6 Best Hole Saw For Metal Guide 2021

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Are you searching for a reliable and good hole saw for metal set in the market? Are questions running through your head and leaving you confused?

These tools are cylindrical cups that have a toothed edge for slicing several sizes of holes in different materials. These devices have little to do with saws because they cut parts, ring in shape, and use drills to make clean and round holes in different forms. Based on our findings, we’ve gathered a full list of the best hole saw for metal available on the market these days.

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Bosch 25-Piece



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The 6 Best Hole Saw For Metal

1. Bosch Hdg11 – Hole Saw For Metal


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Bosch HDG11 is a newer hole cutting kit that provides maximum performance. This model includes an eleven-piece package offering a regular cutting experience for users. Compatible devices with the most suitable apps at your disposal to keep your purchases secure. This model notably offers wood, stainless steel, plastic, granite, ceramic, porcelain stoneware cuts. You can use it for concrete if you want to, but it’s not intended for that.

Bosch HDG11 offers interchangeable gazebos, which are relatively simple. And you’re inclined to obtain an ideal price standard work tool.

The teeth are variable and adjustable as needed. And you do most of the time need more useful cutting experience. The spindle has no grip, due to its excellent threadless construction.

Plus, you’ll not have to worry about oscillations with the positive locking system that comes with this best hole saw for metal. When cutting, it does not need to generate too much pressure and pace.

The integrated method includes cobalt at 8 percent. Therefore, to cope with higher temperature circumstances, the collection of crater saws will give the most excellent heat resistance, so you don’t have to worry about the loss of durability.


  • Available with a four-inch flute and a mighty six-inch neck.
  • The shorts should give you the full amount of fieldwork.
  • It will all be perfect, and most would arrive in the right cave.
  • The included suggestions are of high quality.
  • It cut greatly and easily.


  • Not tough on heavy tears.
  • You have to add a little of 3/4.

Our Verdict

The den cut package includes the best shark features which are so easy to install and uninstall that most other tub sets are short on time. These also guarantee optimum longevity in high-quality production processes—just 15 minutes. You can drill six holes or more with ease.


2. Dewalt – Best Hole Saw For Cutting Thick Metal


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This DEWALT has been built with extra-deep gullets, which may not be seen on many other labels. With DEWALT Hole Saw might cut more in-depth than you could get in different circumstances. This tool also built with reinforced reinforcement panels, ensuring that parts of the tool are not disappointing.

This doesn’t postulate other pieces of these saw tools might not fail you, though. This model is vulnerable to the problems of quality control, especially with the teeth. We also struggle to cut weaker items. Sometimes, when cutting wood, the teeth come off, which is inexcusable for a sawing hole. If you’re trying to hack through metal, you shouldn’t buy these saws. They’re also costly in comparison to the amount and price you receive. When you’re trying to cut through the softest woods, this package may be right for you, but otherwise, you’ll probably get a bad deal.


  • Extra-deep gullets
  • Reinforced backing plates


  • Costly
  • Not intended for metal
  • Quality control problems

Our Verdict

This DEWALT has extra-deep gullets, but it doesn’t cut very well and isn’t perfect for more delicate surfaces.


3. Greenlee – Hole Saw For Stainless Steel


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If you are a plumber looking for a hole saw kit that can easily cut through a stainless steel sink for faucet installation, this is one of the choices you can count on. The Teeth’s strengthened carbide material cut with great ease into stainless steel and other tough materials. The durable material also guarantees longevity, enabling you to buy the package with the peace of mind that it can fulfill your cutting needs for the next few years.

The collection includes 7 pieces in all, i.e., 5 cutter heads, arbor key, and hex key. The 5 cutter heads give a scale range of 7/8 inches to 2 inches. With this variety of sizes, expect the Greenlee – hole saw for stainless steel to still be handy for whatever project comes along. The unique arbor goes with cutters of all sizes, and the saw blades can be adjusted easily and quickly. All it takes to change the saw is a simple push of a button.


  •  It makes precise cuts.
  • The teeth do a swift job.
  • It has a push-button design.
  • It has an easy cutter head adjustment.


  • While worth every cent, it’s a little pricey.

Our Verdict

Greenlee hole saw for stainless steel, which performs best in chopping metal though it has setbacks when it facing deep gullets.


