7 Best Gas Pole Saw 2021 Buyer’s Guide

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Are you looking for a good gas pole saw? Or You’re planning to cut down some tree or its branches, but you’re in a dilemma of which power tool to engage with for an easy and smooth process. In this case, the gas pole saw is perfect because what you are planning to do does not require much power rather precision and compact tool for the accurate and easy cutting process. But how do you pick the perfect tool that was made of high quality and durable material and a lot of great features?

So, in this guide, the 7 best gas pole saw will be review to save your time and as well as to assist you in picking the best saw.

Our Favorite Picks

PROYAMA Powerful


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30.8 Ibs



Remington RM25PS


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13.9 Ibs



MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw


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26CC 2 Cycle 4


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28.8 Ibs



MAXTRA 42.7cc


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35 Ibs 3.9



Poulan Pro PR28PS


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14 Ibs



TrimmerPlus PS720


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3.43 Ibs



The 7 Best Gas Pole Saw

1. Proyama Powerful 42.7Cc 5 In 1 Multi Functional Trimming Tools

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The sturdy 5-in-1 pole saw from PROYAMA features a two-stroke 42.7 cc engine that gives you enough power to cut ferrous tree branches and prepares without delay or trouble.

PROYAMA has a fitted shoulder lash to shield it from the vibrations it can produce during use, as it has such a powerful motor.

This tool also includes safety equipment to ensure safe operation. This saw has an EPA-certified engine, which decreases the number of emissions it places in the air and the amount of gas consumed. Apart from being cost-effective in running, it also helps prevent the disposition of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

This saw is versatile as it was a package with different accessories. It can be used for several works from trimming hedges to cutting brushes, with easy accessories assemble and dissemble.

Multi-angle adjustment allows branches to be sliced without the need to turn the body. This can be helpful when you are working in areas close to buildings or confined spaces.


  • Adjustable Extension Length
  • Protection/Safety Kits included
  • Multi-Angle adjustment
  • Impressive cutting power and reliable


  • One limited warranty
  • Tool restarting takes time

Our Verdict

This pole saw is quite a good saw for several tree branches cutting as well as trimming. PROYAMA Powerful 42.7cc is a fantastic tool as the saw was a package with protection kits to ensure the operator’s safety doing working activities.


2. Remington RM25PS Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Saw

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Remington RM25PS is a powerful and lightweight gas pole saw with versatile features that enable the operator to use the tool for a long period with hand fatigue.

With a 25cc motor, this device suitable for cutting small branches easily. Although this saw can cut thick materials with time and there will be some wear and tear on the saw.

You can rely on this saw for several more years because the tool motor has a 2-cycle version. The design is low maintenance that ensures it works, even in the coldest environments. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a portable and lightweight.

Remington RM25PS is about eight inches long saws. Depending on the user’s height, you will reach up to 11 or 12 feet off the ground with an extension cord. You will have no trouble reaching a height of up to 12 feet in this situation, which means that branches that are difficult to reach should not be a concern.

Since it is a saw with a lighter weight, you can use it more quickly and more precisely when cutting. If you don’t want the wrong branch to be cut off, this kind of control will make the job simpler and safer.

This model relieves the user of the issue of a delayed startup with fast startup technology. This feature means there’s no need to push the cable and pull it to wind it many times. Instead, you can work more quickly and effectively, particularly when you need to turn off the saw while working.


  • Powerful with 25cc 2-cycle engine
  • Automatic Oiler and great design
  • 12 inch extended pole for hard to reach branches
  • Compact and Lightweight design


  • Not suitable for thick branches

Our Verdict

This is a strong and effective tool to be used if you want to cut massive branches. This saw has a lovely ability to get started quickly so you can save time when working, and also make maneuvering easier.


3. Maxtra Gas Pole Saw, 42.7Cc 2-Cycle Powerful Chainsaw

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This gas-powered saw is one of the most powerful saw you can find to meet all of your branch cutting needs.

It also has 11.4 feet of most extended length, along with a powerful 10-inch cutter. That means the actual working height with the telescopic pole varies between 16 and 19 feet. This saw can be adapted to many other gardening instruments.

MAXTRA made this tool with a flexible feature of a specific attachment that can turn the saw into various useful garden tools such as hedge and string trimmer or brush cutter. You’ll save space in your garage or workshop with this, and still have more equipment to make your garden look fantastic. As a bonus, this gas-saw comes with a safe bag for stocking and fast transport.


