7 Best Hand Saw For Woodworking 2024 Buyer’s Guide

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Are you a DIY that needs a good hand saw for woodworking to last? Anyway, there are a lot of hands saw a device meant for the shop and garage, but the best one is difficult to find. With extra features and sharp teeth, we have gathered excellent hand saw tools, which can cut and penetrate through all kinds of wood.

Well, in this review, we will talk about various features you will see in the best hand that saw the device. Furthermore, the best among the selected tools will be identified with considerate factors that make to choose. We hope this review will assist you in selecting the right tools.

Let start this review with a comparison table of best hand saw for woodworking.

Our Favorite Picks

Model Price Weight Editor Rating
Ryoba 9-1/2

Ryoba 9-1/2' Double Edge Razor Saw for Hardwoods from Japan Woodworker 1.3mm Teeth Pitch

Check Current Price 7.8Ibs 4.6
Greatneck N2610

GreatNeck N2610 26 Inch 12 TPI Crosscut Saw, For Woodworking Hand Saw Set, Hand Saws for Trees,...

Check Current Price 1.7Ibs 4.7
Shark Corp

Shark Corp 10-2312 12-Inch Carpentry Saw

Check Current Price 8.8Ibs 4.7
Vaughan Bs240P

Vaughan BS240P Pull Stroke Handsaw

Check Current Price 11.2Ibs 4.4
Mossy Oak

MOSSY OAK 3 in 1 Folding Saw, Pruning Hand Saw with Wood, Metal and PVC Blade, Camping Saw for...

Check Current Price 13.8Ibs 4.5
Irwin Tools

IRWIN Tools Universal Handsaw, 15-Inch (1773465), Blue

Check Current Price 12.8Ibs 4.7
Stanley 15-334

STANLEY Hand Saw, 8-TPI, 15-Inch (15-334)

Check Current Price 11.2Ibs 4.5

The Seven Best Hand Saws For Woodworking

1. Ryoba 9-1/2 – Best Hand Saw For Cutting Logs

Ryoba 9-1/2' Double Edge Razor Saw for Hardwoods from Japan Woodworker 1.3mm Teeth Pitch

Check Current Price

The Ryoba 9 1/2 best hand saw for cutting logs has strong pulse teeth, which has an old design with modern mechanism techniques for creating an incredible tool.

This means that the Ryobas 9 1 1/2 is the best hand saw for woodworking. The best hand saw for cutting logs. These teeth last longer, are less likely to crack, and have a better edge than devices of similar nature that are more costly.

This model is only 7.8 ounces in weight, so it is much more substantial than other products, but still very light.

Moreover, it comes with a very long handle so that when a saw starts, you can use two hands to cut.

This tool is an excellent device for softwood, but it does not work well when tackle or use with sturdier materials. Nevertheless, this tool blends ancient and modernity that results in a significant overall image.


  • It’s got complex teeth.
  • It is not heavier that makes it easy to carry around.
  • It has a long handle to draw.


  • It is not suitable for hard materials.

Our Verdict

This beautifully crafted Ryoba hand saw can be used for several woodworking projects because of its double edge nature in abrasive or hardwood, e.g., in exotic hardwood, teak, oak, and maple. It gives your money great value.

Ryoba 9-1/2" Double Edge Razor Saw for Hardwoods from Japan Woodworker 1.3mm Teeth Pitch
  • Designed for cutting hard or abrasive woods such as maple, oak, teak and exotic hardwoods
  • Cross-cut teeth on one side and rip teeth on the other
  • Brochure detailing use is included with each saw
  • 9.4 inch blade with 1.3mm teeth pitch

2. Greatneck N2610 – Best Saw For Diy Projects

GreatNeck N2610 26 Inch 12 TPI Crosscut Saw, For Woodworking Hand Saw Set, Hand Saws for Trees,...

Check Current Price

The GreatNeck N2610 best saw for DIY projects is one of the best hand saws you could find on the online market when looking for a quality hand saw.

This is a hand saw you can rely on, thanks to its accurately built hardwood handle, that woodworker to engage many woodwork tasks.

The handsaw ensures accurate and accurate cutting as it comes with high-carbon steel blades that guarantee aggressive and red cuts and durability. Its hardwood handle is weatherproof and promotes durable use and performance.

This high-quality hand saw comes with sharp teeth that have the perfect ability to cut.


  • This tool was designed with an ideal aggressive dental model.
  • The value for money is excellent.
  • It is of high quality and robust.
  • It has been designed correctly.


  • It requires pre-use manual settings.
  • The knob is not as squared as you like.

