7 Best Miter Saw Blade 2021 Buyer’s Guide

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Are you in need of a good miter saw blade, whether for a specific project, replacing the old one, or needing a sturdy own? Whatever the reason might be, the general objective is to get the best and most useful saw blade. There are several available miter saw blades in the market. Each of the blades designed and built with various materials, with different qualities.

The suitable miter blades are built with various features, tips, and sizes. You may have seen reviews of capable blades, but which ones are the best to buy? Today we’ll take a look at 7 blades made by some reputable manufacturers.

So, in this guide, the best miter saw blade will be review to save your time and as well as to assist you in picking the best saw.

Our Favorite Picks

Freud D12100X 100


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2.54 Ibs



Hitachi 725206 72


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1 Ibs



Makita A-93681


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1.75 Ibs



DEWALT Parent Title


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4.2 Ibs



Freud D1080X Diablo


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1.8 Ibs



Diabo by Freud D1060X


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1.7 Ibs



IRWIN 10-Inch Miter Saw


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1.25 Ibs



The 7 Best Miter Saw Blade

1. Freud D12100X 100

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The Freud D12100x saw blade is a quality tool for professional woodworker or hobbyist. Suppose you are planning on making clean and accurate and composite inserts woodcuts. These blades give excellent results when crosscutting and composite wood is torn and cut. It also speeds up the cutting process and makes accurate cuts.

The laser guide valves mounted on the blades are seen as an advantage. With this on-site equipment, you can be confident of using the saw for cutting without any vibration or noise. It also assists in reducing distortion and debris, which prolonging blade life.

The PermaShield coating feature is another major element. This feature is a non-stick strip, which gives both corrosion and heat resistance. This acts as the main blade’s guide; otherwise, the cutting durability of the blade could be shortened.

High-density TiCo Carbide quality material was used to build this saw blade is. This blade is primarily produced for cross cutting tasks. This type of blade is ideal for craftsmen or carpenters who are using miter saws for their projects with this aim.

Your cuts are exceptionally smooth and precise with a discreet cutout construction while maintaining waste material from the baseboards.

The blade is carefully crafted with stabilizing laser cutting technology, which does not produce vibrations or noise during operation. Don’t waste wood or materials.


  • Easily assembled with the machine
  • The blades are easy to handle.
  • Working accuracy is easy to maintain.
  • Suitable blade for the cross cutting task
  • Low noise and vibration


  • Non-durable blade teeth
  • Costly

Our Verdict

Freud D12100X 100 is the perfect accessories for the professional woodworker. This is a versatile blade that was primarily made for cross cutting tasks. For ease, precision, clean and accurate cutting, this best miter saw blade is an ideal accessory to achieve those features.

2. Hitachi 725206 72

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Hitachi 725206 72 is a quality miter accessory that was made with great materials with excellent features. This saw blade is made of carbide tungsten materials. This blade has 72 teeth and is built to make accurate and neat cuts.

This blade was designed with basic features to increase its durability for an extended period, and it’s made of tungsten carbide. Several cutting tasks up to 100, will be completed before the blade will get dull.

This sharp saw blade can be used for different cutting, such as straight or for decorative purposes. Bamboo, hardwood, softwood, veneer, and laminate can be cut with this blade easily. This blade has 0.098-inch notches that trigger super fine cuts.

The blade has 30 days manufacturer warranty. To avoid being at the disadvantage side, we suggest you use the blade regularly within 30 days to determine the blade’s status.

Apart from the short warranty duration, the saw is too slim to tackle substantial materials. You may note that it wobbles while holding this blade. It also gets warp when it is exposed to heat.


  • Has 72 tipped teeth
  • Long at 10 inch length
  • Made of carbide made from tungsten.
  • It can trim all sorts of trees.


