7 Best Hand Saw For Cutting Wood 2021 Buyer’s Guide

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It is important to note that having a good hand saw for cutting wood is ideal for getting various woodwork and garden cleaning done. A handsaw is an excellent tool for prune small and medium trees. You don’t want to annoy the neighbors while doing little cutting jobs with a chainsaw. Using a hand saw can offer many advantages. The tool is lightweight, robust, cheap, and easy to store.

Hand saws are designed for various woodworking operations. This is commonly used in woodcutting and small joinery. The aspects such as size, functionality, and other pros and cons of using the hand saw.

Below are 7 best hand saw for cutting wood that is user-friendly and does not take too much effort. To better understand, let’s take a look at some buying tips and reviews.

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Stanley 20-045


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WilFiks 16


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Shark Corp


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GreatNeck N2610


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Vaughan BS240P


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The 7 Best Hand Saw For Cutting Wood

1. Black+Decker Electric Hand Saw

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BLACK+DECKER is the only model that is not manual, but electric firepower saw on this list. This hand saw is durable for various cutting materials such as wood, metal, aluminum, and other materials. There is no need to worry anymore as this can cut through the above mention materials without any difficulty.

Though this hand saw is suitable for cutting thicker metal materials but slightly thicker metal materials can be cut perfectly and efficiently.

Wood is easy to hack since it is electrical. It is very useful when cutting wood; in fact, it is one the best hand saw for cutting wood although it can cut metal as well. Trimming tree branches with this will be slow; this is because the saw is heavy. And they can brush even thicker branches and trees without any problems. Please note that we are talking about a hand saw not a chainsaw. This means you will still have to move it back and forth before getting your desire result. Yet it’s much more comfortable.

It is user friendly. Only click the pushbutton. Then the tool will get your job done easily and efficiently. And because it’s electrical, it works well for people who don’t seem to have the power to use an aggressively average hand saw. No physical exertion is required. You do not place too much pressure on yourself. It should only be transmitted by light pressure via most material.

Although the process is easy, the saw was sold bare tool off which you are the one that assembles it. Yeah, the saw needs installation and is complicated a little bit. The assembly of the knife had proven the most difficult. Slightly difficult to secure is the locking plug which secures the saw blade in place. This might take some time.

Nearly anything can be cut thanks to its electrical construction, and if the knives wear out, you can get simple replacements for a few dollars. And exchanges should not be the same sort of thing.

Another great thing about this hand saw is that you can get a preferred teeth size you want. This allows you to configure the system as you wish.


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor task
  • Compact, Lightweight design
  • Powerful with 3.4A
  • Storage bag easily mobility included
  • Maneuverability and Easy to use features


  • Non guided instruction
  • Not suitable for a large project

Our Verdict

BLACK+DECKER’S is a great and powerful hand saw that allow woodworker/ DIYer lover to cut various wood materials easily. This tool is power with electricity, and it features a patented tool-free blade for easy and smooth blade changing. This saw is bestowed with 2 year limited warranty, large blade capacity, and a metal cutting blade with a storage bag.


2. Stanley 20-045 15-Inch Fat Max Hand Saw

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Stanley 20-045 is an excellent hand saw that is suitable for various cutting activities. This 15-inch fat max hand saw built with 15 percent thick and acceptably abrupt and durable teeth, It can be engaged in drilling back the clipping edge as 450or 900 end.

Using the invention of this Sharptooth saw, you can cut accurately like tree trunks faster than most ordinary saws. It is greatly versatile, efficient, and based on efficiency and class elite.

Adopting this tool to execute your project will make it more easy and convenient. Its lightweight and adaptable design make it suitable for skilled and non-specialized woodworkers.


  • Ergonomic grip and quick cuts
  • Sharptooth Saw Technology
  • Induction hardened teeth
  • 15-inch blade, 8 TPI/9 PPI


  • Large saw teeth
  • Not suitable for cutting firewood

Our Verdict

For years Stanley has been making premium devices. A further example of how reliable and useful devices are is the hand saw we discussed above. These are constructed of durable materials with double material handles, thereby increasing the tool’s comfort and precision. As for the quality, you’ll certainly like the value for money.


3. Wilfiks 16″ Pro Hand Saw

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Either you’re an entrepreneur, a carpenter, or just a woodworking hobby, it doesn’t matter; the WilFik professional hand saw is an excellent tool with it a versatility that will always simplify your woodworking project or needs. This tool is made with a 16-inch strong (but flexible) blade. It is versatile and durable for various processes such as cut pipes, boards, mortars, plywood, drywall, etc.

If you’ve used other hand saws before, already you will know how basic ergonomic design is. Take it and press it. If the handle design is awful, your hands will be paining you. And with this hand saw with a non-slip handle you have nothing to fear about. It doesn’t matter whether your hands are too big or small; it is correctly designed to suit everyone.

