begin to function.


Security Safety features should be present on all quality table saw cabinets. It is built with an advanced sensor detection system that will detect and prevents the blade from causing serious damage to the user every time. This is designed in such a way as to save the user more quickly.


Make sure you get the best table saw on the cabinet for the money. Find out at what price works within your budget range and also clearly evaluate the scope of the warranty and which sections it protects.

Under 1000 dollars, you’ll find it difficult to get a decent quality model. So, spend more than that on getting a table saw from the cabinet that will work smoothly for your woodwork projects.

Final Words

All the listed and discuss cabinet tools are the best cabinet saw available on the market. All the tools were selected after several testing, analysis, and customer feedback. Cabinet saws are, essentially, likely to be in the middle of every wood store. No one wants to invest large amounts in fake things.

Perhaps by now, you are torn in uncertainty in choosing the one you want to buy. To make you more confident, we’ve put together just six lists of items before you, rather than one thousand. Take your time now, and choose the right one that fits your needs.

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