7 Best Reciprocating Saw Blades 2021 Buyer’s Guide

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Good reciprocating saw blades are one of the most efficient cutting instruments for woodworkers. Typically, they are used to cut various materials along with the tool; which makes them suitable for carpenters, hobbyists, performers, and other craftspeople.

With a handy blade, you will find your saw helpful. And to get a handy the following must be check, teeth, high-quality material, and size. Having these features in mind and knowing the project requirements, you can trustfully buy a reliable blade. There are moreover many manufacturers of different piston blade types.

With the time we’ve spent reviewing and amending this guide, it is being ascertained that you will get the best alternative on the market. Everything you need for your next shopping blade is in this guide. So, the 7 best reciprocating saw blades will be examining with a buying guide. Please consider purchasing out of our list.

Our Favorite Picks

DEWALT Reciprocating Saw


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1.25 Ibs



Bosch 5-Piece 12-Inch


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9 Ibs





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3.2 Ibs



SKIL 94100-05 Pruning


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5.8 Ibs



DEWALT Reciprocating Saw


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6.4 Ibs



Bosch RW66 6-Inch


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1.6 Ibs



Bosch RM618 6-Inch


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3.04 Ibs



The 7 Best Reciprocating Saw Blades

1. Dewalt Reciprocating Saw Blades

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It is generally known that versatility is a key factor when talking about power tools. So having the power tool is good but not enough as being versatile. What applies to the power tool also applicable to the reciprocating saw. As we all know that having a reciprocating saw is nice, but the durability of the saw of cutting different materials is more versatile.

Dewalt reciprocating saw blades(DW4890) has 15 blades in its package. The blade was packed inside a secure plastic case. The bag holds each blade safely, and this increases product longevity.

All the 15 blades are robust as they are made of durable and high-quality materials. The blades in their factory produce 8 percent cobalt. Therefore, they are bimetallic, meaning they are solid. That’s not the best part, though. The teeth of each blade are strengthened.

With the reinforcement features, these blades will sharp for an extended period. You don’t have to abandon your project because your tool blade has become invisible to your project. With Dewalt (DW4890) you can cut metal, wood, and drywall with these blades.

Compatibility with other saws is what makes those blades fine. Such blades can also be used on other saw types.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee by DEWALT. So, you know that if you choose this product, you are safe.


  • Durable and powerful as it made of bi-metal blade
  • Durable plastic case
  • Suitable for various materials cutting
  • Suitable for all reciprocating saw
  • 15 in 1 blade


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Not suitable for cordless saw

Our Verdict

This 15 in Dewalt DW4890 reciprocating saw blade set is the perfect tool that will assist you in getting your various work done efficiently. With this set, you will have various types of the blade at your disposal to execute ranges of wood and metal working cutting tasks.

2. Bosch 5-Piece 12-Inch 5 TPI Wood Cutting Reciprocating Saw

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If you are searching for a great cutting blade for a saw, this 5 piece of Bosch should be your best pick. These accessories are measures 12 inches and are suitable at any time to make deep cuts. The accessories are made with a 50 tilting angle to ensure fast cutting.

The different colors of the blade in this package make searching in the toolbox easy. The blades remain sharp for a long time and can be quickly chewed by any branches and root within a few minutes—this blade weighs 9 Ibs making it one of the lightest blades.

The blades are distinguished by key mode, patented technology, and quality materials. They offer both a faster and more precise cutting experience, and it is also fair from a price point of view.


  • Turbo-Teeth Technology
  • Edge designed for extreme cuts
  • Precision ground blade
  • High-speed steel cutting edge
  • Reinforced teeth for longer sharpen


  • Not suitable for thick wood

Our Verdict

The blade is 12 inches long, making it ideal for deep cuts. This blade would also work well for people who want to do stuff faster because it cuts so quickly and easily.

3. Porter-Cable Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blades

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PORTER-CABLE saw blades are not heavy but light in weight and compact for pruning purposes which can do the job effectively. The three-blade kit is made of carbide teeth made from high carbon steel. These blades are durable for several years than the more costly ones.

You have a greater cutting capacity at a length of 9 inches which helps you to cut medium-sized trees. This set often matches hardwood under pressure cutting. These unique and quality reciprocating saw blades are bestowed with a one-month warranty.

