4 Best Table Saw Under $500 Buyer’s 2024 Guide

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A good table saw under 500 is one of the best equipment that will help you make most of your work done. Although there are several and different accessories that support you, nothing is as flexible or reliable as an excellent table saw.

Table saws are great because they help you to work more efficiently and faster. These tools were made of different designs and other features you need to shape and form wood.

Since we realize that shopping at local shop equipment can be pricey, people now prefer to buy online with their limited budget.

In this guide, we’re going to look at the best table saw under 500. Although these tools might be as powerful as those expensive ones, they will provide greater portability and usability to those who want to operate them.

Our Favorite Picks


SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

Check Current Price 49 Ibs 4.3
DEWALT Table Saw

DEWALT Table Saw for Josites, 8-1/4 Inch, 15 Amp (DWE7485)

Check Current Price 53.3 Ibs 4.8
Milwaukee 2736

Milwaukee 2736-20 M18 FUEL ONE-KEY 8-1/4 in. Table Saw, Tool Only - Battery and Charger NOT Included

Check Current Price 54.9 Ibs 4.6
Ridgid R4513

Ridgid ZRR4513 Electric 10' Portable Table Saw & Stand (Certified Refurbished)

Check Current Price 92 Ibs 2.9

The 4 Best Table Saw Under 500

1. Skilsaw Spt70Wt-01 10 In. jobsite table saw


SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

Check Current Price

Skilsaw SPT70WT 01 has excellent functionality to cut the entire plywood very quickly and easily. Worm speed is legendary, and that is what gives this great tool power to enables it to achieve maximum torque. This is a compact model fitted with a 15 amp motor, which is twice the range, and as such, you can perform extended tasks using this device. The engine will run long and help to execute ferrous applications while remaining cool all the time.

The puzzle has a 25-inch cutting power so that it can cut larger sections of bearings. The cutting depth is 3.5 inches, and even if you want a thick material slice, this is enough. This tool fence is built to match every material when cutting, and it does not need to be changed. However, the fence can be modified to handle as many cuts as possible with 1 to 46 degrees.

The Skilsaw Worm table saw comes with several key accessories, including wrenches, miter strips, an insert plate, and a 24-tooth carbide blade. The engine can run at 5,300 rpm, providing sufficient power for such easy cutting of the material. The saw consists of a steel cage and a cast aluminum cap, which makes it sturdy and durable. It’s very compact in size and lightweight as it weighs 49 Ibs.


  • Versatile with 3.5 inches cutting depth
  • Accurate and faster with 5,300 RPMs.
  • Self-aligning rip fence and other great features
  • Dual copper windings and Dependable Motor


  • Noisy
  • Many users struggled with the alignment of fence rails.

Our Verdict

Skilsaw SPT70WT is a great table saw with legendary mechanisms and unique features. With a self-aligning rip fence, you can cut different sizes of materials without bothering yourself about aligning the materials. This makes the saw to found itself among the best table saw under 500 as it is cost effective.

SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw
  • First ever brass-geared Worm Drive table saw for maximum power and torque
  • 15 Amp solid construction dual-field motor for increased cutting speed and extended motor life
  • 25 inch rip capacity and 3-1/2 inch depth of cut for ripping a wide variety of materials; Fit Dado blades with the Skilsaw...
  • Self-aligning rip fence with on-tool storage for a true cut

2. Dewalt jobsite table saw

DEWALT Table Saw for Josites, 8-1/4 Inch, 15 Amp (DWE7485)

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For both amateurs and professionals, DEWALT enjoys a good reputation. They are known to make top-notch tools, and this table saw DWE7485 is no exception. The saw weighs only 53.3 Ibs and can be held in one hand. You can hold it firmly by the ground without too much trouble and move it to a different location.

Telescopic guides are what make table saw stand out, among others. The ribbed rail can be easily balanced with the correct handle and rail, even when fully extended.