  • Powerful with 42.7cc engine
  • Suitable for high branches cutting
  • Quick-release connector


  • Very flimsy and low quality
  • Cheap bar adjustment screw

Our Verdict

MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw is one of the best gas poles saw for gardening trimming and bush tree branch cutting activities. With 42.7cc and 2-cycle engine, this powerful and durable for long working activities.


4. 26CC 2 Cycle 4 in 1 Multi-Tool with Grass Trimmer Attachment

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The 26CC 2 Cycle is a 4 in 1 attachment tool which including a mowing blade and mower to manage any landscape activities. All 4 different attachments have a standard connector, ensuring this cutter can be used with other models or brands. These features make this tool cost useful and better tools for versatile works.

It has a complete shaft structure, which reduces exhaust pipe emissions and improves fuel usage to keep the trimmer longer at a high level. The aluminum was made to reduce vibrations, making this brush cutter easy to control and user friendly. This contributes to the saw’s durability.


  • Built for optimal performance
  • Reliable, quick starting, and comfortable
  • Comfortable with better fuel efficiency
  • Powerful with 2 cycle engine
  • Vibration reduction features


  • Poor User manual
  • Not suitable for amateur

Our Verdict

This multi-tool is incredibly versatile and of great value. It offers everything you need for your landscape, including a brush cutter.


5. Maxtra 42.7Cc 2-Cycle Multifunctional 4 In 1 Cordless Garden

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This is the second great saw on this list that is made by Maxtra. This saw is built with a 42.7cc engine with other great features. It is more flexible than the above saw, and this can provide additional services.

This Maxtra pole saw model is a combination of 4 devices in one box. By buying one, you get 4 tools. You receive a hedge trimmer, a brush cutter, and a string trimmer all along the best gas pole. This will give you a full garden cleaning service.

With 10-inch blade features, you’re good to go on various cutting tasks. It has the ideal combination of a useful blade, substantial force, and broad pollen extension lengths. With this saw, cutting high, thick branches is easy as you can reach 14 feet. It can also cut branches to a diameter of 7 inches.

18 inches long Hedge trimmer attachment and have a double action. You have full versatility to adapt the blade to your needs at any angle. And thanks to the wide header which is possible. You can shape different ornamental trees with this method, and cut them into different sizes.

String trimmers and brush cutters are other attachment packages with this saw, and these two have a common head cut. All you need to do is switch cutter. With this saw, you can cut long grass easily, faster, nice, and tidy.


  • Long reach features
  • Power with 42.7cc 2 cycle engine
  • Suitable for multi-angle cutting
  • Made of durable and high-quality materials
  • Bag included for easy movement


  • Heavy
  • Too much shaft vibration

Our Verdict

Sometimes gasoline saws are heavy, and often hard to use. Maxtra has added a shoulder strap to help you manage the saw smoothly due to the saw’s weight. It also reduces the vibrational effect and allows the cultivation to function more effectively.


6. Poulan Pro PR28PS, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 8 in. Pole Saw

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The Poulan Pro PR28PS is an 8 inch 2-stroke 28cc full saw. This saw is pretty cheap but very powerful. It is super light, but in no time it cuts branches. The saw is also made of alloys of metal, which give it the strongest edge. It takes longer, and you’ll consider it easier.

Poulan Pro PR28Ps make use of the SureFire fuel system, and It’s a waste-reducing process system. Maximize fuel efficiency and save a significant amount of fuel by using this saw.

The saw comes with an easy-to-use system. Getting started is simple and can be achieved in three easy steps. All you need is Prime, Choke, then Pull, and you start the engine.

With towing strategy and spring-loaded technology, drives this saw and make it easy to use.

The feature makes saw startup simple. The other does have additional features, however, such as an automatic shut-off switch. When switched off, this form of the switch automatically returns to the “ON” position.

One great thing about this saw is the double coil for easy use. It also allows you to cut safely over your entire cutting time.


  • SunFire pull starting system
  • Effortless pull starting
  • Air remover carburetor included
  • Automatic line feeding/extending


  • Rigid for multi-angle cutting

Our Verdict

The Go tap method can be used to produce superior results in the cutting. And Air Purge technology is available to make the carburetor effective, which removes air from the carburetor as well as a fuel system.


