7 Best Band Saw Blades 2024 Buyer’s Guide

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Are you wondering how to get good band saw blades? If your answer is YES! Then you are at the right place because in this guide some of the right band saw blades would be analyzed.

There is a need for you to note that band saw blades are a special tool that also varies in size, comp ability, usability, and durability. These blades usually have a drastic change from one another with the smallest variation in the blades. Because of this radical change, you should be conscious of the cuts you like, and the project at hand, before selecting a blade.

With several bands of saw blades available in the market, and each of the blades works best with various materials, but they render similar service. So, it is essential to know the types of work you want to do before purchasing choosing the best band saw blades.

Our Favorite Picks

Timber Wolf Bandsaw

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade 1/2' x 93-1/2', 4 TPI

Check Current Price 6.4 Ibs 4.7
DEWALT Portable Band

DEWALT Portable Band Saw Blade, 44-7/8-Inch, .020-Inch, 24 TPI, 3-Pack (DW3984)

Check Current Price 9.6 Ibs 4.7
AYAO 62 Inch Band Saw

AYAO 62 Inch Bandsaw Blades X 1/4-Inch X 12TPI for Ryobi, Powertec, Skil, Craftsman 9' Band Saws,...

Check Current Price 0.634 Ibs 4.5
Bosch BS6412-24M

BOSCH BS6412-24M 64-1/2 In. 24 TPI Metal Cutting Stationary Band Saw Blade Ideal for Applications in...

Check Current Price 4.8 Ibs 4.3
Imachinist S641212

Imachinist S6412121418 Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades 64-1/2' X 1/2' X 14/18tpi for Cutting Soft Ferrous...

Check Current Price 3.98 Ibs 4.7
MK Morse

Morse Master Cobalt Bi-Metal Portable Band Saw Blade 44 7/8 x 1/2 x .020 14/18 TPI 3/Box (001182 /...

Check Current Price 5.8 Ibs 4.4
Milwaukee 48-39

Milwaukee 48-39-0539 Compact Band Saw Blade 35-3/8-Inch 24TPI, 3 Pack

Check Current Price 7.2 Ibs 4.5

The 7 Best Band Saw Blades

1. Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade 1/2' x 93-1/2', 4 TPI

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Timber Wolf band saw blades are a favorite choice whether precision cutting or cutting contours are required. We chose Timber Wolf 1/2″ x 93 1/2 “band saws with 4 teeth per inch as our best option.

The blades are made from a thin bowl or silicone steel. This is designed for carrying and comprises 5 ways of tooth adjustment at a 6.50 angle. At 0.025 bowls, unlike other brands, this blade is thinner than them, and it can cut hard and softwood smoothly and efficiently.

Low tension is another fantastic attribute of this blade also part of the criteria that make the blade one of the best band saw blades.

The blades of this type put less pressure on the saw with less maintenance requiring overtime. Given the reputation of the company, this accessory will not be bothered by the quality of the design. It ‘follows’ the line better than most, which in most areas means greater precision.


  • High silicon, low carbide steel materials
  • Runs under low tension which requires less horsepower
  • Well made and recommended
  • Ideal for resawing thick stock
  • Thin kerf with precision cutting


  • Instruction not included
  • Proper saw tuning require

Our Verdict

The 1/2 band saw from Timber Wolf is worth the investment with a notch up to 25 percent thinner than other knives.

The knife construction allows cooler, which makes it perfect for thicker layers. It is also made to be a low tension blade so you can use it with higher horsepower.

This blade is what you’re looking for in your woodworking shop, from brushing teeth to silicone steel and it’s also affordable. For an excellent flexible blade, we highly recommend it.

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade 1/2" x 93-1/2", 4 TPI
  • High silicon, low carbide steel
  • Runs under low tension which requires less horsepower
  • Runs cooler and lasts longer
  • Ideal for resawing thick stock

2. Dewalt Portable Band Saw Blade

DEWALT Portable Band Saw Blade, 44-7/8-Inch, .020-Inch, 24 TPI, 3-Pack (DW3984)

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DEWALT provides reasonably low cost, and high-quality band saw blades. For a basic configuration, they have 3 packages, and another package in a robust setting. Both packages are smaller than the other blades.

It is a bimetallic sheet often made of steel. That’s cobalt 8 percent. This bimetal structure made the blade unique in several aspects. This blade is resistant to overheating during operation because it has Matrix II edges at high speed. This function also prevents the blade from splitting into several pieces and ensures its durability.

This blade is ideal for cutting metal. You can trim a thick metallic, middle metal, and other with the blade. Also, this blade is perfect for cutting fine metal. This blade has resistance fatigue which gives you more choices for different projects.

