7 Best Bow Saw 2021 Buyer’s Guide

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Most consumers mostly prefer a good bow saw over a chainsaw for small and medium-sized saw tasks. Generally, a bow saw is considered a reliable, powerful, and fast sawing tool. For anyone who wants to keep trees and shrubs in proper growth shape, bow saws are necessary and are also useful from time to time for wood sawing. Large, powerful, and precise blade strokes can be used to cuts small trees in minutes. It only takes a bit of training and a sharp blade.

Here in this review, 7 best bow saw will be a review, and the reasons why they’re on our list explained. We are going to cover each model’s key features, and then we’re going to take a closer look at some of their Pros, Cons, and Our expert opinion about each of our selected best bow saw.

Our Favorite Picks

Agawa Canyon


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2.2 Ibs



Bahco 10-30-51 30-Inch


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1.94 Ibs



Kenyon 41455 WP



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1.50 Ibs



Truper 30273 Bow Saw


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2.4 Ibs





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10.6 Ibs



Fiskars 7029


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16 Ibs



Bond BS21 Gardener


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1.23 Ibs



The 7 Best Bow Saw

1. Agawa Canyon – BOREAL21 Tripper Kit

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Suppose you’re a serious camper, a committed traveler, or someone that enjoys fishing, hunting, and paddling around your home. In that case, this high-quality foot-saw is built for flexibility. The trapezoidal frame of high quality allows you to use the saw for larger tasks.

This tool is designed with a great safety feature. If you are not using the saw, it can be easily bent to allow for portability, safety, and easy and convenient transportation. It also features a simple open mechanism that allows for quick and easy open of the tool whenever you want to use the saw for any cutting task. All required is to open the cutter, position it against the tree, and start engaging in your cutting activities.

There is also a simple blade tensioning system in the Agawa Nylon BOREAL21 socket, which ensures user safety. The tensioning device allows the saw to bend and to open without blade contact.

If it only weighs 2.2 Ibs, taking this toot where it’s needed is less of a hassle. Moreover, the ability to fold the tool means it fits perfectly in the backpack, giving you a chance to packing other necessary items. The compact design makes storage more convenient and makes the saw an ideal alternative for those who can’t afford plenty of storage.


  • Open in second and Automatically tension
  • Annodized aluminum frame design
  • Fiberglass reinforced nylon for handle & tension arm
  • Built with stainless steel materials
  • Long-lasting and durable blade
  • Extra blade store, shoulder strap features


  • Expensive
  • Blade tension is not adjustable

Our Verdict

Agawa Nylon BOREAL21 is a great bow saw that was made of high quality and durable materials such as high grade anodized aluminum frame, fiberglass-reinforced nylon handle, and tensioning arm. This is design to suit all weather conditions thanks to its stainless steel hardware. It has a long-lasting and durable blade to tackle various wood types with rust protective coating and impulse hardened for durability.


2. Bahco 10-30-51 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw for Dry Wood

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The Bahco 10 bow saw is professionally designed for maximum performance and durability using the innovative Ergo design process developed by Bahco. With its 30-inch steel blade which maintains its resilience and sharpness on a variety of projects, this saw is uniquely made for cutting dry wood and wood.

You can easily replace the blade by swiftly releasing and you do.

This saw can be used to claim project logging, such as building sites. It has an ergonomic handle for comfort and safety, with impact protection.

This saw will deliver flat and smooth inserts, thanks to the innovative high tension of the saw blade. Its frame is made of high-quality steel tubing, for excellent toughness and quick handling.


  • Ergonomically designed handle for comfort and safety.
  • Built with High quality and rust-corrosion materials
  • Innovative Tensioning Mechanism
  • Pointed Nose Features
  • Suitable for both soft and hardwood


  • Only suitable for dry wood
  • Contains small magnets

Our Verdict

The Bahco 10-30-51-30 inch is one of the best on the market today, in our opinion.

This features an ergonomically handle design that is great to tackle various cutting tasks in, tough environment. It also has a knuckle protector that offers comfort and safety. Bahco 10-30-51-30 is the best bow saw with ranges of customer desire features to easy and convenient cutting-task execution.


