Dewalt Dwe7480 Review: 3 Reasons To Buy It

Dewalt Dwe7480 Review

The Dewalt dwe7480 is a fantastic tool that will make your life much easier. 

It has an ergonomic design, so you can work for hours without feeling fatigued.

The saw also comes with a battery and charger, which makes it easy to do small jobs anywhere in your house!

Dewalt Dwe7480 Review

Telescoping Fence Rails

The Dewalt dwe7480 is one of the most popular models because it comes with rack and pinion telescoping fence rails that allow you to easily adjust them.

This product also includes an LED work light, which illuminates your workspace so you can see what’s in front of you. 

The saw is designed with ergonomics in mind it’s lightweight enough to easily transport around and tough enough to withstand any challenge! 

This tool packs a lot of power into one compact device, giving it increased precision when cutting through wood or metal.

Impressive Motor Power 

The dwe7480 is designed for the toughest tasks, with a powerful 15 Amp motor.

This tool has been certified by an independent laboratory to deliver up to 33% more power and run time than their previous models, giving you increased precision when cutting through wood or metal.

It also includes E-Z view measurement markings that allow you to quickly measure your cuts without measuring equipment!

Weighing in at just 20 pounds this saw can be carried around easily making it perfect for home use as well as light commercial jobs (e.g., framing).

24” Wide Cutting Boards 

This saw has a great cutting surface, with 24” wide boards. 

This means you can cut wider pieces of wood without having to change your position or the board in any way!

The blades are also hardened steel and have been precision ground for incredible sharpness that will stay true even after hours of use.

Smooth Forward Facing Hand Crank 

The forward-facing crank is a really nice feature that allows you to easily control the speed of your cuts. You can keep it slow and steady for easy, accurate cutting, or make quick work by using higher speeds!

It also has an extra large loop handle which makes controlling the saw even easier.

Ergonomic Single-Hand Handle

It’s really easy to work with this saw because it has an ergonomic handle that allows for single-hand use. 

The design is very comfortable and gives you a good grip, making your cutting experience go smoothly.

You can also adjust the height of the blade without having to move or dismantle anything just twist a knob!

The lower handguard offers added safety and protection while using this tool as well.

Compact & Durable Design 

This design also offers some durability because the metal prevents high-impact forces from damaging your machine when accidentally dropped or during transport to job sites.

Onboard Storage System 

The onboard storage system is very well-thought-out and offers a lot of convenience for both the user and those around them.

This saw has plenty of power, providing you with up to 5000 RPMs for fast cutting speeds which are great when working on difficult materials like plywood or drywall.

It also comes equipped with an 18V battery that will last about 400 cuts per charge so that you can easily finish your project without recharging too often!

Hassle-Free Setup & Operation 

The saw is easy to set up and operate, which means that you don’t have the hassle of having to read through a lot of instructions just to get started.

This also includes an integrated dust collection system for efficient bagging when working in areas with little access or breathing room like the attic space.

It’s well-built with its durable body construction, making it able to handle tough situations without any problems!

Quick Safety Tips 

  • Read the instruction manual carefully before attempting to use your new saw
  • Always wear safety glasses when operating a power tool, and also keep limbs clear of the blade. Remember that even if you’re not in motion while using it, it could still kickback or cause injury!

If at any point during operation you feel like there is something wrong with either the machine or yourself then stop immediately.

 As long as you live by these rules, then this saw will be safe for all operations!


The Difference Between The Dw 745 And Dwe 7480?

No, the DW745 is an older model of this saw.

Where Are The Manufacturers Of This Specific Brand Based?

DEWALT is an American company that makes power tools and more, operating out of suburban St. Louis.

Does Dewalt 7480 Table Saw Include A Dust Bag?

No, but you do get a brush to help clean up.

Are There Other Models I Can Look At?

Yes! The DW7480 is an older model of this saw which might fit nicely into your budget if it’s lower than $450 USD. 

It also has fewer safety features than the 7470 so keep in mind what kind of cuts you’ll need before making a decision.

Will This Saw Cut A Plywood Sheet Up To 24 Inches Wide?

This table saw would not be able to do the job. This model can only handle boards that are up to 22 in width and 12-inch height. 

If you plan on cutting larger sheets, we recommend looking at models with more power or greater capacity for cuts!

Is There A Dust Bag Included?

No, but it does come with an adapter so you’re able to use your shop vac hose directly onto the blade housing hole which is very convenient!

Is This Saw Battery-Powered Or Electric?

No, it’s a standard 110V corded model.

It does have an automatic shut-off feature after the time you set for your work though which is really great no more worrying about burning out the motor and having to replace parts!

How Noisy Is This Table Saw?

This one has a pretty fair noise level when running on high so we recommend using ear protection while working with it. 

This includes not just wearing hearing protection but also eyewear too if possible in case the dust kicks up!

You can always purchase both separately at any hardware store as well since they’re fairly cheap items that are important to protect yourself from hazards like these.

Final Verdict

we’re really impressed with this table saw!

We love that it’s not too heavy but still offers a powerful motor, the price is great for what you get and we didn’t find anything about it to be overbearing in any way.

In fact, after testing out all of the features extensively they exceeded our expectations overall so if you’re looking for an affordable solution then we would recommend purchasing this one without hesitation.

If there are other models at similar prices which offer more or less of certain qualities then feel free to leave us feedback on your experience as well because we consider these reviews invaluable!