7 Best Jig Saw Buyer’s Guide 2021

Jigsaws are excellent for smooth wood cutting, very flexible, and reasonably easy to work with. However, this tool differs in versions. There are some with high quality, and they are good to use, and some are cheaper than exposed to heavy vibrations and are uncomfortable to use. Paying more for a tool does not guarantee that you’re going to get a quality tool but with the consideration of major features. With the money paid for equipment, you’ll get value.

In this guide; all features you need to have knowledge about jig saw will be analyzed. We will select some quality tools and vividly check their features, pros, cons and our expert opinion about each of our selected best 7 jig saw.

Below are the reviews of our selected best jig saw with a buying guide to simplify the tool buying process for you.

Our Favorite Picks

Dewalt 20V Max


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5.57 Ibs



Bosch Power Tools


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5.6 Ibs



Bosch 10-Piece



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1.12 Ibs





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10.08 Ibs



Makita JV0600K


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4 Ibs



Milwaukee 2445


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1 Ibs



Porter-Cable Orbital


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6 Ibs



The 7 Best Jig Saw

1. Dewalt 20V Max – Best Jig Saw Puzzles

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DEWALT 20V Max is a lightweight tool with 5.57 Ibs. This saw has a variety of features that stand it out among other jig saw in the market. The quality and durability of this power tool earn it first place on this guide. It comes with a keyless non-metallic knife that supports the use of this DEWALT jigsaw to adjust and replace its blade easily. This device is powered by a robust lithium-ion battery. When you got this DEWALT cordless jigsaw, there is no need for you to be looking for other power tools to execute your cutting task. The all-metal keyless sliding angle comes with latches of a degree from 0, 15, 30, and 45 that provide the flexibility you need for easy cutting. With accurate control and speed control, the 4-orbital control positions help, and the stroke length is 1 inch, delivering 3000 beats per minute at variable speed. The sliding feature provides regulated grip and comfort. It also has a built-in adjustable dust fan to protect the lungs and eyes of the user.

Lightweight and cordless, the Dewalt cordless jigsaw has an interesting feature with variable speed control. This unit has 4 positions of orbital power and has a dust blower for practical use too. The cordless jigsaw DEWALT suits well with the T-axis blades. This jigsaw comes complete with brushes, and there are separately available chargers and brushes. For a cordless jigsaw, these features make this tool the best option.


  • Lightweight and wireless.
  • Robust with a Lithium-ion battery
  • Variable control of velocity.
  • 4 different orbital control positions.
  • Dust blower included for clear visibility


  • No light LEDs.
  • Only T-handle blades are compatible with it.
  • Charger and brushes are sold separately

Our Verdict

This cordless made by Dewalt is a great tool that is durable for a long time. This tool is a perfect tool for outdoor tasks, with a powerful lithium-ion battery. This Dewalt is 10x better than other tools.

2. Bosch Power Tools – Amazing Tenoning Jig For Table Saw

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This JS470E is a top-handle that lower vibration, and it has a powerful motor of 7 amps with variable speed. This corded tool is great with the better and smooth cutting of different materials of wood and metal of ranges of inches. It exudes longevity, power, and precision, and it is capable of all the toughest jobs due to its cast aluminum foundation and outstanding industrial design.

The accuracy and precision of the cut obtained by this jigsaw make it suitable for personal (do-it-yourself) or technical use. The SPM delivered without load varies between 500 and 3100, and the maximum angle of tilt is 45 degrees. Bosch has established a continuous response cycle; this means you don’t have to worry about precision and output inconsistencies. You can easily change the blade between 4 different rotation settings, so for smooth or aggressive cuts, you can find the right form of blade stroke with this jig saw.

This Bosch features a blade ejection lever without having contact with it before detaching the hot blade. The machine’s immersion mechanism helps to minimize vibrations and facilitates smooth and accurate running. For a prolonged time, the lock button helps minimize user comfort. To keep the cutting line wide and clean, it has an adjustable dust blower feature that helps to remove sawdust and debris.