7. TrimmerPlus PS720 8-Inch Pole Saw with Bar and Chain

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If you have a tight adequate budget and would like to buy a powerful gas-powered saw, find the PS720 pole saw trimmer plus. It has a lightweight design that is easy to use and lasts a longer period.

This is one of the great pole available, compared to other gasoline saws. You can expand the stand to 12 feet, which is adequate to handle larger leaves and branches. If you have a small garden, most of the surrounding gardens should be managed as it will lead to a continuous flow of energy to the string.

When you’re thinking about usability, you’ll benefit from this saw useful features to help you keep your garden strong.

It comprises two separate parts, so you can select two separate extension lengths. It is a perfect instrument for people who have yards and different tasks and jobs like pruning shrubs and bushes and pruning hedges.

You’ll be able to attach various mower applications, so you can do a great job without needing a completely new saw. This saw offer standard choices, both versatility, and choice.

It includes an 8-inch stick and chain which can comfortably withstand most of your garden’s cutting tasks. While there are more efficient options on the market, this will give you a good balance of money and overall quality.

This saw weighs 3.43 Ibs, which is remarkable compared to other saws. That’s a huge benefit with cheaper and more sophisticated versions you can find. You can take it with you, and perform different tasks of pruning.

If you have a limited budget and need some new garden equipment, the trimmer plus PS720 pole saw is a great cutting machine.


  • Simple and user friendly
  • Suitable for low budget
  • Reliable and Strong power cutter


  • Not suitable for the heavy-duty task

Our Verdict

TrimmerPlus PS720 is one of the cheapest inexpensive saws on the market. Although the blade and chain are of decent quality, modification and maintenance are needed to use the system properly. 


Buying Guide


Power is the first thing to consider when purchasing a pole saw because it will decide what the tool can handle and determine how fast you can get the job done with that particular.

Pole saws are usually the most potent types of used saws but different models with different power systems, usually depending on the engine size and other technical aspects.

The robust your pole saw the stronger it when working with, but ensure you purchase the right combination of weight and energy.

Pole Length

The saw pole’s length distinguishes these saws from ordinary saws as they provide an extra-long feature that applies to the tool strength also applicable with the length as different has different lengths.

The length of the pole saw determines how high the pole saw can reach and cut down branches.

However, when it comes to a pole saw length, it is also necessary to ensure that the bar remains strong and secure enough, even when completely extended.

Various individuals may have different expectations about the length of the saw pole. However, an excellent gas pole should have a stand stretching at least 10 feet and pulling up to a compact size for easy storage while not in use.

Chain Bar

A pole saw would have a chain bar, which is the part that makes the actual cut, just like chainsaws.

The more extended the bar, the better the chances of cutting capability saw. Not only can a pole saw with a more extended guide cut out larger parts with each step, but it can also easily handle thicker branches.

You can get 6 to 12-inch best gas pole saws, but the most common are 8 and 10-inch versions.

Irrespective of how you will want to use your saw or the size or the thickness of the branches of shrubs and trees, you want to prune will help you choose the right pole saw length.


The gas pole saw is one of the hand saw types, which means you will constantly be holding it when using it. But if you purchase a hand saw that is too heavy, this can lead to a delay in working as it causes hand fatigue.

Also bear in mind that those that are too light are not too powerful too, as lightweight also means they have a smaller engine.

So when it comes to weight, you can choose not only the easiest choice but also the easy and even very strong one to manage over a long time.


Even if you get the most robust gas pole saw on the market, if the tool has any safety issues or don’t have enough safety precautions, this can affect the tool’s worthiness.

It’s true the gas pole saw are rather dangerous tools, like all other chainsaws, but the manufacturer needs to introduce mechanisms to make it safer.

These safety measures vary from brand to brand, but items like the ergonomic, sliding handle need to be careful, as the tool will make it safer.


In certain situations, the incurred cost of repairing a gas pole saw can be bought another new one.  So, it would help if you chose the pole saw that offers a long time warranty duration.

The longer the warranty duration, the more confident you are that the terms of the warranty are favorable and that the manufacturer has a reputation for quality to prevent disappointment. 

Final Words

A proper and adequate lawn usually beautify gardens. Although several tools in the market can be used for heavy branch cutting and trimming, none of these tools is better than the best gas pole saw.

Gas-powered saws are perfect for cutting thicker limbs without needing to use an electric outlet pressure. All our suggested saws are lightweight, have higher strength, and an ideal length for potential cutting.