5 Best Jump Starter with Air Compressor 2021 Buyer’s Guide

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If you’re on the road a lot, whether for business or for road trips, having a good jump starter with an air compressor is the best way to rest assured that you won’t have to wait for help if your car’s battery dies on you.

This affordable, safe, and high-tech emergency device will get you back on the road in no time.

Not sure which one to get or what to look for when you’re shopping? I’ve got you covered. In this article, I’ll list the best jump starter with air compressor on the market and help you make up your mind as to which one to get.

Comparison Table

Air Compressor Price  Peak (Amps) PSI
Clore JNCAIR Check Price 1700 60
DEWALT DXAEPS2 Check Price 2800 120
STANLEY PPRH5 Check Price 1000 120
STANLEY J5C09 Check Price 1000 120
Rally 7471 Check Price N/A 260

The 5 Best Jump Starters with Air Compressor 

1. Clore Jump-N-Car JNCAIR


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The Jump-N-Car JNCAIR is a top-notch battery jump starter with an air compressor as it’s easy to use, has high quality, and great features.

The integrated PERFORMER battery quickly and efficiently starts the battery of your car, regardless of its power.
The Jump-N-Car JNCAIR produces a 60 PSI maximum pressure and has a peak amperage of 1700 amp –which is pretty great for its 15 x 13.5 x 6-inch size.

This is why it delivers energy to your car’s battery with efficiency and smoothness to fill up to 15 car tires in only 7 minutes.
Moreover, its construction gives it a huge advantage as it comes with durable cable wiring, industrial-grade valves, and heavy-duty clamps that enable it to handle tough tasks.

The Jump-N-Car JNCAIR comes with a built-in AC charger that automatically charges it and makes it ready for use whenever it’s needed.
To charge it, you simply have to plug in a standard extension cord and connect your device. You don’t have to worry about disconnecting it after it’s fully charged as when that happens, it simply stops charging.

However, it doesn’t have a reverse polarity warning, so you’ll have to double-check that the cables are properly connected.
The Jump-N-Car JNCAIR does come with an air compressor that has a 12-foot air hose. However, it needs to be around 6 inches of the battery connector to connect the clips as it has quite short jumpers.

Finally, there’s a built-in pressure gauge that gives you an insight into the condition of your vehicle’s tires.


  • Reliable performance
  • Reasonable price for the features
  • Durable cable wiring
  • Industrial valves and heavy-duty clamps
  • Integrated battery charger


  • Jumpers are a little short
  • Not the most powerful
  • No reverse polarity warning

Bottom Line:

Although the Jump-N-Car JNCAIR doesn’t work with the highest pressure levels on the market, it still has good peak amperage, an adequately compact size, and comes at a reasonable price for the features.



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The DEWALT DXAEPS2 is a very strong and reliable tool that works smoothly with any engine size.
With a 120 PSI maximum pressure and 2800 peak amperage, this working beast is the best jump starter you can get for trucks and large-sized cars.

Moreover, it comes with 3.1 amp USB connectors and an LCD display that allows you to monitor and control the charging process of the battery.

The DEWALT DXAEPS2 provides you with great safety with its LED indicator that acts as a light source on dark and dim-lit roads. It also has heavy metal clamps to make its performance stable.

However, this kit doesn’t come with its own power cord, so you’ll have to buy one separately. This adds cost to its price point –which is already the highest on the list.

It’s also not the most compact as it has a 19.5 x 12.5 x 11.5-inch footprint.


  • High-amplifying adapter
  • Air compressor produces 120 PSI
  • Lengthy and heavy metal clamps
  • Backlight and comfortable cover
  • Quick start of car batteries regardless of engine power
  • High-quality materials and reliable cables
  • Several extra helpful features


  • Takes up lots of space
  • Doesn’t come with a power cord

Bottom Line:

While it’s true that the DEWALT DXAEPS2 comes without an essential item –the power cord- and takes up considerable space, and is quite pricey, it’s the best option you have when it comes to jump-starting bigger engines of large cars, RVs, or trucks.