  • 4 in 1 rotating setting
  • Durable and Versatile
  • Suitable for both wood and metal materials
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Tool-less and touch-less blade ejection feature


  • Clamps not included
  • Not ideal for bush work
  • Not perfect for 45-degree cutting

Our Verdict

This Bosch is light and suitable for woodworking, installation of worktops, making furniture, skilled carpentry, or machinery for building. It comes with a range of features such as control of variable rpm, blade ejection lever, built-in dust fan, and construction of cast aluminum and steel.

3. Bosch 10-Piece – Great Jig Saw Blades

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Bosch 10-Piece is a collection of jig saw blades of ranges of sizes that are suitable for both timber and metal cutting needs. For straight, curved, or clean cuts of wood and metal materials of varying hardness and thickness, 5 pairs of this collection are available in different dimensions of 1⁄8, 3/16, 1⁄4, and 5/16. They also provide a good indication of the type of cut, and the material of each blade is suitable for like other Bosch blades.

These are T-shaft blades, so almost every jigsaw available on the market is compatible with them. To make these knives resistant to breaking, they are composed of strong carbon steel. These blades are therefore designed, even for technical applications, to go very far.

This collection is versatile as they are suitable for wood and metal and other relatively similar materials, such as laminate, plastic or acrylic, etc. The versatile utility of these blades, in addition to the price, makes this backpack ideal for beginners. The useful life can endure long-term requirements as well.


  • Inexpensive and High in quality
  • Durable and Polyvalent
  • Suitable for fast and clean cuts
  • Ideal for almost available jig saw


  • No Warranty

Our Verdict

If you are planning on getting a high-quality replacement blade for your jig saw either a new or old one, consider this collection from Bosch. Every blade of these collections is made of durable and high-quality materials with extended period service.

4. Dewalt Jig Saw – Top Cordless Jig Saw

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In terms of cost of purchase, the DW331K is on average, making it a smart investment for many. This is a good choice for those with a budget and who don’t want to stay away from the original tool. This Jigsaw from Dewalt offers longevity, power, and great speed, so it is sure to attract both beginners and woodworking professionals. It features a 6.5 amp motor in three positions with a maximum of 3100 SPM and orbital action. This method is appropriate regardless of where you use it and the jigsaw is durable and easy to work.

The resilience of this saw is shown by its component of metal that constitutes its construction. Plastic components are also made of high-quality materials that will not shake or bend when the saw is used. This tool has an exact trigger for variable speed, but it can take a while to get used to it as well. There is also a lock button, so you can quickly access it with your right thumb if you want to use the jigsaw maw feature all the time.

While several jigsaws provide quick-change blades, the DW331K offers better performance than others. As it cuts in a lateral shape, you wouldn’t have a loose hand. On the back of the saw, a mowing mechanism is also provided to allow the saw to twist 45 degrees in either path. A dust fan comes with the Dewalt, but the suction port and dust cover are sold individually.


  • Cutting rapidly and easily with orbital movements
  • Made of high quality and durable materials
  • Powerful with 6.5 amp
  • Simple options for blade change
  • Feature dust blower fan


  • Needs setting for dust control
  • Has question accuracy
  • Suction port and dust cover are sold separately.

Our Verdict

This saw will fulfill your needs if you are searching for a powerful jigsaw that can be used in a serious workplace. It’s strong and quick, but it’s not the most accurate saw available on the market. Still, for those whose work is not based on maximum accuracy, it’s a great puzzle.

5. Makita Jv0600K – Excellent Table Saw Box Joint Jig

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Makita started this SAW with an innovative idea. The dust box is channeled into the body of the unit, and if you pair the saw with the vacuum cleaner, you can get a clean working environment after all-day work. You will also feel how balanced the device is and how easy it is to hold, and you will feel amazing holding this Makita jigsaw in your hand.