  • Too slim
  • Not suitable substantial task
  • 30 day limited warranty duration.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a sharper, durable tip, then Hitachi 725206 with 72 teeth is the best pick. This blade is suitable for 10 inch miter saw, and with this blade of 3 metal, you will get optimal cutting performance at an angle.

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3. Makita A-93681

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The first thing you’ll notice about the Makita blade is the blade’s art design.

Makita preferred a mirror finish with 80 micro carbide granules on the A-93681 ground to granulation of 600. This produces a great finish on the blade.

The Makita A-93681 is best for ranges of materials both hard and softwood, and cross-sectional design excellence, and that’s precisely what you need a milling machine for.

This tool is one of the budget friendly on the market and is perfectly suitable for a 10 inch power tool.

The Makita has added several improvements to the A-93681 to make it as useful as possible. A slim groove design that offers a smooth cut will not strain your engine in this range like other slower blades.

The tool 80 teeth are great components that attract people. These teeth have an “Alternate Top and Alternate Face” feature, added solely to make the cut as accurate as possible.

Several users complain about the durability of this blade and the majority said it is not as robust as other available blades. You can get yourself hurt if care is not taking when using it. Note that this is 10-inch miter saw blade, which means you have to consider the size of your miter saw before purchasing this cutting accessory.


  • Suitable for fine crosscutting
  • Ideal for both hard and soft wood materials
  • Made of fully hardened materials
  • Great manufacturer warranty


  • Not suitable for heavy loads
  • The insert is too thin

Our Verdict

This Makita is one of the best accessories for a miter tool that was built with great features such as micro-grain carbide teeth that are hone with up to 600 grit for a mirror finish, alternative top, and alternative face tooth design for ultra precision cutting and Japanese ultra-thin kerf.

4. Dewalt Parent Title

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Dewalt is well for quality and high durable power tools. So, there is nothing to be concern about when it comes to great blades for a miter saw. This 12-inch Dewalt DW3128P5 blade set is very common because it can be used in various materials for simple, precise, and smooth cutting.

It can be used on a plate or plywood and softwood. This package is just a few boards. One comes with 80 teeth while others for extra small cuts and they have 32m tooth.

All the blades in this set are suitable for ripening. So you don’t need a lot of rotational power. This prevents you from ending with full sawdust doing and after work.

The knife tips are made of tungsten and cemented carbide, which ensures that they remain sharp longer, and you don’t need a new blade.

The blades also have a plate that the machine specifically positions, so there wouldn’t be any absorbs vibrations. This gives you an excellent finish on various cuts, and precision will not be affected.

Because of the wedge handle style, the blades have steel behind each knife tip. The knives are less likely to crack with so much steel behind the tips, and you’ll also get great accuracy.


  • Dual quality and durable blade
  • Thin kerf for quick and smooth cutting
  • Wedge shoulder design for high durability and accuracy
  • Anti-stick coating to minimize friction and gum-up


  • Non durable
  • Get dull quick

Our Verdict

This blade is an incredible asset, as it is suitable for professional woodworkers and DIYs. Also, the fact that this blade has little carbide, which makes the blade not to be sharpened for a long time.

5. Freud D1080X Diablo

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The ATB Freud D1080X 10-inch 80 T saw blade is made of durable micro-granular titanium carbide and is specifically designed as a saw blade with sufficient slots for optimum output.

It is specially designed to ventilate excess heat, prolong lifespan, and significantly reduce wart risk. It has Alternative Top Bevel (ATB 80 tooth design option), which ensures a smooth finish on-cut that does not need to be sharpened for firm and precise placement.

The laser cutting shaft of 5/8-inch ensures proper blade rotation at 7,000 RPM, thereby significantly reducing blade vibrations that can cause premature blade wear. There is a thermal expansion slot designed to allow the blade to expand for heat dissipation, and you’ll see how the Diablo D1080X ATB end saw blade is equipped for years of regular use. It comes with a lifetime warranty from Diablo Limited, which gives you the confidence you need when purchasing the foundry’s saw blades.