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If you want a jump starter with an air compressor that operates quickly and with no hassle, the STANLEY PPRH5 is a very good option.
This kit comes with everything you need, from the metal clamps to the 6-way cables. Not to mention, its 1000 peak amperage is quite reliable.

Moreover, the air compressor that comes with this unit can produce a maximum pressure of 120 PSI to inflate your vehicle’s tires as quickly as possible.

To keep you safe on darker roads, the STANLEY PPRH5 comes with bright LED lighting. On top of that, it’s equipped with reverse polarity alerts that notify you when you’ve set up an incorrect connection.

You can use this starter to charge different devices such as laptops, smartphones, and other electronics.
Simply connect with its 500 W power source, and you can charge devices up to 10 hours. You can charge using a standard household extension cord that’s bought separately.


  • Equipped with metal clamps
  • Long-lasting and reliable operation
  • Can be used to charge laptops and smartphones
  • Modern design


  • Heavy
  • User manual is a little hard to keep up with

Bottom Line:

The STANLEY PPRH5 comes at an average price and has average pressure and peak amperage to match. Although it’s not the most powerful, it’s still quite versatile and can be used to charge different devices.




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Looking for an effective lithium car battery jump starter with an air compressor? Check out the STANLEY J5C09.

Not only is it great for starting various car batteries, but it’s also good for trucks, motorcycles, and even running tractors!
Its 1000 peak amperage and 120 maximum pressure provide it with a high degree of versatility. You can use it to inflate car tires as well as bicycle ones.

It’s also equipped with an air pressure dial on the rear of the device and a pressure gauge.

There’s also a sensor that measures the pressure of the tire you’re inflating so that you finish the job optimally.

And to maximize its versatility, the STANLEY J5C09 is also capable of powering up your laptop, smartphone, or computer.

Moreover, its 13.5 x 11.2 x 8-inch footprint makes it quite portable and suitable for different environments.

And if you should stop in a dark or dim-lit area, you shouldn’t panic. The STANLEY J5C09 comes with a built-in LED light that provides suitable illumination despite the circumstances.

Furthermore, it comes with reverse polarity signals that warn you when you’ve set up the connection incorrectly.


  • Powerful
  • Easy to use with simple control
  • Reverse polarity alerts
  • Contains USB for charging different devices
  • Highly affordable


  • Air compressor hose is a little too short
  • The kit doesn’t come with an extension cord

Bottom Line:

The STANLEY J5C09 has impressive capabilities and functions. Whatever you want to do, this top-rated best jump starter with an air compressor will meet your needs thanks to its high versatility.


5. Rally 7471


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This jump starter is not your usual model as it uses a reliable old hand crank instead of a battery that could run dry.

A hand-operated like the Rally Portable 8-in-1 enables you to start a standard 12V battery regardless of the time or place.

You can recharge it using a standard 12V DC adapter, or by simply pulling the on-board handle generator.

However, you shouldn’t use your full force as it may be a little fragile.

It has a very compact design as it only measures 12.2 x 9.1 x 7 inches, yet it’s capable of producing up to 260 PSI.

This means that you can store lots of air under high pressure for extended periods of time to fill up larger tires.

As the air compressor uses the same battery as the starter, you can use the onboard pull handle to provide consistent power when the battery dries out.


  • Very compact and lightweight design
  • Affordable price
  • Can run with a dead battery thanks to the hand crank
  • High-pressure levels


  • Not the most durable
  • Substandard construction quality

Bottom Line:

This affordable unit also combines affordability and versatility. The Rally 7471 can still work without a battery, which makes it 100% reliable. However, it’s not the most powerful or durable, so it’s suitable for lighter-duty jobs.


How to Pick a Jump Starter with an Air Compressor?

