How to Refill Co2 Tank with an Air Compressor?

Refill Co2 Tank with an Air Compressor

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Refilling your Co2 tank won’t be a hard job if you have the right tools and knowledge and, of course, the easiest steps. There are several jobs where using a Co2 tank is a must. For example, aquarium uses, to connect to the soda machine, to brew at home, etc.

Throughout its use, you’ll need to fill it constantly. However, it can be very annoying that you have to take it back and forth to the store every time to be refilled and you can waste tons of money by doing this.

Fortunately, you can refill your Co2 tank easily and safely by using an air compressor. It is a useful invaluable tool that will make your use of a Co2 tank worry-free that you won’t worry about it losing air.

Refilling it yourself will save you money and time as it can be done through a few easy steps. We’ll list down these steps and help you be the perfect handyman!


Step 1: Finding the Right Fit

The first thing you need to do is to get a suitable fit for the Co2 tank. The air compressor hose should fit perfectly to the Co2 tank fitting to allow you to have more control when you fill the Co2 tank.

You start off by attaching those two parts together, then screwing the other end into the Co2 tank tightly.

P.S: Some Co2 tanks and air compressors’ tanks vary in their fittings to help you avoid mixing the wrong type of gas with the right one. For those tanks, you’ll need to get an adapter because it will enable you to connect the Co2 tank as if it was a compressed air tank.

Step 2: Draining the Co2 Tank

After you have attached the parts tightly and safely, you need to unscrew the bleed valve that is on the top of the fitting to remove all the air in the tank. You must remember to close the bleed valve again before turning the compressor on and filling up the Co2 tank.

Now that the old air has been drained, you are ready to refill the Co2 tank with new air from the air compressor and with better accuracy.


Step 3: Refilling the Co2 Tank 

This step is done in two phases:

1. Determining Size and Time:

Before you turn on the air compressor, you have to calculate the size of your Co2 tank and the time needed for refilling. This is because it will guide you on how much air should be added as overfilling will cause damage to your Co2 tank.

Firstly, know the size of your Co2 tank, then multiply it by two. The number you will get is the amount of time needed to fill it up. It is time the compressor needs to run for.

For example, if the size of the tank is 10 ounces, then it would 20 seconds for the tank to be filled with air. Those seconds must be counted accurately. So, you need to have either a smartwatch or a smartphone to set your timer on them.

2. Turning on the Air Compressor:

In this phase, you only have to turn on the air compressor and watch the seconds with great focus. Knowing and monitoring time is the most important part of the process. This is because any extra air would be very dangerous and causes serious concerns.


Step 4: Finishing off

There’s only one step by now before you finish the process. After using the air compressor for
the correct amount of time and the tank is safely filled, it’s time to turn it off. But you don’t simply close it once the time ends. You have to open the valve and wait for a couple of seconds for any lines to be cleared and avoid any build-up.

Finally, you are done. You can safely separate the air compressor hose from the Co2 tank without any other feelings than success.

You have nailed the job, saving money and energy. Now, you can use it as many times as you want without worrying about it running out.

You now know the broad lines of refilling a Co2 tank, but you still need to be careful.
As safety comes first, you need to memorize and follow these safety tips, to avoid any harm or problems:

  • Never puncture or drop a Co2 tank.
  • Keep it away from any flammable material to prevent fire or explosion.
  • Never use an air compressor when you lack focus.
  • Always stay alert to the time when you are refilling it.


As a final thought, refilling your Co2 tank can be a piece of cake provided that you follow the steps and don’t panic if anything goes wrong. Moreover, you can find an air compressor almost anywhere. Owning and using an air compressor is a lot more common than you may think.

A final pro tip: if you are filling a Co2 cartridge, you will need a high-pressure air compressor, not just a regular one that is used for tires.