The blade has a life span of durability. It has 24 teeth per inch, and this blade is ideal for quick cutting. The teeth are built beautifully and sturdy enough to prevent damage.

Some users were frustrated with these knives because it did not prove strong enough in some applications, particularly when cutting hard metals.


  • Made of durable and high-quality materials
  • Cost-effective and Easy to use
  • Durable for a long time
  • Matrix II high-speed steel edge
  • Fatigue, heat, and wear resistance


  • Suitable for hard metal materials

Our Verdict

This portable band saw blade made by the DEWALT manufacturer is excellent that was designed with durable and versatility functions. This blade is made to tackles various materials, both metal and non-metal. This blade is pinned as one of the best band saw blades due to its bestowed great features. 

DEWALT Portable Band Saw Blade, 44-7/8-Inch, .020-Inch, 24 TPI, 3-Pack (DW3984)
  • Matrix II high speed steel edge of the band saw blade is designed for heat and wear resistance
  • 8% Cobalt Content For Added Durability & Wear
  • Rc 65-67 Tooth Hardness For Increased Wear Resistance
  • Alloy Steel Backer for Fatigue Resistance

3. Ayao 62 Inch Band Saw Blade

AYAO 62 Inch Bandsaw Blades X 1/4-Inch X 12TPI for Ryobi, Powertec, Skil, Craftsman 9' Band Saws,...

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At the time, you might need a saw blade that suits like headwear and also reducing unwanted vibration. This is a compatible blade, if you are using a PowerTec, Harbor Freight, Craftsman, or Masterforce band saw. With this brand in mind, AYAO designed this accessory so that you can take full advantage of these brands with excellent attributes.

This blade does not match other tools except the bandsaw mentioned above. With any of those saws, this blade will, therefore, complement your various cutting activities well, especially with the design of the racket tooth. This blade can still provide a reasonable level of wood cutting efficiency, even when used in an ideal setting.

This model is unique to any of the other blades you may have used before. It means it is filled with a special zinc coating, which increases its oxidation resistance. Not all other band saw blade has a protective coating, but AYAO has it. This is something that extra worth expense.


  • Optimized for various standard band saws
  • Durable with thinner blades
  • Durable and versatile for different materials cutting
  • Unique welding with premium material


  • Specially made for a specific tool
  • Uncomfortable fit on the non-optimized tool.
  • Not suitable for quick cutting.

Our Verdict

AYAO 62 inch band saw blade is custom made blades for PowerTec, Harbor Freight, Craftsman, and Masterforce bandsaw. With those saws, this blade is versatile to tackle any application. Although there is a claim that the blade can be used by other saws aside from those above mentioned saw, it is best suited for those.

AYAO 62 Inch Bandsaw Blades X 1/4-Inch X 12TPI for Ryobi, Powertec, Skil, Craftsman 9" Band Saws,...
  • These 62 inch Bandsaw Blades Fit Powertec 9-Inch Band Saw BS900, WEN 3939T,Ryobi RBS904, Harbor Freight 96980, 60500,...
  • Wood and general purpose cutting
  • Unique welding technique: strong and smoother welding point
  • Bandsaw blades 62 inch 12TPI are ground tooth, which are super sharp and can stay sharp longer

4. Bosch Bs6412-24M 64-1

BOSCH BS6412-24M 64-1/2 In. 24 TPI Metal Cutting Stationary Band Saw Blade Ideal for Applications in...

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This BS6412-24M 64-1 comes in a triple pack and is robust, so thinking about replacing the blade is eliminated. This is 64-1/2 inches long, so it is only perfect for a cordless saw and can be used to cut ferrous materials, non-ferrous materials.

The strong point of this accessory is its consistency. The blade is made of high-quality materials steel which improves the durability and strength of the blade.

This blade is US-made with high quality and durable materials.  However, our best attributes are heat resistance and durability.

The BS6412-24 M blade has 24 TPI’s. This strong TPI makes for outstanding quality cuts. With a well-optimized geometry dent, i.e. Wavy tooth pattern increases polyvalence and sharpness. And it can cut thick ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

The Bosch BS6412 is heat resistant blade. You can then mow at any level, without worrying about the blade getting overheating, you can also increasing the number of functions for which the blade can be used.


  • Durable and Versatile for a long time
  • Budget-friendly
  • Suitable to tackle various application with24 TPI
  • Suitable straight cuts


  • No Warranty, No money-back assurance
  • Blade durability depends on adopted speed range

Our Verdict

This BS6412-24 M is the best blade for all functions where the heat-resistance feature includes fast cutting speeds. If you’re looking for the most accurate saw blades, we suggest this one.