Our Verdict

Another excellent choice for carpenters is the Great Neck bid. It is made of quality equipment at a fair rate, and the lifetime guarantee does not go wrong.

GreatNeck N2610 26 Inch 12 TPI Crosscut Saw, For Woodworking Hand Saw Set, Hand Saws for Trees,...
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: Because you can get so much work done with this hand saw, it needs to have a comfortable grip, so your hand...
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: You never have to worry about this cross cut saw breaking while you are on the job; The blade of this...
  • 12 TPI: Our tree hand saw has 12 teeth per inch; This specification makes this carpenter saw blade ideal for rougher and more...
  • VERSATILE: You will be able to complete many jobs with this hand saw for wood; This portable tree saw is ideal for cutting a...

3. Shark Corp – Black And Decker Hand Saw

Shark Corp 10-2312 12-Inch Carpentry Saw

Check Current Price

The Shark Corp black and decker hand saw are excellent hand tools for any kind of cutting work, both inside and outside of your environment. The shark corp black and decker hand saw are all about rip. The Shark Corp is capable of doing everything, whether it cut through untreated wood, laminated hardwood, finishing corners, tree roots, or carving through PVC or ABS plastic pipes.

This double-inch hand saw is made of a durable stainless steel blade with 14 TPI, which means that it quickly and smoothly cuts through every type of wood.

The plastic grip of the pistol-style allows you with an excellent grip for that much-required operator control, and this is most important if your hands get sweated on a hot day. If the blade is dull, it can be replaced, but it will last for years if you keep it sharp and oil. The unit is guaranteed for one year.


  • This is the perfect tool to cut wood and plastic that is unprocessed and treated.
  • The 14-pinch design enables smooth and quick cuts.
  • It has a balanced blade that has a natural flush cutting flexibility.
  • It can be used to cut all materials, including wood and plastic.
  • It has a flat blade with a year’s warranty.


  • It is not suitable for metal cutting.
  • It is not suitable for cutting slowly.
  • It is slow with hardwood.
  • It can be difficult to use the pistol-style handle.

Our Verdict

The Shark Corp Carpentry Saw is a beautiful and versatile hand saw designed to carve and cut indoors and outdoors for virtually all kinds of general trimming.

Shark Corp 10-2312 12-Inch Carpentry Saw
  • A great all around saw for every toolbox
  • Cuts all types of wood and does a wonderful job in PVC and ABS plastic pipe
  • 14 teeth-per-inch allow smooth, fast cuts
  • Smooth cuts in all wood and plastic material

4. Vaughan Bs240P – Cutting Plywood With Hand Saw


Vaughan BS240P Pull Stroke Handsaw

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Vaughan BS240P plywood cutter is a cheap, quality-friendly, spreading device. This excellent tool was made of Japanese stainless steel as well as 17 TPI blade features for easy and neat finishing.

The thin blade is used to pull pulses, while the user uses less strength. The triangular teeth are pulses hardened for the longest time to retain sharpness. The screw can be conveniently removed and stored easily.


  • It’s economical.
  • The finishing is 17 TPI.
  • It needs less force to pull strokes.
  • It is durable with a long time sharpness.


  • It has no warranty.

Our Verdict

Vaughan BS240P Plywood Cutting Hand Saw is produced in your exactly needed to tackle all your woodworking. The only reversal is that there is no guarantee in this model.

Vaughan BS240P Pull Stroke Handsaw
  • This item is Vaughan BS240P pull stroke handsaw
  • Used for hand tools & tool Organizers, handsaws
  • The product is manufactured in Japan
  • 17 tpi

5. Mossy Oak – Small Wood Saw

MOSSY OAK 3 in 1 Folding Saw, Pruning Hand Saw with Wood, Metal and PVC Blade, Camping Saw for...

Check Current Price

The Mossy Oak wooden saw is the best folding hand tool saw to have been discovered for woodworking. It’s easy to open and close, and since the blade folds in completely, you can throw it in your pocket without worrying about it.

This great tool was designed with three kinds of blades 7.5 inches to simplify various cutting ranges from plastic, wooden, and metal; each of them has its separated blades for durability. They are made of rust-resistant carbon steel. The durable steel allows the blade to remain sharp longer.

It has three-quarter, razor-sharp teeth that can also quarter through bone, making it the ideal handsaw for hunting. It is also lovely if you work out in your yard or garden, to clear all your small branches and other debris in your path. The metal blade cuts thinner metal pieces, but slowly.

This small saw has a rubber-coated, ergonomically designed handle, which provides a slippery grip. This handle is flexible and suitable for all sizes of hands, from small to extra large. It also has a gear shutter for the blade so that when you are cutting, it can neither fall nor snap shut. The blade won’t be floppy if you don’t use it.