3. Kenyon 41455 WP-7630 Bow Saw

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The Kenyon 41455 WP-7630 is the ideal choice for thick tree branches but not suitable for often tasks

This bow saw is designed with a round steel frame with sharp edges of shock absorbers added to it to automatically teeth cleaning. Everyone pushes and pulls would separate the wood from the waste. And bear in mind that although the saw look may not seem odd, generally saw performance has nothing to with look, but design plays a greater role.

Kenyon was bestowed with several features, such as easily replaceable steel blades with protection. This also entails an easy and smooth blade switch. This pruning is greatly built for easy tree branch cutting tasks.


  • Interchangeable Metal Camera Edge
  • Handle made of cylindrical steel
  • Sharp blade
  • Very sturdy and strong


  • Not suitable for the heavy-duty task

Our Verdict

Kenyon 4144 WP 7630 is a professional-grade tool built to simplify cutting activities. Although the bow saw is small, it is sturdy, and performing saw to allow easy and smooth cutting tasks.


4. Truper 30273 Bow Saw 

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Could you imagine a great saw on Amazon, which gets 85 percent positive reviews? Yeah, this Truper 30273 saw with its 30-inch blade did it miraculously.

Suppose you’re looking for a bow saw designed specifically for cutting tree branches without this blade. In that case, you might not have another better choice.

Manufacturing of this bow tool uses powerful and modern technologies so you can take advantage of using this tool year after year. This saw’s architecture is so beautiful and durable that it helps you without any problems across several tough sessions.

Replacement and modification of several holes in both corners on this tool blade are much simpler. Only raise the cam handle onto the saw, remove the old blade, fasten the new blade replacement and keep the cam handle tightly. With that, you’re done even you need adjustment, easily you will get it done.


  • Straight forward replacement adjustment process
  • High quality and durable materials
  • Sold with safety features
  • Has a reputable record on Amazon


  • Not suitable heavy-duty cutting

Our Verdict

This Truper 30273 Bow Saw is a great replacement blade made with high quality and durable materials. This blade is an accessory for cross-cutting tree branches with an easy fixing process.


5. BAHCO 332-21-51 21 Inch Pointed Nose Bow Saw

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BAHCO 332-21-51 21 saw is an incredibly, affordable as well as a high-quality bow saw. For camping, hiking or brushing, pruning, and other household chores, this saw is light and sharp enough to simplify all your tasks.

This saw is a good tool to cut thick branches and trim bushes. It is made of brushed steel (hardened steel), which gives the inserts total hardened precision.

The rust-resistant coating on the blade has long been smooth, even after heavy use. This blade also features a safety tensioning lever that helps you to change the cutting force when required.

Moreover, the handle gives a pleasant grip to the saw. The antioxidant coating on the blade makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Specially designed in a tubular steel frame, this foot saw is strong enough to chew logs easily. The tubular steel frame also prevents bending of the blades when pulling and pushing during cutting.

The BAHCO nose saw is very compact to pack in a bag with camping or processing bugs, although it can not be knocked down. The Fiskars foot saw is a good choice for any occasion, despite the price and the creative features.


  • Easy blade replacement features
  • Compact for easy gripping
  • Made of high quality and durable materials
  • Strong blade sturdiness


  • No safety lever
  • No pointed nose

Our Verdict

This bow saw is one best tools that were majorly designed to cut through both dry wood and lumber. It is made in a compact size for more versatile usage. This too is great as it can be used within a tight area.


6. Fiskars 7029 Bow Saw, 21-Inch

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Fiskars is a brand that we love because of its high-quality instruments. It’s almost no different from the Fiskars 7029 bow saw. But the extremely affordable prices are what we like most about this tool. In this review, it is truly one of the cheapest bow tools.

But the cheap price doesn’t mean Fiskars has been sacrificing quality. The frame is made of strong and light steel, while the blade is completely hardened and precisely ground from steel, which can cut all forms of materials, wood, and metal very effectively.

Fiskars covered the blade with an antioxidant coating, which helps to prolong life. Additionally, you can quickly remove the blade and replace it with another 21-inch blade.

In this model, the safety tension trigger offers great versatility when cutting materials of various densities. It makes changing the blade tension easier, so the material aligns in seconds.

From a price point of view, we think this toot is the right materials for.