This table saw has a sturdy steel roller frame, which will be able to withstand several hits if it falls accidentally. Another good thing about this saw is that with a one-year service contract and a 3 year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee. DEWALT gives its clients excellent consumer confidence.

The main drawback of this saw is that it has a blade 8-1/4 smaller than usual, which limits the cutting depth to 900 to 2-9/16 and 450 to 1-3/4/. This blade also does not support the groove blades, so the joints with this saw cannot be cut.


  • Easy to transport with compact size
  • Easy adjustment
  • Powerful with 15amp and 5,800 RPMs
  • Onboard storage and Guaranteed tough


  • 8-1 / 4 Smaller blade
  • Lots of parameters to help
  • Dado blades are not useful with this tool

Our Verdict

This table saw is an excellent tool that is suitable for both beginner and professional woodworkers. It is one of the best tables saw under 500 with great features, especially customer satisfaction features.

DEWALT Table Saw for Josites, 8-1/4 Inch, 15 Amp (DWE7485)
  • Included Components: (1) Dwe7485 8-1/4 In. Table Saw; (1) Fence; (1) Anti-Kickback Pawls; (1) Miter Gauge; (1) Push Stick;...

3. Milwaukee 2736-20 portable Jobsite table saw


Milwaukee 2736-20 M18 FUEL ONE-KEY 8-1/4 in. Table Saw, Tool Only - Battery and Charger NOT Included

Check Current Price

Milwaukee 2736-20 M18 fuel is one of the first cordless table saws to enter the market. How do you compare that with more traditional cables?

With metal construction of the saw outlook, which looks very well crafted tool. Both the rack and pinion fence mechanism is something that is expected from a good table saw. And luckily, this model from Milwaukee did not disappoint in that regard.

Dewalt is one of the first wireless tables saw that is available in the market also. What I didn’t like was the height adjustment for the blade. It was too long for the blade to reach its full height. That’s what usually annoys people with that Dewalt saw, but people don’t encounter such with Milwaukee.

It only takes 14 turns with Milwaukee to get to the maximum blade height. The Dewalt, on the other hand, takes 35 turns to get the full height. This model still impresses with a cutting capacity of 24.5 inches, terms of cutting capacity. This is sufficient to process four or eight plywoods.


  • Powerful and compact
  • Suitable for cutting various materials
  • Onboard storage for guard and other features


  • Heavy saw
  • Barel tool
  • Not suitable for beginner

Our Verdict

Milwaukee 2736-20 M18 Fuel is a perfect tool for outside workshop working activities. This cordless table saw is superb in cutting performance with M18 batteries; you are good to tackle different materials. Although this table saw is massive and not suitable for beginner workers as it is not easy to use.

Milwaukee 2736-20 M18 FUEL ONE-KEY 8-1/4 in. Table Saw, Tool Only - Battery and Charger NOT Included
  • 24-1/2 ft. Rip Capacity to rip 4x8 sheets of plywood or OSB. Maximum bevel of 47 degrees.
  • On board storage for guard, riving knife, push stick, fence and miter gauge.
  • Tool free guard and riving knife changes. Single wrench blade change.
  • Compatible with all M18 batteries. Higher capacity batteries will yield higher performance.

4. Ridgid R4513 15 Amp 10 In portable Jobsite table saw

Ridgid ZRR4513 Electric 10' Portable Table Saw & Stand (Certified Refurbished)

Check Current Price

Ridgid R4513 is one of the best heavy application tools built by Ridgid. Ridgid R4513 is built to tackle large projects. It has a sturdy 15 amp motor that delivers a load-free up to 4000 rpm. This 10-inch table saw was design in a modern way to enable tools to be used for a variety of cutting tasks. Your utility saw offers a unique exit point, enabling easy setup for compact on-site work.

R4513 saw has an integrated storage compartment that is usually used to keep the tool components such as miter meters, saws, and fence cutting. This tool is built solidly for large projects. The wood and other 4 x4 materials can be easily cut in one step with great accuracy and precision.