  • Easy, fast and precise cut
  • Made of the tough steel plate and high density carbide tips
  • Clean cutting design
  • Features stabilizer vents to reduce noise and vibration
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Leaves a rough edge
  • Thin kerf blade
  • Costly
  • Not for long usage
  • Not suitable for thick wood materials

Our Verdict

Freud D1080X is made of durable and high quality materials that enable the blade to cut various material but softwood, plywood others. Although this blade is not suitable for cutting hardwood materials with time, this blade can cut hardwood materials.

6. Diabo By Freud D1060X

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The Freud D1060X is designed for 10-inch angle saws and represents a major improvement on newer angle saws on most knife blades. It has 60 teeth, and it’s made of titanium carbide. Even the blade comes with a 3 metal weld.

All these features mean the tips are impact resistant, you get the caps to an excellent finish, and the blade lasts a long time.

It is outstanding against wear and holds the blade 4 times longer than thin carbide blades. The magazine comes with a lifetime warranty, which is minimal.

The blade is coated with a Perma-Shield non-stick, which makes it heat-resistant and reduces build-up as well. It comes with an incredibly thin laser cutting notch, so your cutting is smooth and super-fast, without ending up with a lot of material wasted.

This means you can also make excellent crosses even on hardwood materials with the ATB mark. You get a simple input that allows you to control the blade position easily, making it even more accurate when cutting.

It also contains holes for laser stabilization, which reduces vibrations during operation. This will give you greater control over the saw and will make you feel more comfortable. The holes in the vent, therefore, often minimize friction and rotation of the blade. Furthermore, these valves minimize noise too.

This is an excellent blade when you’re dealing with oak and melamine. This is an excellent asset for sensitive veneers and inserts for casting.


  • Offer Fast, durable, and clean cuts
  • Provide smooth and accurate cutting
  • Solid stainless steel plate
  • Versatile for both table and miter saw
  • Perma-SHIELD Non-stick coating protections


  • Not suitable for commercial work

Our Verdict

This is an excellent accessory worth buying for those usually dealing with wood, pine, and melamine. This means it can make a perfect cross-section of hard and soft materials, as it was with an ATB. Also, the blade position can be easily guided and controlled, which also increases the cutting precision.

7. Irwin 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade

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The miter saw blade made of IRWIN 180 T (11870) alloy steel high quality materials.

With this type of material, the blade is strong, durable, and high quality, it will durable than most people expected. It is 10 inches long which provides enough edges for woodworking.

Additionally, there are 180 strong accuracy ground teeth at the cutting edge that are easily broken through any wood material. And mild steel can be cut easily without producing a spark. This blade can resist wear and tear, thanks to high carbon steel materials.

This blade has a long life durable with a rugged board and a 5/8 inch shaft. Like other blades, this too has a thin kerf design. This is useful when making quick, accurate cuts.

Even the ultra-slim cutout design ensures simplicity power usage.


  • Suitable for the miter saw with high RPM
  • Fast and precision cutting for ranges materials
  • Perfect for cross section cutting
  • Made of high quality full hardened materials


  • Thin kerf design
  • Non specify warranty

Our Verdict

This blade is best for cutting tools one of the best accessories, you should get to execute different cutting projects. With a thin kerf design, this blade ensures fast and accurate cutting. Also, it is best for a miter saw with high RPMs.

Buying Guide

It has always been a difficult process when buying the best miter saw blade. Go on purchasing any power tools or accessories without good and well detailed info concerning the item you’re buying. You can buy an item that is not durable and quality. To assist you with the process of selecting a quality miter saw blade, we’ve taken our time to gathered key features needed to check before your miter saw blades.


There are numerous miter saw blade sizes on the market. When you’re buying your miter saw blade, the first feature needs to consider is the saw blade compatibility. You can’t fit a 12-inch blade into a 7.5- or 10-inch saw. So, you need to know the size of the blade before you buy a blade for your saw. 7.5 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches are typical blade sizes found on different saws. Find the accurate size of your before buying any blade for it.