Teeth typically remain sharp longer than average as they are hardened by induction. The cut is smooth and accurate, and not only does it look nice, but they are also quick. It has three different cutting teeth of varying lengths to allow quicker and better cutting. Besides, it has a box in which you keep the blade safely while not in use.

The blade is made of 9 TPI carbon steel. The material is flexible enough but sturdy enough to move through hard materials. However, consumers have additional power-when cutting hard materials, and they won’t break in various directions.

This best hand tool for cutting wood weighs just 13.6 Ibs in terms of weight, which means it won’t be causing pain or pressure on your hand.


  • Three cutting surfaces to cut up to 50% faster
  • Excellent construction with Ergonomic design
  • Quick cutting feature and Thick body blade
  • The saw blade made of 9 TPI carbon steel materials
  • Anti-Slip super grip handle


  • Not suitable for 16 inch stump
  • Not ideal for camping firewood cutting
  • Its blade is not replaceable

Our Verdict

This WilFiks hand saw is a great tool that can be operated by almost everybody, irrespective of either you are a professional, beginner, or DIY lover. It is a perfect hand saw made for everyone with high quality and durable materials.


4. Irwin Tools Universal Handsaw

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This universal hand saw made by IRWIN Tools is an excellent hand saw of medium scale, with very straight teeth and attractive prices.

This saw is an excellent 15-inch hand saw, with a reasonably long blade, which makes it a decent choice for medium to large jobs. There are three precision ground teeth in this hand saw that could be used to cut several times, and it faster than any other hand saw tool. A special cone on the blade, like sharp teeth, allows for excellent precision, this cone also helps to increase cutting clearance.

Thanks to its sharpness, reliability, comfort, and flexibility it can be the top pick on our list if we choose based on the universal this hand saw IRWIN Tools.


  • Comfort grip made from high-density resin and molded
  • Triple ground teeth
  • Thick body hand saw blade.
  • High-resistance degree
  • Flexible, versatile, and durable tool


  • Costlier than the rest.
  • Heavy a little bit

Our Verdict

IRWIN universal handsaw is built with high quality and unique handle-to-blade design and triple ground teeth to execute various wood tasking.

This is 3 times faster compared to a traditional hand saw tool, irrespective of how powerful/durable such materials are, this high demand Jobsite is specially made to them.


5. Shark Corp 10-2312 12-Inch

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This wood saw Shark Corp 10-2312 12 inch differs from the other products we reviewed with its exclusive pistol grip design. You will feel comfortable when handling this hand saw though it’s different from other saws we’ve been analyzing before. With this hand saw you would find the tougher material cut easily. It has 14 TPIs which need cleaner edges for smooth inserts. For added strength and durability, the blade is made of high-strength spring steel.

With its 12 inches blade, it is longer than some other products in this review. This gives you superb control, where accuracy is essential. It is lightweight as it weighs 8 Ibs and a flexible blade for flush cutting. It has easy and smooth blade replacement features, in contrast to many hand saws. It should be remembered that this is merely an instrument for wood and softer materials. Combined with its grip, it is lightweight, which makes it windy to carry with minimal risk of joint fatigue.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Great tool for all wood and plastic materials
  • Easy blade replacement features
  • 12 inches blade with 14 teeth per inch


  • A year limited warranty
  • Only suitable for wood and softer materials

Our Verdict

This excellent hand saw is suitable for the various woodworking project. Shark Corp 10-2312 is a unique asset for camper and gardener as it is useful for multiple camping and garden activities. With its firm grip and compact dimensions, it can tackle both wood and plastic materials.


6. GreatNeck N2610 Cut Hand Saw

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The GreatNeck N2610 is another extremely common, high-end, high-quality saw, ideal for several applications, so this is the perfect option if you are working with very solid materials. It 26 inches with a 10 TPI cross-cut hand saw.

What we will talk about first is its blade. With 26-inch mitering, the saw is really great and useful to reached and cutter thicker wood materials; professionals swear that this thing is tested and encouraged by bidding. Most importantly, it is made of high carbon steel that is not only highly durable but very sharp as well.

But just because it is ideal for deep cuts doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make more beautiful cuts. It will take longer, but it is also good to know that you are buying a saw that can do it all.

Only the absence of an ergonomic handle seems to be the only problem. If this right word is encouraged to link with every purchase of building equipment, it also excuses performance comfort. And this hand saw through leading among other hand saws.


  • Built of carbon steel blade
  • Comfortable grip design with durable materials
  • Ideal for hardwood cuttings.
  • Dark wood handle, with atmospheric resistance
  • Exact cutting features with Limited lifetime warranty


  • It handles was design with polyurethane materials
  • Terrible tote

Our Verdict

Either you’re building from scratch, or you want to repair any of your wood items, and you need a high hand saw that would simplify the project process, then GreatNeck is the answer. This hand saw is made with high quality and durable materials that were crated from high carbon steel for longevity and strength.


