Air hawk Air Compressor Review 2024 Guide

Airhawk Pro Cordless

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Cordless portable air compressors are different from stationary ones. They differ in size, strength, and usage. The Air Hawk Pro is an excellent example of an amazing cordless air compressor. It is packed with unique features.

Throughout this article, we will explore this model to further identify its best and worst attributes.


The Air Hawk Pro Cordless Portable Air Compressor Review


This model has a small and compact design. It weighs only 8.2 ounces. It operates on a Lithium-Ion battery. You can practically take it with you anywhere, and it is very easy to store. You can put it in your garage, or if you are going to leave it in your car, then your glove compartment will be its home. It is suitable for inflating many things from a flat tire to different kinds of balls and children’s toys.


This product comes with a Lithium-Ion battery, a hose, a needle, a charger for the battery, and finally an 11.5-inch cord charger for the battery, but it is for your car as you can plug it into your car’s battery port. The process of setting this model up is straightforward. All you have to do is to charge the battery for three hours by connecting it to an electrical output. After that, you will need to connect the battery to the underside of the compressor by quickly pushing it. You will connect the hose to the front of the compressor and finally attach the needle to the compressor, and you are good to go.



This product is packed with great features. You can store all of the components on the compressor itself. On top of the compressor, there is a special place where you can insert the hose. Below the handle is a red part that has a place where you can put your needles to avoid losing them. Also below the hose lies an LED light, which is an excellent addition in case you ever have to work in the dark.

Since inflating a flat tire requires a different needle than the one needed to inflate a basketball, the Air Hawk Pro air compressor comes with three different types of needles. Each is best suited to inflate a specific product, such as inflating a car’s tire, a bike’s tire, and even pool floats.

The product’s back contains a blue LED screen with three buttons below it. This screen shows the amount of PSI (pressure per inch) that you chose, while the three buttons are for turning the unit on and off, and the other two buttons increase and decrease the PSI.

This model is powerful; it can inflate a completely flat tire in under ten minutes. Moreover, when it comes to toys and inflatable balls, it can fill them up in mere seconds.


PSI Gauge

One of the drawbacks of this product is that it does not stop at the PSI that you require (despite the company stating that it does). Therefore you are required to check the LED screen continually. You are also required to use a different gauge to check the PSI as sometimes it may be a bit higher or lower than what you require.


The Air Hawk Pro is not a quiet air compressor. This small guy produces a loud noise. During its usage, this model will generate loud noises that might bother your family or your neighbors.


All of these fantastic features come with a great price; in short, you will acquire excellent value for the small price of 56.90$.


  • Portable
  • Small Size
  • Strong Battery
  • Very Quick Inflations


  • LED Gauge Shows Wrong PSI
  • Noisy


Final Thoughts

Finally, we can conclude that this a perfect air compressor on the go, meaning that it is best tailored for small tasks. It offers fantastic features and various accessories. It is lightweight, very portable, and exceptionally well-designed.
Therefore, if you are in the market for a cordless air compressor, then the Air Hawk Pro is the model of your dreams.