Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Review

Central Pneumatic 21 Gallon

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Are you searching for an air compressor to power up your tool? Then look no further as the Central Pneumatic 21 gallon air compressor is what you have been searching for. It is very efficient and can power almost any tool.

Throughout this article, we will further explore this machine to identify its best and worst attributes.


The Central Pneumatic 21-Gallon Air Compressor Review


This model has a slim and compact design. It is designed to be a vertical compressor to save space. It is also very portable as it has two wheels and a handle that will enable you to move it from one place to another. The product’s height is 42 inches, and it weighs 89.61 pounds, but as we stated before, it is very portable due to the presence of both the wheels and the handle.

Set up

The set-up process for this model is straightforward. There are only three parts that you will need to install manually, which are the handle, the wheels, and the muffler for the air filter. The rest of it comes ready to use

One thing that you need to take care of is that this model requires oil. The company went to great lengths to demonstrate this fact as it is written in multiple places, such as the box. The exact amount of oil would be stated in the manual.

The exact amount should be in the middle of the red circular dot, which is located inside the oil sight glass. You should always fill your air compressor with new oil to maintain its efficiency and avoid any damage that might result from adding too much oil or having less than required.


This model is packed with features that significantly increase its value. It comes with a strong motor that provides 2.5HP (horsepower) as well as 125 PSI. This means that this air compressor is suited to do both minor and major tasks. You can use it to either inflate a basketball or a football, inflate a flat tire, inflate an inflatable pool, and of course, operate all your tools.

This model is built to last. It is made from the best and most durable materials. The oil-based cooling mechanism prevents the pump and the motor from overheating, thus granting you an extended lifetime.

This product runs on 120Volts, meaning that it can be plugged into almost any electrical outlet be it in your garage or in your workshop.


Rubber Foot Stabilizers

This is a fantastic addition to this model. They have two significant advantages.

The first being that the rubber foot stabilizers work by preventing the air compressor from vibrating too much and thus keeping all the inner components intact and preventing damage over long periods.

Sometimes projects might be hindered due to some parts being ruined due to the machine’s strong vibrations.

But the rubber foot stabilizers save you time as sometimes projects might be hindered due to some parts being ruined due to the machine’s strong vibrations. They also save you money as parts will stay intact and in perfect shape for a longer time.

The other advantage is that with lower vibrations comes a lower noise. Thus this model is quieter than others during usage.


Replacing Parts

In the case that any of the Central Pneumatic 21 gallon air compressor interior or exterior parts get ruined, damaged, or lost (which rarely happens), replacing these parts is relatively straightforward. They are available in almost every shop that sells power tools. They are also cheap and easy to install.

Value for Price

One of the best things about this model is its price. It comes at 189.99$. This makes it one of the best-priced air compressors on the market today relative to the fantastic and multiple features that it provides.


  • Portable
  • Rubber Foot Stabilizers
  •  Strong Motor


  •   A bit heavy

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is safe to say that this is one of the best 21-gallon air compressors on the market. It packs all the features that you might dream of. It has a powerful motor, is very durable, portable, and does not generate a lot of noise.

Therefore, if you are ever in a jam about which air compressor to buy, then the Central Pneumatic 21 gallon air compressor is your answer.