7. Vaughan Bs240P Pull Stroke Hand-Saw

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Vaughan BS240P hand saw is made in Japan and is accurate and reliable like all other Japanese instruments. The tool is lightweight, and only weighs 8.2 ounces. We recommend this product for projects in home woodworking, or independent projects and gardening.

One advantage of this tool is it comes with a blade that is 0.022 inches thick. For most jobs, the blade is long enough; it is 8-3/8 inches long. However, the tool comes with a blade cover which is just a package and does not do much later to cover the blade.

Therefore, you must be careful not to cut yourself or others while using this tool. This is a one-handed hand saw which is also known as nokogiri in Japan. The saw reduces gait noticeably and is thought to give a smoother and narrower width. So with this tool, cutting has become more efficient and effective.

The tool comes with 17 TPIs that precisely do their job and leave fewer marks on the wood. Its notch can judge the accuracy of this tool; it leaves just 0.033 inches of cork or cutting width.

This saw has a total length of 16-1/2. The handle is similar to a knife, making it easier to grip because most of us have a knife built up.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Great tool for accurate cutting
  • The blade is 8-3/8 “long, and 0.022” thick
  • It comes with 17 dpi and leaves a small 0.033 inch


  • It is flimsy
  • Teeth protector not included

Our Verdict

Vaughan BS240P is a Japanese made hand saw, and this model is designed with an extra excellent blade style. With an easy and secure blade lock in the handle, as an operator, you will have full control of the tool. This is suitable for professionals and beginners with easy and quick disassembled for convenient toolbox storage.


Buying Guide

This is one of the most crucial section one need to check when purchasing any product. It is in this section key features one needs to consider will be stated and analyzed. So, without delay, let discuss key feature one should consider when buying the best hand saw for cutting wood.


The structure and construction of hand saw must be ergonomic; the must be compact in size, non-slip, and non-tending handle.

If you purchase, a hand saw with poor design. This will result in hand or muscle fatigue which is inevitably doing a long process of using the saw. But if you get a well built hand tool this will helps you to work extended and harder than you would think. Likewise, steel pipe design can boost not only grip but efficiency as well.

Blade Quality

The quality and unique hand saw blade plays a major when it comes to choosing and how simple the tool can be engaged to cut a tree if the blade materials are quality is poor or non-durable if will be discouraged doing the cutting process, without being able to do your job.

Furthermore, nonstrong blades can break after many hardwoods used.

Having toughened steel blades with your saw would be ideal. These are incredibly durable, sharp blades that have no tension adjustment effect.

Tension Adjuster

Irrespective of the saw design, all hand saw is expected to have adjustment features when it comes to tightening settings which helps you to adjust the knife tension easily.

Contrary to the views of many people, using the hand at full stress isn’t always necessary. It is sometimes perfect for reducing knife tension.

Safety Features

All hand tools are expected to be designed with a firm grip. With a well built and designed grip, it is possible for your hand to fall off the hand saw and injure you.

Furthermore, impact protection must be given to prevent the saw from touching any part of your body if it falls.

In addition to proper grip and impact protection, a protective coating should be provided for the handsaw.

We love all the sharp blades, but when we place them in storage space, we have to cover them up.

It’s not unusual for some people to get a smaller cut merely because they’ve been hunting in the dark for their cutting tool.

Hence it is essential to check the sheath quality and whether it covers the blade thoroughly.

Blade Change Efficiency

When choosing any hand saw one needs to be sure that the tool blade was made of reinforced solid steel materials. Also if proper care is not done correctly, their great sharpness may be compromised.

The hand saw should, therefore, be designed for its blade to be replaceable easily and quickly, so that at any time the trees can be cut again.

Blade longitude

The longitude of hand saws varies which depends on manufacture preference. Small hand saws are about 10 inches long.

They are excellent for felling trees and other simple yard maintenance tasks, and a hand saw can also be useful, particularly in narrow areas.

On the other side, they may have 30-inch blades for larger side saws. We are considerably more likely to cut logs and trees in a reasonably short period.

Final Words

Here we have come to the end of this review. 7 best hand saw for cutting wood was selected and prompt analysis, with their pros and cons, including our expert opinion on each of the chosen hand saw. After these 6 key features to consider when purchasing hand saw was also stated and analyzed. We’ve given you a couple of crucial factors you need to keep in mind to get the best handsaw for cutting wood you can never go wrong with, talking about its portability, ergonomic design, low cost, and much more.

Now is the time to commence cutting. Keep in mind that with this detailed guide, we are sure you can get the right hand saw. All you need to do is carefully read each of those items.