BOSCH BS6412-24M 64-1/2 In. 24 TPI Metal Cutting Stationary Band Saw Blade Ideal for Applications in...
  • For metal applications
  • Premium materials resist heat buildup for long life
  • Optimized tooth geometry for best performance
  • Lengths fit most common band saw sizes

5. Imachinist S6412121418 Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades

Imachinist S6412121418 Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades 64-1/2' X 1/2' X 14/18tpi for Cutting Soft Ferrous...

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The Imachinist S6412121418 is one of the strongest and durable band saw blades. This blade is suitable for light or soft metalwork.

Once again, this blade will not be productive with advanced metallurgists. But DIYers and beginner metal cutters are going to find the blade useful. The blade has a width of 0.025 inches and your body will rarely come into contact with the surface you’re cutting. This means it is only the blade’s teeth that will produce the friction required to complete the incision.

The exciting part of this band saw blade is its dual options of 14 and 18 TPI. And the great thing about these options is that they enable you to match your tool TPIs and the work requires your own.


  • Dual 14 and 18 TPI blade options
  • 0.025″ or 0.65mm thickness for more friction.
  • Suitable for soft metal cutting
  • Great accessory for 64-1/2 bandsaw


  • Not suitable for hard object
  • Designed explicitly for DIYer and Beginner

Our Verdict

This Imachinist S6412121418 is an amateur band saw blade, as the blade only suitable for soft metal materials. Although this blade is made of quality materials, it is ideal for hard ferrous and non-ferrous materials. 

Imachinist S6412121418 Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades 64-1/2" X 1/2" X 14/18tpi for Cutting Soft Ferrous...
  • Bi-metal type, HSS M42 grade, 64-1/2" long, 1/2" wide, 0.025" thick, 14/18tpi
  • Perfect for cutting soft ferrous metal only
  • 14/18tpi is suitable for cutting thin pipe tube profiles etc, do not cut any non-ferrous metal like aluminum etc.
  • 14/18tpi is varied teeth profile, high quality welded joint

6. Mk Morse Zwep441418Mc Master Cobalt Portable Band Saw

Morse Master Cobalt Bi-Metal Portable Band Saw Blade 44 7/8 x 1/2 x .020 14/18 TPI 3/Box (001182 /...

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MK Morse ZWEP441418MC Master Cobalt is one of the best band saw blades that is suitable for all portable band saws. When it comes to cutting metal material, this accessory is one of the strongest band saw blades.

With high speed, pipe tubing will be cut at a glance. This blade is welded with an electron beam, which can last a long time. Like other great blades, this MK Morse ZWEP441418MC is heat resistant and fast-cutting blade.

MK Morse Master cobalt blade comes in various widths and layouts, but they all have consistent and lasting features.

It contains 8 TPI and a total of 24 TPI that enable easy and smooth heavy materials cutting tasks. It has angular, wavy, or normal teeth that allow you to complete as you wish.

The formula for this product requires a cobalt-soaked steel formulation to improve the longevity of each welding point. It also uses electron beams to reduce brittle air pockets.

This electron beam welding allows for an efficient rotation of blades during use. Others use band saw sharpener to sharpen this accessory.


  • Setting up rakes and waves
  • Easy to use
  • High-speed steel features
  • Shock and Heat blades resistant


  • Not compatible with a smaller saw

Our Verdict

MK Morse ZWEP441418MC blade is a durable, and high-quality accessory that is compatible with a various band saw. It is suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous materials. This blade lasts for a long time as it is welded with an electron beam.

Morse Master Cobalt Bi-Metal Portable Band Saw Blade 44 7/8 x 1/2 x .020 14/18 TPI 3/Box (001182 /...
  • Made in the USA
  • Shock resistant cutting edge for cutting any machinable metal
  • Variable tooth pitch for broader range of applications
  • Reduced vibration for improved cut finish and cutting fatigue

7. Milwaukee 48-39-0539 Compact Band Saw

Milwaukee 48-39-0539 Compact Band Saw Blade 35-3/8-Inch 24TPI, 3 Pack

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At just 0.020 inches long, this Milwaukee 48-39-0539 falls into the category of “compact blades.” Most craftsman dislikes this blade because of its fragility, but if you need a metal cutting blade that can be effectively applied on rusty materials, then Milwaukee 48-39-0539 is the right tool.

Your band saw will cut wood material 5/32 thick and metal materials up to 3/16 with 24 TPI blades which is a decent selection for both grades. This model still stands out for its hardware, which does an outstanding job on copper pipes, threaded rods, and angle iron.

Although this band saw blade is suitable and convenient for all artisans. Although, the blade is made to tackle hard ferrous materials and it is always recommended to a versatile craftsman and those who want to work with a lot of metal and wood as a valuable choice.