Choosing this package is a wise choice due to a variety of purposes and cost-effectiveness. With this package, you wouldn’t have any issues, because these blades are versatile. The easiest way to cut correctly is to follow the line to achieve the desired cut.


  • Great pruning ability
  • Long-lasting blade
  • High carbon steel for superior strength
  • 9-inch 4/5 TPI


  • Flawed design

Our Verdict

These PORTER-CABLE are one of the best blades for cutting or trimming branches. With the length of these knives of about 9 inches, you can cut pieces of wood. Even so, these blades can also be used to cut logs from the ground when you cut the logs from the ground, the dirt tears the blade more than usual.

4. Skil 94100-05 Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blades

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Skilsaw 94100-05 cannot be beaten when it comes to harvesting and pruning of wood. This model is one of the best available saw blades you can buy.

Skilsaw is an incredible 9 inches so it can sink deep into the material. This model doesn’t have any trouble cutting branches wide in diameter. Also, it’s made of carbon steel material that makes it robust and strong.

This blade does not give a smooth cut, with 4/5 teeth per inch. But it can easily cut branches and can be used as a heavy blade if appropriate.

This model represents a great choice for scale. You have noted that this pruning saw is the best option when looking for a blade to cut dry and hardwood as it does not have a bite. But anything cutting task aside that, Skilsaw is the best choice.


  • Ideal for branch pruning
  • Crafted from heavy carbon steel.
  • Decent 9 inches long.
  • Suitable for cutting deep material easily
  • Suitable for heavy task cutting


  • Suitable for dry hardwood cutting
  • Bite not included

Our Verdict

These blades hold up very well when used to cut wood and plywood. These blades cut faster than other saw blades for cutting wood in construction jobs. You can “nodded” with a few nails and cut “very” thin metal (24 gauge), but the blade can still cut wood like new. Easy to straighten after folding.

5. Dewalt Reciprocating Saw Blades, 8-Inch

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DIYer hobbyist and professional contractors love DeWalt products because they have consistent performance and are built with durable and high-quality materials. DeWalt DWA4188 builds on its reputation as one of the most robust saw blades. These DeWalt reciprocating saw blades are perfect for cutting cold rolled steel, corners, accessories, and many other metals.

Each blade is 1 inch tall and 0.42 inch thick and the added height and toughness, preventing cracking and bending, give them added strength. For these slides, the self-developed fermentation and insertion process allows for blades lasting life.


  • Suitable for cutting various materials.
  • Amplitude and thickness prevent bending.
  • Variable pitch of 14/18 TPI.
  • Suitable for a standard reciprocating saw


  • The blade dulls quickly

Our Verdict

The DeWalt DWA4188 is what you need to buy if you are searching for great versatile and durable saws. The coating was developed to ensure these blades durable than most other saw blades on our list and also on the market.

6. Bosch RW66 6-Inch 6 TPI Wood Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blades

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Without a doubt, these cutting blade from the Bosch RW66 is one of the best saw blades. These blades are five in a set, and each of the blades is of excellent design.

Nevertheless, the blade size is 6 inches per inch with 6 sharp teeth per inch, and this makes Bosch RW66 a great saws blade for cutting wood materials excellently.

Bosch RW66 built is heavy-duty, and they offer an enormous and accurate cutting output in less time.

The price of this product is not that high, with all the great features. If you are someone that does make use of your reciprocating saw often then buying these blades is a good idea.


  • 6 saw blades size in a set
  • Optimization for blade cutting efficiency
  • Fast and Durable for a long period
  • Materials and patented tooth technologies,
  • Cost-Effective


  • Very light duty
  • Not suitable for dry hardwood

Our Verdict

The Bosch RW66 comes in an inexpensive 5-piece pack which makes it perfect for the DIYer and professional who regularly prunes as it ensures you have ample leaves to keep for a while. 

7. Bosch Rm618 6-Inch 18T Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw

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If all you want is a decent metal cutting board, that’s a good choice for you. One thing about Bosch RM618 that will make you’ll like it is that it comes in 5 pieces.

For your metal cutting project, RM618 will be a great choice. These blades have 18 teeth per inch that sound pretty sweet. Additionally, a 3-degree slope allows quick and cleaner cuts when it uses to cut metal objects.

Tagging a blade as the best is not about its quantity or TPI, although these features play some key role in determining a blade stance. But some people would then find the material used for producing the blade to quantify it as the best item. All these features are some of the keys to remember when buying a reciprocating blade saw, especially the one that is suitable for the metal cutting task.

