5 Best Saw For Cutting Tree Branches 2020 Buyer’s Guide

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We have created this guide to help you purchased a good saw for cutting tree branches. Learn all the details you need to consider before you buy the saw. A good saw suitable for cutting tree branches must be durable, hard, and always has sharp teeth. It will also be made of carbon steel of high quality which guarantees its rigidity, even if it needs some flexibility.

There are several good saws for garden cutting projects. Which one is best for you depends on your budget and preference. We’ve compiled this saw purchasing guide to help you choose the right one for your job.

The best hand saw should have an ergonomic build and feel light and comfortable to use. Look for a short sharp blade for easy access. Let start the review with a comparison table of our 5 best saw for cutting tree branches.

Our Favorite Picks



Check Price 5.59 Ibs 4.1
Corona RazorTOOTH

Corona RazorTOOTH

Check Price 12.8 Ibs 4.8
Silky Zubat

Silky Zubat

Check Price 9.6 Ibs 4.9
Folding Hand Saw

Folding Hand Saw

Check Price 10 Ibs 4.5
Silky Pocketboy

Silky Pocketboy

Check Price 5.6 Ibs 4.4

The 5 Best Corded Reciprocating Saw

1. Black+Decker – Best Electric Saw For Cutting Trees

Black+Decker - Best Electric Saw For Cutting Trees

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BLACK+DECKER is an internationally renowned and excellently reputable organization. Overall, it is known for its cleaning equipment, garden tools, and especially power tools. This explains why this list contains the Black + Decker PHS550B.

This PHS550B is a beautiful little electronic saw personally. With 120 volts and 3.4 amp, this enables the saw to deliver 4,600 SPMs which make the tool to be versatile and allows it to cut wood and metal with its large cutting blade. It cables of 6 ft. long makes it very flexible. The patented free-tool blade change features make blade changing easy. Also, you can quickly remove the blade brakes without any problems. This saw is lightweight and compact in design. It also has a 2 year manufacturer warranty. Also, this saw is suitable for cutting small and medium trees, but don’t go ahead and try the old oak, it’s going to break.


  • An ideal saw for straight cutting
  • Versatile and lightweight design
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cutting activities
  • Storage bag included
  • Fast and easy blades changes


  • 2 year limited warranty is not enough
  • It can rupture under heavy loads

Our Verdict

Although, this hand saw is not manual tools, unlike other saws. But if you want to speed up the workflow, it is quite clean and beneficial for both indoor and outdoor activities.

2. Corona RazorTOOTH – Best Saw For Cutting Small Trees

Corona RazorTOOTH - Best Saw For Cutting Small Trees

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Corona is one of the most popular suppliers of garden tools, and they always know what to bring to beautify the home garden. The folding pruning saw Corona RazorTOOTH is available with 3 different blade sizes so that you can find the right one for yourself.

It is usually used for agriculture activities and saves a considerable amount of time from cutting. The blade can cut in 5 – 6 diameter with 10 inches blade, which is more than most products in the same price range.

This saw has safety features of easy to latch blade which guide against any accident when using the saw. The best thing about the Corona is it ergonomically design that makes the saw comfortable, and the grip is so good you don’t feel like you’ve worked for a long time.


  • Maximize cutting efficiency
  • Suitable for debris removal
  • Chrome-plated blade Materials
  • Comfortable handle with ergonomic materials.
  • Suitable for medium-large branches


  • No instructions on how to hacksaw the tool
  • Blade is not fully covered when closing the tool
  • Flimsy

Our Verdict

If you prefer a smooth cut of blades folded here, you’ll find this relatively convenient. It fabulous blade trimmer locks quickly, which helps if not used to prevent damage. And to ensure you used this saw for many years.

3. Silky Zubat – Best Saw For Cutting Branches

Silky Zubat - Best Saw For Cutting Branches

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The Silky Zubat hand saw is a Japanese professional pruning saw with a hard chrome blade curved to 13 inches. Many tree surgeons use silk saws which have long spoken “at work” about their consistency and reliability.

The blade has a full grip that makes it very comfortable to use (the part of the blade that goes into the formed rubber handle). These silk saws can be used by hand or placed on a Professional pole of Zubat, which adds a great deal of usefulness.

This saw is one of the sharpest gardening saws you can buy, so be very careful when handling the tool. This saw is best trimmed with a stroke.

The normal case made of solid polypropylene offers excellent safety protection and practical mode of transportation. The plastic eyes are incorporated into the sheath that connects it to the boot.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Sharp, impulsively firm, unregulated teeth.
  • Easy blade replacement
  • Comfortable handle with rubber, reducing vibrations.
  • 13-inch blade with 1.5mm thickness


  • Poorly sharp
  • Safety gloves are recommended
  • Costly.

Our Verdict

This curved silk saw forms part of a range of professional tools for cutting a tree. It has the versatility of being a dual hand, and pole saw.

If you are a qualified gardener or arborist, or if you have plenty of trees, shrubs, and bushes to deal with, it is worth it. Even home gardeners will love this saw, who appreciate the high-quality tools!

4. Folding Hand Saw – Best Tree Saw

Folding Hand Saw - Best Tree Saw

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If you’re a design enthusiast and want a hand saw to enable you to achieve the task, check out this hand saw on EverSaw.

As the name suggests, this is one of the best bending saws you can have on the market at the moment. So it can fit in your pocket, it’s not a long saw. This best saw for cutting tree branches could be your versatile saw for sewing or cutting limbs, plastic, or bones.

The hand saw has an efficient 8-inch blade for handling all the various types of materials. The saw does not have a curved blade, as opposed to the others on the list. It does have a straight edge instead. Hence cutting the bones under the meat is more convenient. If you go hunting it would be better to keep a saw in your backpack.