4. Milwaukee – Six Inch Hole Saw


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This Milwaukee product would suit the bill. Compared with other kits, it comes with a minimal range of saw sizes, which also restricts the available sizes. It is built with the patented “Ice Hardened” device from Milwaukee, but this kit’s limited size. This kit could be the right choice for DIY people looking to do a couple of easy projects around the house.

For those with more demanding needs for their hole saw kit, the small range would most likely create problems for you.


  • Saw life span is long
  • Precision-ground tooth style to speed cutting
  • Simple plug access


  • Scale in metric
  • A limited variety of scale choices
  • Suitable for only wood and soft plastic

Our Verdict

The Milwaukee – six-inch hole saw is one of the best kits you can find anywhere, and This is the best pick as it contains a lot of ice-hardened hole saws.


5. Bosch 25-Piece – Best Hole Saw Kit


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Bosch is the leader of the power tool industry! Over the years, they have been producing high-quality devices. This Bosch 25-Piece is among this company’s finest creations. It creates a perfect hole. This tool features a pilot bit and threadless nature which simplifies the mandrel with just a click and guards the mandrel of the tool against been jammed. Also, a positive lock system reduces wobble. The architecture of the tooth is a progressor that ensures that this saw works. It cuts faster than any other current model, and also lasts longer. Also, it provides precision and neat cutting efficiency.

This tool has a state-of-the-art teeth design. It has a reinforced shoulder that features an 8 percent cobalt alloy universal hole saw system and is fast and straightforward to change arbor.


  • It is cost-effective
  • Progressor tooth style
  • It is faster
  • It offers precision with clean cutting efficiency


  • It is not suitable to work with tougher materials

Our Verdict

The Bosch 25 is our best value choice, as it features a creative progressor teeth design and comes at a low price compared to the number of hole saws it includes.


6. Lenox – Best Carbide Tipped Hole Saw For Metal


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This 26-piece provides double the longevity of the regular sets. The pieces use state-of-the-art T3 technology that provides them with a lifetime of 1.5X longer than the previous LENOX hole saws. So, if you want a package that will represent you excellently year after year, this will be among the choices you need to consider in your shopping cart.

The increased thickness of the wall maximizes the strength of the pieces so you can quickly cut through the most robust materials. The Teeth designed makes it possible to penetrate easily. For the more effective cutting experience, the saws are 10 percent taller.

The speed slot’s staircase nature combines with the various leverage points to reduce the likelihood that plugs would get stuck in between the saws. The purposeful approach often means that the plug is removed right away. The pieces come with a box of storage, separated into slots. For easy storage and quick access, these compartments will hold all the items.


  • The cutter style is superb.
  • The latches are highly durable.
  • The collection is more lasting.


  • It would be safer if the arbors had a mechanism for the self-extraction.

Our Verdict

The LENOX – best carbide tipped hole saw for metal provides double the longevity of the regular sets. It is more lasting with a unique cutter style, but it does not have a self-extraction mechanism.


Spade Bit Vs Hole Saw What To Choose?

Let beginning with spade bits; It is also known as paddle bits by some people. It is cheaper than the hole saw, which is ideal for boring rough holes through even thick wood pieces.

Spade bits would cover the tiniest wood-boring needs. The smallest spade bits most time has the exact size of a regular wood drill bit. Spade bits can often be found in diameters of 1/4 to 1-1/2, which are called flat, boring bits (or variations on that).

However, Hole saws differ from the spade bits in a way that it cut a solid piece of material, rather than gradually chipping it away. It can be relatively fast as such, but can’t be used for partial holes. Instead, it can only be used in a filter for full drilling.

There are three simple designs for hole saws. Diamond grit tool saws are commonly used to tackle glass and masonry tasks. Bi-metal is used for metal, which is also used in wood applications. Carbide tipped hole cutters are best suited for wood cutting.

Unlike spade bits, hole-saws can not bore partial holes. Hole saws can easily get plugged with waste material when drilling a large hole.

Furthermore, hole saws are more flexible than spade bits as they come in larger sizes and in types that can be used for wood as well as metal and masonry.

Arbored Vs Non-Arbored Hole Saw Which One?