RM618 blades are made of sub-material when it comes to the material used to ensure that the tools are durable and of quality. The 0.75-inch height makes it relatively sturdy and robust. We have also found that these blades fit into almost all moving saw styles and brands. And you needn’t think about its quality.


  • 5 in 1 reciprocating saw blades
  • Carbide blades for abrasive materials
  • 0.75 inches height increases longevity
  • Color-coding and callouts on the blades
  • Excellent innovation and engineering


  • Quick tooth dull
  • Not suitable for industrial metalworking

Our Verdict

Bosch RM618 is one of the best reciprocating saw blades with several great features. Although this blade has some deficits such as quickly bored, especially when you’re working on a difficult project. In other words,  for industrial metalworking projects, this Bosch might not be the best choice as they are slightly thinner than other knives on the market.

Buying Guide

Owing a reciprocating saw is interesting but utilizing the efficiency of the saw, you need to have a great and functional blade to get clean and accurate cuts. To get this, several features define quality, durable, and reliable blade.

Follow the below guide and learn the process of choosing the best reciprocating saw blades that will suit your project needs perfectly.

Blade Materials

The quality of the blade material is another significant thing to consider before you purchase a reciprocating saw. Generally, the high-quality blade is more costly, but they last longer. Betting on cheaper bedding is not advisable and may trick you.

The materials used to produce most of the blades are; Carbon Steel: they are lightweight, cheap, can cut in tight spaces easily, but they have poor teeth that drill hard. Superfast steel: it’s far stronger, lasts longer, is more elastic, inflexible, and doesn’t get easily bored. Bi-metal: This is a mixture of two or more metal forms. Use the most suitable properties for other materials. The bimetallic material lasts longer than the other two, has flexible bladed hard teeth, and is more costly.


Generally, everybody that is familiar with the reciprocating saw knows what TPI is, and it is essential to wood, plastic, metal other materials cutting activities. If the blade of the saw is wide but fewer teeth, the speed of cutting is higher than with a smaller length but with more teeth. When the blade has lots of sighted teeth, it helps to produce a better surface near the insert, as each tooth cuts just a small part of the material. This reduces pollution and lessens the visibility of the ridges.


Here this size we are talking about is the one that is suitable for your project. When purchasing reciprocating saw blades is necessary to check and determine the suitable blade size for your project. If your project needs a longer blade with more teeth per inch, you will damage your project with a shorter blade. This may also cause the blade to snap or bend. That’s right; Choosing the right size saw blades to suit your project is crucial.

Locking Mechanism

The blades you are choosing must be compactable with your reciprocating saw, as they are available in different sizes and forms. There are lots of locking mechanisms, so make sure you choose the right one.


The measurements on the alternative sheet are thickness, weight, and width. Its length is 3 to 12 inches. Longer blades tend to cut thicker so select a base of measurement at the cutting depth you need.

Type of Materials

When buying a reciprocating saw, it is essential to consider the type of materials you’re working on, or you will use the blade for. In this case, you are expected to look for a blade that is compactable with the materials you’re working on, or you will use the saw since one blade can not cut all material types. Because, if someone tries to use one blade to execute a different project irrespective, either they are compactable or not. This can lead to damage to both blade and materials, as a result of using a blade that is not appropriate for the material. This can even slow down the work pace and painfully slows it down.

Tooth Materials

The material used in the building of the tooth’s edge defines the life of the blade and the type of material it can cut. You can use metal teeth that hold the majority of blades.


An important factor to consider is the manufacturer that produces the reciprocating saw blade. As several manufacturers make this item, it is advisable to choose the product of a reputable brand and the one you trust.

Final Words

Although there are a lot of reciprocating saw blades available in the market, the best reciprocating saw blades are bestowed with several and great features that qualify them to be the best accessories. So, to simplify the process of identity and to choose the best among available saw blades in the market, 7 reciprocating saw blades were choosing and vividly analyze with their key features.

If you want to purchase a blade that will serve you for a length of time, then you should be ready to pay a premium or a high price. Choose a cheap, low-quality flame blade, the types of work you want to will get the blade dull quickly.

If you have any questions about the best saw blade reviews above or the shopping guide, please leave your useful comment below.