Porter Cable C2002 Review 2024 Guide

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Are you in the market for a durable and portable air compressor?
Then the Porter Cable C2002 is the answer that you have always wanted. This model is a perfect blend of all the best traits of Air Compressors.

Throughout this article, we will fully delve into this model and dissect its pieces to determine its best and worst qualities.


The Porter Cable C2002 Review

Porter-Cable C2002


This model is designed in a pancake shape, which means that the tank is round-shaped. This makes the tank larger and capable of storing a maximum of 150 PSI. There is also a dual hose outlet present, which makes it easier to connect multiple tools to the Compressor at different times without facing any trouble operating them.

A handle is placed above the tank, and this makes it a lot easier for the Compressor to be carried around and moved from one place to another.


This model is powerful relative to its small size. The reason for its strength is its 120V motor. This motor provides extreme power to the machine making it extremely useful in a wide array of uses.

The uses range from simply blowing a flat tire to using it to operate nail guns. Based on its ability, it can be even used to inflate inflatable pools.



This product is one of the most durable in the market. It is the perfect blend for both professional and amateur users. However, it needs time to cool down between multiple uses.

You can use it for a whole hour, but you will have to give it a fifteen-minute break. If you follow this pattern of fifteen-minute breaks for every hour of work, then the Porter Cable C2002 will last for many years.


This product even if some people might consider it to be heavy as it weighs 31.3 pounds is somewhat heavy; it is one of the easiest air compressors to move around.


The overall quality of this item is astonishing, as the company took extreme measures to assure that this product will last for years if maintained correctly. However, some users complained about certain parts inside this Air compressor.

The most talked-about part is the release valve or the bleeder, which seems to be very fragile. You have to keep an eye on it, and if you start to notice any leaks, then it is usually not functioning optimally and needs to be quickly changed to avoid any damage to other parts.



When it comes to Air Compressors, most of them are noisy, but this model is a bit quieter than others. It still produces some noise during its operation but not the kind of noise that you might mind.


This particular model comes equipped with some accessories. One of these accessories is the hose, which, despite its shortness, has good quality. The other accessories will not satisfy professional users. So if you are an expert, then you will have to purchase your accessories.


Draining any Air Compressor is an essential step to maintain its efficiency. Regarding this specific Air Compressor (The Porter Cable C2002), They are simple steps. To drain it, we will follow these easy steps: turn it down to 20 PSI, open the release valve, and move the unit towards the valve.

Following these steps will allow any condensed air or any residue to be blown out of the machine making it more efficient and increasing its lifetime.


  • Multiple Uses
  • Easy to move around
  • 90-day return policy
  • Dual hose outlet


  • Some parts might get ruined
  • Accessories not suitable for professional use


Final Thoughts

The Porter Cable C2002 is an excellent piece of machinery that is suitable to be used by practically anyone. It is very portable despite its somewhat heavyweight. Its strong motor enables you to work on many tasks.

This product, despite it somewhat being a bit heavy, has excellent uses, and is the perfect blend of multiple services and uses provided with excellent portability.

It is also one of the best-priced Air Compressors in the market. Therefore this product will provide you with the best solution for all your air compressor requirements.