The miter saw blade would cut various metals, such as different wood types, aluminum, and plywood. Various types of material blades are needed for smooth cutting according to the material of the component. We discovered from our research that a carbide blade could cut all types of wood and delicate materials. Hence, we suggest that you pick a blade with a carbide feature. This will allow for cutting almost any sort of material.

Tips Count

For all miter saw blade tips or teeth are essential. The circular blade’s edge has tips for the saw blade, which make up the saw blade. Different accessories are made with different materials; this usually determines their performance. So check the material you intend to cut with the blade you’re buying. Choose the blade of a saw according to your miter saw and the project you will need to execute. Great 7 miter saw blade had been review above. Cross check them and choose the best one for yourself project.


In general, the blade’s kerf is an important feature than any other features that you should check before buying any saw blade. The kerf defines the space rate blades that will be produced after cutting materials. The gap would become wider than the narrow one if your selected blade has a wider kerf. A fine kerf usually gives a cleaner cut than a thick kerf blade.


This is a personal preference, but it is essential to note it when buying any tool accessory. Although this is pre-planned features, it played a major role in doing the buying process. Once you have set your budget, this will help you choose a great blade within your purchasing capacity.

Construction content

Sharpener blades are made of various materials. Therefore, it is necessary to know the specific material used to make the blade. Most blades are made of steel, and they are considered to be costly because of their toughness. But they easily get bored too. Carbide blade materials are another robust alternative to steel blades, and much stronger.

Blade Size

Another essential factor about the size of the blade when it comes to saw blades. This refers to the blade thickness and length. If you want easy, clean cutting, choose a thin blade. But if you’re looking for one that can withstand heavy applications and will last a long time, then you should go for thick knives. In terms of thickness, depending on your requirements, you can select 5 to 12 inch blades.

Teeth Style

Also, blade style is a key factor when selecting a blade. You should choose a blade with fewer teeth and broader spacing for bigger cuts. In doing so, you must value the particular design of the teeth, not many. Straight teeth, for example, are known for being excellent for cutting wood. You need fuzzy teeth on the top or a mix of both if you want to make cuts and tears.

Hook Angle

Be careful about the angle of the blade hook when purchasing a blade. This refers to the angle between the edge of the dent and the blade middle. This is also known as list marking. If the blade has a right angle hook, it will be easy to grab work.

Type of Miter Saw

There are various forms of mitral saws, and as such, you need to know which one you own before you buy a blade. Some blades made to work with certain types of tools saw. This is a key feature to help you choose the correct blade.

Blade Thickness

Blade thickness plays a great role in the blade and saw performance. A thinner blade tends to cut more easily, while a thicker blade lasts a little longer.

Many brands do not define their blade thickness but describe cut width. This will appear on the blade as a notch and signify the width of the material extracted from the blade’s non-centric teeth.

Shaped Tooth

Tooth shape is another essential feature that should be noted and carefully checked before buying or choosing any blade. The teeth are designed to make decent cross cutting and tears.

ATB (Alternate Top Bevel) teeth are better for the miter tool since this model was designed for cross cutting tasks. Other tooth designs may work, but they leave rough output or may even damage the wood a bit.

Final Words

It is certain that you will always choose the best blade for your project after reading this review of the best miter saw blades for various cutting activities. Choosing the right blade for your saw will helps you to perform all your woodworking tasks with ease.

If you are someone that cut different such as hardwood, plywood, plastic, and other materials. You can now easily pick the suitable saw blade for all your unique tasks. Buying costly and high quality saw blades is often better than buying cheap and poor saw blades that will get dull easily.

Buying high quality saw blades like the Freud D12100X 100 avoids wear and requires no regular blade changes. All of the above saws are well built and will do their job as long as you use them correctly.