A compact and secure case comes with this saw pack. The sheet is made from heavy Cordura and has rooms for holding the sheet, along with the two other blades with the kit.


  • It has three separate blades.
  • Its blades are designed with a carbon steel blade to long-lasting.
  • It is polyvalent and has sharp teeth.
  • With a firm grip, it is easy to transport.


  • Its blade is short
  • Its teeth don’t last as it’s fast gum up

Our Verdict

This hand tool is the best folding saw for you. Since the blade is small enough to fit into your pocket, it is not as sturdy and flimsy as others, but for smaller saws, this is the standard. 

MOSSY OAK 3 in 1 Folding Saw, Pruning Hand Saw with Wood, Metal and PVC Blade, Camping Saw for...
  • EASY CHANGE - Adjust the black knob to change the blades. [ATTENTION] : Choose special direction you need after changing...
  • THREE MULTI-PURPOSE BLADES - All blades are sharp for smooth, fast sawing: 1. [Pruning blade - black coated surface]: 5TPI,...
  • SOFT YET SOLID HANDLE - Economic slip-resistant comfort grip handle features with TPR rubber coated. The proper size can work...
  • SECURE LOCK - Tighten the black knob during use to prevent the blade upward or remove. Lock System prevents the blade from...

6. Irwin Tools – Tree Cutting Hand Saw

IRWIN Tools Universal Handsaw, 15-Inch (1773465), Blue

Check Current Price

The IRWIN tree cutting hand saw is the ultimate hand saw that suits your cutting needs. All are carefully put in position from the form of the teeth to the handle and the metal of the blade. The result is a very easy-to-use, strong handsaw that is three times faster than other handsaws.

The handle has a specific design to ensure minimal strength is required, and the blade itself is covered with a special lacquer. This handle has unique triple ground teeth. This ensures that your hand saw cutting of the IRWIN Tools is working correctly, lasts a long time, and looks good.


  • It’s small and lightweight.
  • Triple-stick tooth technology is provided for the device.
  • Cutting precisely and handling quickly.


  • The size of the 15-inch blade for big tree trunks is not durable.

Our Verdict

The IRWIN tree cutting hand saw is all you need for the passionate hobbyists or the ones seeking the great of the hand saw.

IRWIN Tools Universal Handsaw, 15-Inch (1773465), Blue
  • Featuring triple-ground teeth, this handsaw cuts up to 3 times faster than traditional handsaws
  • This handsaw utilizes a universal tooth grind to remove material quickly
  • A tapered-pitch nose improves clearance and adds stability
  • The thick-body handsaw blade incorporates a water-based lacquer coating to help deliver fast, controlled cuts

7. Stanley 15-334 – Wood Hand Saw

STANLEY Hand Saw, 8-TPI, 15-Inch (15-334)

Check Current Price

The Stanley 15-344 Wood handsaw is for you if you want a suitable device, but your budget might not get you, top tier models. This Saw is also a budget-friendly tool, and Stanley is known for having quality tools.

The 15 inches tool has a pace and efficiency of 9 points per inch. This 3-sided tooth is rough and can be sliced up to 50% faster than most traditional hand saws. This view is not sharp as long as you like, but it can be sharpened again. It is also not as thick as specific saw blades and will bend during use.

The hardwood handle offers comfort and power and provides you with the firm grip you need to carry out your work effectively. At times you might get work outside your workshop, and this the right tool because it fits pretty well in the average toolbox because it is small enough. There is also a point at the back of the screw, which can be used with angles of 45 ° and 90 °.

In total, this saw is for you if you need a reliable saw and budget-friendly tools. It has a few drawbacks, but they are little enough to discourage you from this best hand saw for woodworking.


  • The robust 3-sided design is designed.
  • With 12 points per inch, it is efficient.
  • It’s got a convenient handle.
  • The carriage is compact and straightforward.


  • It’s got a small blade.
  • It often needs its blade to be checked in particular.

Our Verdict

The 15-334 15-inch wood screw is the best all-around screw for a decent 15-inch length, which allows for more comfortable sawing. For the fresh and seasoned woodworker, Stanley is satisfactory quality and fair rates.

How To Use A Hand Saw

Some people believe working with a hand saw is very difficult. However, this is not the case, and you can make outstanding results with less effort by using a handsaw correctly. When using your handsaw, you just have to be a step ahead.

Buying a Handsaw: On the Internet and in the stores, there are many high-quality plastic hand saws. The blades are fitted with hard teeth; you do not have to sharpen them. Be careful not to be confused by the price and buy the lowest price you can find when selecting your hand saw. Like other items in life, if you buy the cheapest, it’ll probably be of bad quality. You should have a high-quality handsaw long before the blades get stubby. The blade can be replaced when the blade is blunt.