Even at full tilt, this jigsaw produces little vibration, despite the powerful motor. It might seem too small for others to work with, but for navigating narrow spaces, this saw is unrivaled.

Tool-free blade replacement guarantees fast blade replacement to minimize downtime. This saw does not come with user instruction for this saw, which is a major setback. You can use another jigsaw guide. Model 313082-6 will match well, or you can choose for yourself.


  • Creating a slight vibration
  • Balanced well
  • Blade substitution without tools
  • Robust with high-quality materials.


  • Costly
  • User guide included

Our Verdict

When looking for one of the best jig saw for the execution of ranges of cutting activities, this Makita jigsaw brand should be considered. The tool was made of high and durable materials for long-time service.

6. Milwaukee 2445 – Best Table Saw Tapering Jig

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This Milwaukee 244-20 is another cheaper saw to consider when looking for a great jig saw. Ergonomically designed to provide optimum power and improved handling for you.

It is just 8.75 inches in length and weighs 3.8 pounds or so. This model’s light character and the hybrid holder that is closer to the foundation make maneuvering simpler.

There is also a velocity shutter that makes it easy to control the velocity to a degree you can handle easily. For plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and restorers, the M12 jigsaw is ideal for rapidly cutting wood, metal, and plastic pipes without pulling long cables.

Its LED light and strong capability is the most notable thing about the Milwaukee 2245. With a stroke of 3/4, the engine will run up to 2800 SPM. It is quick and to control cutting is possible with the variable speed trigger. A Milwaukee Quik-Lok clamp with a T-handle that allows for fast and simple blade replacement is also included in this jigsaw.

It also can mow without instruments at 45 degrees and a positive 90-degree lock for extra flexibility. A sufficiently balanced mechanism, resulting in smooth inserts, minimizes vibration.

For higher productivity, the M12 is also compatible with a compact red lithium battery or a high-capacity XC battery.


  • Comes with an LED flashlight
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Feature Quik-Lok with T-handle
  • Compact design


  • No dust collection port
  • More vibration is generated

Our Verdict

It is an excellent saw that offers great cutting visibility. It is lightweight and durable with a compact design. One of the major setbacks for this saw is the lack of a dust collection port and blower fan.

7. Porter-Cable Orbital – Jig Saw Under 100

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In the mid-budget range, this Porter-Cable offer is a fine and solid option.

This is a good choice for a budget saw with the fast tool-free blade change most of us are used to. It also has four ways to modify the orbit and a powerful 3200 rpm engine.

With this jigsaw, the only drawback with it is that it does not have the blowing dust feature and does not cut at an angle of 45 degrees as many of its rivals have, but it is a quality and durable power tool. It is a high-quality jigsaw that makes little noise when cutting wood with it.

While we favored the dust blowing feature as it helps to maintain a better-notched cutting line, it did a good job of cleaning the dust on the motherboard as well.

It seems to be a robust solid system designed to last and to withstand heavy use, and it would have no problem. It comes with a 7-meter cord, weighs 6 lbs, measures 9.5 x 3 x 8.5 inches, but it does not include a carrying case.

It uses T-shaft blades and comes with 1 sharp blade included in the kit for wood cutting.


  • Ranges of speed control and 3200 SPM
  • High quality and durable
  • Easy and fast blade changes
  • Lightweight with low vibration


  • Not suitable for 45-degree angle cut
  • Not dust blower

Our Verdict

The trigger is incorporated with its 7-step control button, offering excellent control with a choice to control this jigsaw with a variety of materials.

What is the difference between an orbital jigsaw and a regular jigsaw?

An orbital jigsaw tool refers to jigsaws that have a special technological function called orbital action. So the question now would be, what does it mean? This means that as the blade rises, the circular roller pushes the blade forward, producing a smoother, more violent, and more efficient cut. Almost all the saws are fitted with this system for workarounds.

Without being scratched or trapped, jigsaws go up and down quickly and cut straight. This stable mood decreases, albeit relatively slowly. Today, all jigsaws with both options are available on the market, but it depends on the technological features you need to use for your various cutting tasks.