  • Sharp and easy to use
  • Lightweight tubular steel
  • Safety tension lever
  • Rust-resistant coating features
  • Hardened carbon steel blade


  • Gloves require for comfortable operation

Our Verdict

The Fiskars 7029 is tough to beat, particularly because of the price it offers. We think money is a genuine deal. This is a versatile foot saw that can be used from woodworking to flat metal cutting for a wide range of applications.


7. Bond BS21 Gardener’s Choice 21-Inch Bow Saw

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Bond BS21 is the tiniest perspective I’ve ever seen. It is another inexpensive bow saw offering great value for money and high quality. I couldn’t stand the lack of good advice, but you won’t feel frustrated if it’s not so important to you, particularly if you don’t equate it to others.

I love being able to find a quality saw that will offer work simplicity, which also has cost-effective features. The frame is tubular and painted in some sort of red color. While it’s made for one hand, if the wood is too dense and you need more resistance, you can always use both hands. Although the force of both hands can damage these bow saw teeth, this is the reason using both hands is not advisable.

The tubular steel arch frame is made of a heavy material that makes the foot saw more effective during operation. Use this great device when pruning trees. Depending on the choice the user finds suitable, the band saw is designed for use with one hand or both.

If you can’t find the blade you bought with a saw after purchasing this tool, you can purchase a separate blade in stores to replace the blade built with the saw, which is not suitable for you.

This makes it easy for the user to change the foot saw as he sees fit, which most customers expect from the tools they purchase (it’s easy to adjust the tools as needed). By buying this saw, you get the flexibility that you deserve as a consumer.


  • Easy blade adjustment
  • Heavy-duty tubular steel frame
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy blade replacement


  • Poor built-in blade
  • Not durable for a long time

Our Verdict

Bond BS21 bow saw is built with a sturdy, robust steel frame that makes the device light and very user friendly.

The blades have a mechanism for cutting and pressing, which helps improve the edge of the saw.


Buying Guide


Depending on the type of work that needs to be performed, a saw blade may be removed from the frame to cut tree branches. There are two types:

Peg-tooth blade: This type of saw blade is designed for dry and hardwood cutting without any problems. The blade is in shape triangular and has a three-member arrangement with a larger space between each group is included.

Rake tooth blade: This blade type is majorly built for wet wood cutting tasks. A triangular disk passes through the wood, and the wood is broken by the “rake.”

Knuckle Guards

Protecting yourself against saw will be important to keep you from getting injured. When you’re a novice, invest in bow tools that are protecting-proof to ensure you don’t get costly incidents.

Blade Size

Before buying any blade, it is advisable for the user to do some research about the compatible blade size. The blade size varies from 17 to 30 inches, or even more. The thickness of the saw defines how long the saw will be used.

Project Types And Frequency

You’ll need to examine the kinds of tasks you’ll be working on and how long it will take you before selecting the best bow saw you’ll need to work with. There are many bow saws out there but you can pay an unfair price by buying a bow saw. No matter what type of project you do, the best thing you need to do is order your saw from Amazon to make sure you get the best price for any kind of saw you need.


The bow-saws have a gun handle locked. You can achieve a speedier and more powerful cut with this. A wide handle supports the blade, and when the tip unexpectedly hits something the user’s hand is protected from slipping during cutting and from injury.

Tension Adjusters

Although it might sound weird, there are several different environmental variables that can influence the blade tension on a daily basis. Heat and humidity are the main culprits here. A market saw that suits you well should have some form of tension adjustment system built into the saw itself. When you live in a hot and humid setting, this function can be critical to make sure your blade cuts through the wood you are trying to cut. When you use the saw to do more precise work, it is absolutely important to have a tightening device to ensure the most accurate cut possible.

However, you should bear in mind that the blade on the bow saw will weaken over time, so changing the friction is a good idea to make your saw last longer. The tension adjustment system helps keep the blade straight when the blade weakens, so you can use the blade safely much longer than usual.

Final Words

There is no need for you to worry yourself about getting a tool to a great bow saw. In the above review of the 7 best bows saw, each of the selected products was analyzed with their pros and cons. They clearly stated to hints you about what you will get when you choose any specific product. We hope the above analysis will help you choose the best bow saw that would assist you in cutting various trees.