This saw has a front and rear spindle guide with built-in T-notches, enabling you to elaborate on the tool features. Some fittings can be attached from the T-slot. The R4513 has a great cutting depth of 2.25 inches at 450, and 900 at 3.5 inches. This includes various cuts for both garden and workshop use. The saw weighs just 92 Ibs and is a package with wheels, which means transportation is very easy.


  • Heavy duty engine and construction
  • Easy to setup
  • Suitable to be used anywhere
  • Variety of add-ons with great functionality


  • Difficulty trail alignment

Our Verdict

It is a wonderful table saw with outstanding characteristics and great portability. It also provides a range of features required to get the job done on the spot, and for your convenience. This best table saw under 500 also has built-in storage. If you are looking for a portable and budget-friendly mini table saw, then Ridgid R4513 15 Amp 10 inch is your best pick.

Buying Guide

Type of table saw

workstations, contractors, hybrids, and furniture saws are of different types. The portable table saw is mounted on a stand, usually fitted with wheels for transport. The benchtop has a work stand as a stand but does not come with a stand.

Contractors are the strongest table-saws in construction. Hybrid table saws are almost similar to construction saws, but some features are found on full-size saws. While the furniture table saw are durable and largest, biggest, and most robust among the others.

You need to select a model that can give all of your projects the expected results.

Motor power

The portable table saw features direct-drive motors capable of producing up to 2 hp. They work well if you need to cut thinner materials. The advanced saw model, however, has potent belt-driven motors that can produce 3-5 hp.

Types of blades

Saw blades have varying tip sizes, diameters, grain sizes, and teeth number. Table saws typically have blades between the ranges of 10 – 12 inches and 24 – 80 teeth. Many models have blades that can reach up to 5 inches. And the sheet is usually built with charcoal, carbide, or even diamond materials.

Although most saw blades today can cut a variety of materials other than wood, the applications must be considered in the first place.

Fence And Miter Gauge

Many important things to consider when purchasing a table-saw are fence and meter gauge. The Square T fences have excellent precision. Any cutting without a fence is practically impossible. In contrast, consider a sliding table if you need to make an angular or transverse cut.

Precision (precise cuts)

How exactly you can cut corners is one of the most critical aspects to check when buying. A decent saw needs to make accurate cuttings. You have nothing to worry about when having the right tool that offers precision cuts.

No matter what type of saw you buy, accuracy is essential. The amount of force applied by the table saw is irrelevant if it can’t make precise cuts. Also, you should avoid tools requiring constant adjustment.

Precision is essential since used for several cutting tasks, both small and large projects. It is also essential because long pieces of wood are cut with these types of saws. As such, imprecisions can be very costly.

The change, design, and look of the saw will determine the tool’s exact cut. Moreover, a quality table saw fence also tends about how precise your cutting will be.

Be mindful of the table saw composition as it affects the saw precision delivery. All table tops with harder veneers are heavier and absorb the vibrations released by the saw blade.

The ability to absorb vibrations impedes wood movement, and this gives room for more accurate cuts.

Ease to use

This is another critical aspect to test when buying the table saw for your project. It doesn’t take long before you get how to use the table saw.

It is nice to note that the more features your saw has, the more time you can spend setting up the tool. If you want to cuts a lot with your saw, this is the idea to use.

One field that can be a little hard to use is a railing with a table saw. Some brands point out that the fence is mounted on rails so that it can be easily modified. Other manufacturers complicate this by including many steps for every single cut.

Another tricky area is cut blade alignment. By flipping on dials and steering wheels that let you know where you’re in the corner, some brands make things easier. Other brands require a measurement of the angle, which can lead to different results.

It’s imperative to know difficult areas. So you can evaluate the user-friendliness and use it as a differentiator between different models.

Motor power

It is essential to have a powerful engine because a lot of cutting is involved. Such saws are built to make long, deep cuts that take a lot of strength in a thick wood.