Keeping the Handsaw: If the handsaw is to be kept right, the thumb, second finger, third finger, and finally, the fourth finger must be grasped correctly. Your first finger is the index finger, which is next to the handle. You will have far more control while you cut the piece of wood by holding your index finger in the direction of the length of the hand saw.

Identify the area to cut out: Take your square or straight edge, put on the piece of wood, and with a pencil, draw an incredible line where you want to cut the piece of wood. You must make yourself carefully marked with wood. Twice measurement guarantees accurate cutting.

Strength your work: To aid your job, there is a need to wear a working bench or a vice and two wood bits. You must be careful not to move your work if you want a big cut.

For a straight cut: You have to keep it all in line. You have to position your handsaw blade, arm, and shoulder in a straight line with the lines draw on the wood. Maybe you want to bend your knees and stay comfortable and quiet.

Cutting the Wood: If the screw is used to cut wood, the screw must be attached to the wood by 45 degrees.

If you cut the wood, it will make it last longer if you use the entire size of the blade. You would throw it away when you see the woodcut on the side of the house.

How To Clean A Hand Saw Blade

This cleaning method is the same no matter what the size of the blades and works both in the case of router bits and many other forms of blades. Three steps follow this cycle: Wash, Soak, and Shine.

Using a product specifically designed for scroll cleaning. Commonly used oven cleaner may appear to operate on a short-term basis, but the active ingredient in lye may affect brazing (which may loosen the teeth during the use, by joining a carbide tooth to the blade plate).

Excess pitch shortens the blade’s life. As the size of the teeth increases, clearing the blade will help to prolong the working life of the blade.

A shallow flat tray is everything needed to take the soaking step. A pincer can work as long as the blade is flat and stays in contact with the purification solution. An old frisbee or 5gallon bucket lid can also work.

A toothbrush works better for Teflon-coated blades than a brass or a brush of stainless steel. For a bare metal blade, the last two choices are excellent. To increase the performance of the toothbrush, raising the bristles to about half the weight.

Laminate sample chips are a great way to scrap pitch with a toothbrushing method, which is challenging to scrub.

A few sawdust is used to clear the residual cleaner and to make the blade shine until it has removed the pitch. 

Factor To Consider When Choosing Best Hand Saw


When you ever gain pleasure using a handsaw, everything depends on its user-friendly nature. The best bet is a portable, lightweight, slip-free handsaw. So, you won’t feel tired for a long time with a handsaw. Take the time to look at these main features of your hand and see the ones that tell you more about an attractive design than anything else.

Quality of Blade

The consistency of your blade is another critical factor that must be taken into consideration as it will help to decide how convenient it is to use any form of wood when cutting. Imagine how difficult it is with a weak blade to cut hardwood.

A sharp and high-profile blade makes it so easy to slick across the wood that even hard and thick woods can be felt.


When your handsaw comes with a tension adjuster, you can adjust the tension of the blade more efficiently and make the blade work at best, without fear of unintended rupture.

Safety Features

Often accident-related hand saw with little to no safety features. The best hand saws provide a secure grip so that when used, your hand does not fall away. Furthermore, a knuckle guard should allow the saw to slip off to protect your hand. This complete guide is equipped with the best handsaws for preventing damage.

Blade Change Efficiency

If handsaw blades are made of durable steel, you have to replace it when you need a high-performance one. Blades are made of durable stainless steel. An excellent handsaw tool is a type that allows easy blade replacement so that the working operation is simplified and smooth.

Blade Length

The handsaw blades are available in various sizes that are most suitable for multiple woodworking applications. Therefore, the length of your blade must depend on the type of timber you intend to use. Note that for its appropriate work, no matter which blade size you select must be used if low performance is not obtained.

Final Words

With less effort required, the above best hand saw for woodworking will give you a perfect cut. The tools are also durable and always look good. You will never go wrong with the above collection if you’re an avid hardcore enthusiast and want the best hand saw tool. With a single click, you can beautify let your work with one of the above hands saw the collection.

The IRWIN Tools Tree Cutting Hand Saw is our top selection for the best hand saw. The Irwin Tools Tree Cutting Hand Saw can be used to provide high-quality cuts every time. Whether you’re a professional hobbyist who needs a reliable and confident hand saw to trust in all of your work at the premises, the Irwin Tools Tree Cutting Hand Saw is the only one you should choose.

All the above hand saw will assess are incredibly resistant, sharp, and reliable, and they feature tooth patterns that produce the right and desired results.