  • Built for wood- and metal cutting
  • Compact style blade for higher speed
  • 24 Teeth / Inch for easy thick material cutting
  • Suitable for rusty materials


  • Vulnerable to get broken easily
  • Not ideal for faster cutting

Our Verdict

Milwaukee 48-39-0539 is a strong and robust best band saw blade, that is suitable for rusty materials. This blade is made with versatile features that enable it to be ideal for both wood and metal cutting tasks.

Milwaukee 48-39-0539 Compact Band Saw Blade 35-3/8-Inch 24TPI, 3 Pack
  • Blade Dimensions 35-3/8" x 1/2" x .020"
  • TPI/Grit 24 TPI
  • Includes: (3) 24 TPI Standard / Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Blades

Buying Guide

It’s easy to pick a good saw blade when you know the main features you need to keep in mind and check. When selecting a blade for your band saw, it is important to consider the following features:

Teeth per Inch (TPI)

When you browse for the band saws, you’ll find that, and there are different band saw with different TPIs. TPI is a tool used to measure the tilt of a band saw. The higher the tilt, the cleaner the cut will be, and the more accurate the cut will be.

But the lower one, on the other hand, is more violent but offers a rough surface. In comparison, higher-slope blades are slightly slower than lower-slope own. And if your work needs accuracy and less handling, then the correct option is a higher blade.

Type of pitch and tooth pitch

On band saws, there are two types of pitches: variable, and constant. The variable inclination is where the tips of the blade have different depths and sizes. For quiet activity, it is more comfortable, as it has less vibration and noise.

Blade width

Both full and small blade is useful when needed. Thin blades have several dents per inch. That’s why curves are easily reached at the harder spot. While a full blade is also suitable for flat caps, veneer, thin sheets, toughness, flexural strength, heat resistance, and so on.

The wide blade is more versatile blades are the ideal alternative for narrow and complicated bends. Wider blades often have a lower tilt, whereas smaller blades are usually higher.

Blade Thickness

A band saw’s thickness depends on its width. Thinner blades have grains firmer, and vice versa. When cutting greenwood, a thicker notch is used, while thinner notch blades are used for special jobs such as cutting or pruning veneers.

However, shorter blades are usually thinner, whereas longer blades are thicker to improve stability. The cut is not an essential function unless you combine it with books or veneer where a thinner knife allows you to get more layers off the board.


Most blades are made of high-quality steel that can withstand strain, heat, and durability. Steel is almost the only material that can be thin and solid, and that can move through wood and metal without getting destroyed.

Professional blades should not split during use, and when cutting material, the teeth should not become darkened or fall out. The blades used at the end of the life cycle must be in good shape and sharp enough.

Sheets that are not resistant to heat will bend over time. This causes issues in the future when cutting ferrous materials with the blades.

Single blade packages are typically more durable in terms of quantity than packages that contain multiple packages. When you see foil packaging you know, it’s durable, and it’s going to last a long time. Generally, the blades which are part of the “value kit” don’t last long. Although some claim that real value buys several sheets at once, others think that a blade that can last for a long time is worth purchasing.


Bandsaw blades are made of a variety of materials including cemented carbide, high-speed steel (HSS), hard-wearing carbon steel (HCS), and bimetal. Reinforced steel blades and high-speed steel blades are the most popular and cheapest styles, but they don’t last long.

Bimetals are a middle-class option, whereas tungsten carbide blades combine reliability and toughness, but are more costly. Bimetallic sheet metal, which is a mixture of HSS and HCS, provides a balanced blend of reliability and value for money to reduce costs.

Tooth Geometry

Bandsaw blades are of different types of teeth. Hook, rake, hop, and Standard are the most common teeth. Most saw applications may use the teeth faster but leave a rough surface.

If you need more sophisticated materials, razors, regular or tightened blades are work well, but they’re slow as they also have a higher tilt. Angular tooth blades are ideally suited for a smooth surface, but due to the rigid carbon structure, they do not last long.


You should check the product warranty and delivery policies before approving the band saw blade process. Ask the seller about the money-back guarantee, in case the blade is not working as expected. Don’t buy any product without knowing more about the product details.

Final Words

Here is the end of this guide about the best band saw blades. We believe you know more about band saw blades now. Although there are many brands of band, saw blades worldwide but we limit ourselves to 7 great and versatile blades. We are happy to have analyzed one after the other. After reading the whole guide, we hope you get a clear idea of how to pick the right one from all the listed band saw blades.

There are several instances of how a band saw blades support craftsman doing their cutting activities. They are flexible, strong, and can be used in a wide range of applications. If you have ever used it, then you know how strong they are. Yet it can be challenging to find the right blade when you don’t know what to look for.

With this guide choosing a band saw blade is easy and convenient.