Some pieces of wood are softer and do not require much horsepower, whereas hardwood requires more energy than a motor.

A table saw with a powerful motor allows you to execute the most challenging tasks. Table saws with a powerful 10-15 amp motor, provide the strength required to cut some metals and materials for woodwork.

With such a tool, multiple cutting projects can be managed with ease. A 15A motor is capable of reaching 5,000 rpm, which is good for the given value.


Before purchasing, it is essential to check the weight of the table saw. It will allow you to learn whether or not you can move around the saw with ease. For example, a heavy saw is hard to push.

In contrast to that, the lightweight tool is easy to assemble and dissemble. It makes the work easier for you.

Table saw that weight 40 Ibs to 60 Ibs are a perfect choice and are great for DIY enthusiasts. Other types weigh between 60 and 100 kilograms, such as contractor, compact, and furniture saws. The sawmill for furniture is the heaviest, weighing around 600 Ibs. For this range, we recommend choosing a table saw Suitable for your need with ease to transport.


Suppose you are someone that usually works at your workshop. In that case, you need a portable table saw that would be easily transported from one place to another. Portable table saws are small and lightweight, and they require a little space within the workshop.

Although there is a need for you to get a stand or table because most of these table saws don’t come with table accessories.

Most table accessories are made from high quality, robust, and lightweight material to make them smaller and lighter.

This will help you move your tools without worrying about weight from one place to another. Note that table saws with built-in storage are also relatively portable.

Dust Collection

One of the problems the operator faces when you use a table saw is that it releases a lot of sawdust. Prolonged inhalation of sawdust can lead to complications in the respiratory system.

By wearing a mask, you will cover yourself. Having a table saw equipped with a dust collection system is recommended. The system won’t prevent debris from flying over the air.

But it helps you keep your carpentry in a clean working environment and quality air.

Blade size

The table’s width and longitude mean a lot. If the drawer is wide and deep, then the material is protected. There’s 10 and 12-inch table blades when it comes to blades size

The 10-inch blades are perfect for a small workshop that carves wood. For industrial and professional use, 12-inch blades work well.

Storage Space

The majority of table saws, especially portable ones, are designed for working in tight spaces. So shouldn’t forget your storage or workshop capacities. Any table saw you would be choosing should be the one that will allow you to move freely within your workspace.

This is necessary because something that prevents you from moving freely within is a possible threat. Woodworking is an entertaining activity. If you are not looking after yourself, you can easily get seriously injured.


There are several table saws of different types. Some are lightweight and suitable for construction and framing. At the same time, others are stationary with more attributes and a large table.

Safety Features

When engaging with any power tools, especially cutting tool safety, must be a top priority. Ensure the table saw you bought has safety features to prevent accidents, and is safe to use. Features such as kickback protection, blade protection, and flesh detection are essential to saving your fingers when working, but others are not available at under 500 dollar price.

Other Features

The basic functionality of your saw will be expanded with additional features such as table attachments, wheels, a dust collection system, and integrated storage. These properties make it user friendly.


That you’re looking or want to purchase a table saw below 500 means you should not bother saw warranty. Warranties are essential irrespective of either the saw is expensive or not.

Anyway, a good table saw a warranty isn’t a bad idea. Warranty varies from one another, but their years range between 1 to 3 years. The most important thing to focus on is the warranty which applies to the table saw motor.

You need to make sure your warranty covers the motor for as long as possible, as this is a table saw’s most expensive feature. 

Final Words

In this guide, 4 best table saws under 500 were selected and thoroughly analyzed with their unique features and other components. Although it is hard to pick one tool over others, either in one circumstance or the other one tool will better than others. Since it is our work, we have to choose one tool as the best table saw under 500 and Dewalt is our preferable saw.

While other models have more unique features with a higher wood size standard, we agree that an essential aspect of a table saw is engine efficiency. We have extensive experience with goods from DeWalt, ensuring that we know they are designed to outperform much of the competition.