You’ll find Japanese style cut by pulling in the blades. The middle tooth blade may pierce thick wood, as well as other materials.


  • Versatile for various materials cutting
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Triple razor cut teeth
  • Convenient and easy to carry around
  • A pop-up button locking mechanism


  • Not suitable for branches that are thick to cut.
  • Blade materials are not rust resistant

Our Verdict

The EverSaw folding hand saw has a sharp 8 carbon steel straight blade. The blade’s teeth are quite sharp and can cut not only wood but also bone and PVC. More impressively, the teeth stay sharp in a variety of materials long after using the saw.

5. Silky Pocketboy – Best Saw To Cut Tree Limbs

Silky Pocketboy - Best Saw To Cut Tree Limbs

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Silky Pocket Boy folding saws have four different colors of various sizes for the dents. The saws are designed to cut during runtime. The blades are made of high SK4 steel cholesterol, which is very strong but also very flexible, which is very important in a hand sewing. The leaves are chrome-plated to protect against resin and rust.

The handles are made of a special rubber called GOM, and their holding is extremely comfortable. It provides an excellent grip, even when your hands are wet.

Everything can be replaced in silk saws. The Pocket Boy range has four dent sizes, and these blades can be interchanged with handles.

You can also get a medium replacement tooth which is perfect for wood and bamboo processing if you want this ideal saw for general and larger bone cutting.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Rust-resistant and hard chrome-plated features
  • Flip-lock carrying cases included
  • 2 open locking position
  • Non-slip rubberized handles


  • Not suitable for PVC
  • Carrying case is made of plastic
  • Flexible and Flimsy Blade

Our Verdict

Unlike many small saws, this saw focuses on cutting resistance and reliability in size, making it a great alternative for people who need saws that can keep up with other tools and implements that are more durable.

Buying Guide

When it comes to buying of saw for cutting tree branches, there is some crucial feature one need to consider before buying to any product.


Although some people usually ignore the budget as one of the buying features. Most people that quality should be a significant concern about which they are right. But there is a lot of costless tool with high performance, quality, and durable materials. With this budget, you’re an important role when buying any saw. So consider your budget and search for a quality and durable best saw for cutting tree branches.


The hand saw must be ergonomically designed: light tool weight, slip-free, and non-conductive handle.

Eventually, my muscles get tired, but a well-designed handle allows you to work harder than you would expect. The steel pipe design would boost not only the grip but the performance as well.


Another important feature one should not neglect blade sharpness. It will be the biggest problem. If your blade or knife is dull, cutting a branch of a tree will consume much time. The cutting work will also be a demanding and challenging task.


Tools to cut tree branches should usually be small and compact. And if you are not planning to cut a whole but only intend to cut the branches. Using a tree trunk will be impossible since the tree branches usually be a treetop.

The most common tools used for cutting branches from trees are pole and hand saws. Usually, they are lightweight, but you can test your weight to see whether it fits you or not before you lift them.


If your hand isn’t confident with the cutting tool, it’ll be hard to manage. Comfort is another essential feature to consider. If you feel at ease with the cutting tools, you’ll enjoy your work. Otherwise, that’s going to be frustrating. And more desirable are tools that have a firm and comfortable grip.

Another thing to keep in mind when you want to buy saw is maximum comfort. And what’s important is that. If you find your saw heavy, it’s going to be hard to work on especially at the treetop. So, a light saw must be chosen when choosing a wood saw.

Blade Quality

The blade determines how easily the tree can be cut. If the blade is not strong enough, you can discourage and might not proceed on the task again. Furthermore, after several uses on hardwood, a weak blade may break. Ideally, a hand saw should have the steel blades toughened. These are extremely powerful knives, sharp and uninfluenced by voltage settings.

Tension Adjuster

A hand saw should have a feature when it comes to stretching settings which allows you to adjust the blade tension comfortably. Contrary to popular belief, the use of a manual search at maximum stretching is not always required. Reducing the blade tension is a great decision.

Safety Features

Every hand tool is expected to have an exceptional grip. Without a stronghold, your hand will fall off the saw easily, and you can get hurt. Additionally, wrist protection should be given to prevent the saw from touching the hands if it slips.

The hand saw must be provided with a protective feature, aside from the good grip and joint protection. We appreciate all the sharp saw, but when we put them in storage space, we have to cover them completely.

It’s not uncommon for some people to have an accident cut merely because they’re looking for the saw in a non-shed light area. Hence it is essential to test the saw guide quality and whether it covers the leaves fully.

Blade Change Efficiency

While the reinforced steel blades are sturdy, if maintenance is not done properly, their overall sharpness may be compromised. A hand saw should, therefore, be conceived to replace rapid changes in the blade so that trees can be pruned in no time.

Blade Length

Hand saws have a variable length as with chainsaws. Small hand saws are about a 5 – 17-inch-long blade. This is an Ideal for cutting trees and other simple site maintenance activities, a hand saw can also be useful, especially in narrow areas.

On the other hand, they can have longer blades for larger hand saws. They are significantly more able to cut logs and trees in a relatively short time.

Final Words

You need to have the best saw for cutting tree branches to keep your garden tidy and free of weeds and shrubbery. It is complicated to work without an excellent tool.

If you are not knowledgeable about the garden clearing saw. You will need to learn from experience most preferably the expert gardener. But with this guide, you don’t need to seek any experience or expert opinion before you choose the right tool for yourself. It is best to check this guide when buying a saw for cutting tree branches.

Make sure your garden gets the best saw because the tool is one of the factors that will motivate you to start and having a deceitful garden. So get one and have fun gardening.