A hole saw, also known as a bur with its circular tool blade in the shape, the cycling groove of which creates a hole in the work without cutting the material of the core. Hole saws usually have a pilot drill bit at their middle that is not removable (arbor) to prevent the sawed teeth from walking. Thus Non-arbored hole saw is not fitted with a center drill to ensure a good cutter on the holder.

You will use the method to cut a disk without a center hole from a sheet of flat metal or wood. So, a hole saw with an arbor is preferable for an easy and smooth job, but the non-arbored hole saw is an advantage in terms of the size range.

How To Attach A Hole Saw To A Drill?

Attach the pilot drill to the spindle shaft-This is the pilot drill that attaches the hole saw to the drill, and this is usually used to supply the saw sets. That also provides an anchor to attach the miter saw to the drill securely. It matches the saw hole on one side and the shaft of the spindle in the cavity on the other. Make sure the pilot drill bit is appropriately attached to the spindle shaft when it is firmly in place.

Attach the drill to the pilot drill:- Drills are available in different sizes, 1 to 4 inches, etc. For the drilling activity, you have to choose the right size drill bit. Using threads on spindle shaft to attach the saw tip to the pilot drill. Screw the two together and make sure the screwdriver is secure.

Lock the hole saw:- Lock the hole saw using the mechanism mentioned after performing the preceding steps in this section. The drill is ready for use as soon as it is blocked.

Note: When attaching the drill to the hole saw, make sure that the drill is not connected to a power source.

How To Get Wood Out Of Hole Saw?

It used to be such a difficult thing to extract the wood plug from inside a hole saw, but this discovery can help many woodworkers and DIYers remove them easily. Mark the center point before boring your hole, and scribe the circle with a compass. Drive a screw about halfway between the center point and the diameter of the hole through the waste field. Select a screw about a centimeter longer than the thickness of the plate. Normally, bore the tool and unscrew the box using a pin to capture the screw. Just easy.

What To Consider While Buying A Hole Saw?

Buying the best hole saw for metal for your unique needs is essential to get the desired results. Therefore, you must do your homework well enough and remember the following points before you choose any:


Price, just like any other product, you will get what you’re paying for with a hole saw. This means the operating budget can decide what sort of saw you get. As such, matching your goals with your budget will ensure you get the right and quality tool.

Power Source

You can have the power option for both corded and battery operated sawing. It may be two different instances. If you are more likely to use the tool inside or outside your home, then maybe a corded tool would not be wrong at all. This would provide a constant supply of fuel, and also better speed.

However, if the case is to use the device outside the home, or maybe the one that can operate right out of your vehicle, then reach for the options that include cordless control. It would do well to have both in one too. Depending on the power capacity, the price will vary.

Drill Bits

These accessories were designed in various ranges in a hole saw the pack. Some may be smaller, but others may be larger. The longer a bit, the better it will be and the more comfortable it will be.

On the other hand, the shorter it is a bit, the more it will give stability. Of full convenience, though, if you need them for various purposes, you can select a package of multiple drill bit sizes.


The most crucial aspect is durability testing. The hardest ones would be a little costly because the elements or compounds used to produce the cutters are of high quality. So, think about saving a little more and getting a saw of decent quality.

The Size of The Hole Saws

The size of a saw hole depends on the task for which it will be used for. For a particular mission, therefore, if you want a saw, you can choose the exact size that suits the job. You may also pick a kit with the various hole saw sizes inside one package for greater flexibility, comfort, and performance.

Spare Part/Replacement

When you have a broken component by accident or the cutters don’t fulfill your needs, there needs to be a way to make a substitute. Ensure there is a facility where you will get the spare part of the required materials because it is crucial to protect the money you have spent.

The Product Material

Some hole saws are made of carbide bladed metal while others are tipped with diamonds. Types of the metallic hole saw are typically made from such hard materials as they are used for drilling into hard workpieces such as concrete.

In comparison, wood hole saws are made from lighter metals or titanium materials.

Final Words 

Our team recommends BOSCH HDG11 is the best hole saw for metal due to its maximum performance. This same model includes eleven-piece kits that enable smooth and easy cutting. It is also durable on wood, stainless steel, plastic, granite, ceramic, porcelain stoneware, including concrete with excellent and comfortable cuts.

We believe this write up and the factors to consider when you want to purchase an idea tools shed more light on those features that make saw tools an excellent hole device. You should be able to get the package that’s just right for you, armed with this experience.