The orbital jigsaw has a blade mounted on a cam which pushes the blade back and forth with elliptical movements and up and down, while a “normal” jigsaw pushes the blade up and down. The orbital motion substantially decreases vibration and prevents blade wear, providing a smoother and more precise cut.

Can a jigsaw cut straight lines?

Generally, they did jigsaw for curved cuts, but with the development of ranges of features, a jigsaw can be used to make straight cuts easily. This makes jigsaw a versatile tool that can be used to execute both curved and straight cuts.

Buying Guide


It can be just as critical to select a jigsaw with a quality blade. The first factor to consider is the type of material that you are cutting. The majority of jigsaw blades have color differentiation, but all brands may not be the same. For instance, Bosch has grey for cutting wood, blue for cutting metal, white for cutting wood and metal, and then black for special cutting applications.

Besides the material that you want to cut, there are several other factors to consider. What kind of staples are you going to need, for instance? To cut various forms of the curve, you will need another blade. You should also remember the form of the tooth on the blade itself.

Trigger Locking Mechanism

Some people do not have enough power to hold the jigsaw during the cutting process and to keep the button on the jigsaw. There is a need for the trigger locking mechanism to simplify it. Although, different jigsaws with different triggers of some kind. This is fine because the shutter button can be pressed and then locked in place. This helps you to hold the button and keep the blade in motion without constantly having to hold it. Look for the one with the release latch just in case you issue withholding this button through the jigsaw’s vibrations.


Some people have issues with violent sounds coming from the saw. You have nothing wrong with yourself. Using a poorly made tool after using it all day will trigger issues with your hands and joints. It is a great idea to search for an excellent jigsaw to prevent this, which is designed to decrease the vibrations you might experience. This is nice, especially for someone who has in the past.

Bevel Cutting

Aside from the blade and its features, another thing you should consider is the angle of the various types you are cutting. You can stress-free accomplish these cuts with a professional look when you get a fabulous jigsaw. We advise you to look for a jigsaw that can cut at 45 degrees. By having an adjustable angle to that base, jigsaw versatility depends on the base stays flat although the tool itself has an angle to facilitate specialized cuts.

Variable Speed

It would be something that will make you happy to have a jigsaw tool with distinct speeds. You can choose a saw that has pricey but does not have this option. The pace of the blade cannot be controlled, and there are numerous issues with that. It may, for instance, wear out the blades more easily or even unintentionally break them. In several ways, the ability to control the saw blade’s speed helps greatly. Firstly, you will notice that if used properly, your blade will last longer. With additional power, the actual cutting process will also become much more effective. 

Dust Blowing

To specific individuals, it might appear superfluous, but this should not be taken lightly. When the dust generated during the cutting process is not taking care of, it will make it impossible to see and track the cut line. You can guarantee that the cutting surface is still clean by selecting a jigsaw that has a durable dust fan. This will assist in getting cutting fast and will boost your productivity.

Other features

Jigsaw also has a wide range of features that promote your work. A dust blower with a vacuum cleaner that keeps the work area clean for better visibility is some other characteristics to review before buying a jigsaw. The LED lamp provides clear visibility of the cutting surface, integrated blade compartment, car safety feature, and glovebox. Straight reciprocating or orbital, grip and trigger, adjustable angle mechanism, blade replacement mechanism, motor, and variable speed adjustment are great features to check and consider when buying jigsaw power tools.

Final Words+Recommendations

Jigsaws may seem like ordinary devices, but they are sufficiently powerful power tools that are built to solve complex tasks. Although the saw is not different from each other, the way you like, not everything would work.

But be sure to select a model with at least 4 amps for this cable model. You need to consider the battery for wireless models and make sure it is powerful enough to give you ample battery life. After all, any time you work on a complicated project, you do not want a saw that frustrates you.

You can make a great decision by purchasing one among our best jig saw listed above.