When you’re shopping for a jump starter with an air compressor, there are a couple of things that you should take into consideration.

Power Output

When you’re choosing your jump starter, make sure that you get one with enough power to get your truck or your car started again.
But this part is a little tricky as there are different opinions on what one should look for.

Some people look for the peak amperage or the current that the device delivers. Others think to look for watts.

The former indicates the maximum amount of power that a jump starter can transfer to a dead battery. Most of the time, the peak amperage is what gets all the hype and makes it to the list of specs that manufacturers put on their labels.

Your jump starter will supply power to recharge your car’s battery and also provide power to the crankshaft to fire up your engine. That’s why it needs a lot of power.

And the higher the peak amp rating, the more powerful the jump starter is. This makes it more reliable to bring your battery back to life.
But the voltage also plays a role when it comes to judging how powerful the jump starter actually is.
For example, if you have two 12-volt jump starters, one with 500A and another with 1000A, the latter will have more electrical power compared to the former.

To know the right power output for your car, check the electrical section in the manufacturer’s manual. You should also check the specs on your battery.


A rule of thumb is that the bigger your power source, the more room there will be to store pressurized air to power your jump starter.

However, it also means that you’ll need more space to store it. So if you’re going to have your equipment in the trunk of your vehicle or under the truck bed, make sure you have enough space for it first.

While some jump starters can be around the size of a backpack, some can be as thin as a shoebox.


You can use your jump starter to charge various other items besides your car battery. These include personal electronic devices such as laptops or smartphones.

This is because some jump starters are equipped with USB chargers, 12V DC outlets, or even 120V AC outlets that provide the same power as a standard house outlet.

You can even find a jump starter with the ability to auto-detect the type of device plugged in and adjust the electrical current to match it as a means of reducing wear on your device’s battery.

Safety Features

Your jump starter needs to come with essential safety features such as short-circuit or over-current protection. This ensures your safety and prevents damage to either the car or the jump starter.

How to Use a Jump Starter with an Air Compressor?

  1. Before you use your jump starter, make sure you actually know how to. Read the instructions in the user manual very well and follow these general rules when jump-starting a car:
  2. Lift the hood of the car.
  3. Locate the battery. If it’s not readily visible in the main motor space, look for a red cylinder with a plus (+) sign.
  4. Make sure the power switch is off and remove the jump post caps. However, you can attach the jump starter directly to the battery if it’s in the main motor space.
  5. Attach the jump starter’s red alligator clip to the red battery terminal (+) or jump post and the black alligator clip to the black terminal –if applicable- or to an immobile metal part of your car’s chassis. Make sure that part is not close to the battery but still around the jump starter.
  6. Turn the jump starter on. But make sure your face away from the unit when you’re turning it on to avoid any possible safety hazards.
  7. Make sure the jump pack and the cable are in a safe position that doesn’t get in the way of any moving components within the vehicle. Then, start the ignition of the car. If it does, you can begin disconnecting your jump starter, but make sure you begin with the negative clamp before the positive one.
  8. If, however, the vehicle doesn’t start, turn the jump starter off and repeat the entire process again. Make sure you give the jump starter enough time to cool down before you attempt another time.

Final Thoughts

Still not sure which of the products on the list is the best jump starter with an air compressor for you?

Here’s the simple answer. If you’re looking for the most powerful and efficient product, go for the DEWALT DXAEPS2. Although it’s pricey, it’s definitely worth the money. It also takes up some space. But then again, you’re probably buying it for a big car as it’s capable of inflating tires and powering up batteries of larger models.

On the other hand, you could be looking for something budget-friendly, and that doesn’t break the bank. I’d recommend the STANLEY J5C09. It comes at a very low price point, yet it has ample amperage and pressure.

Finally, go for the Clore JNCAIR if you’re looking for a mid-level price with high amperage. However, don’t expect a lot of pressure or the most compact footprint.